Biblical Names and their Meaning

Bible Names Starting with the Letter "E"

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A List of Biblical Names and their Meaning

Starting with the letter "E"


Biblical Meaning of Name: (bare mountain) - He was the eight son that was born unto Joktan. Ebal is also at times called Obal. His name is also the same, as the mountain that's found from within Ephraim, which is known as Mount Ebal.


Biblical Meaning of Name: (servant) - He was the known as the father of Gaal. His son Gaal, was one of the Ephraimite men that sided with the men of Shechem, when it came to them rebelling against king Abimelech.


Biblical Meaning of Name: (the region beyond) - He was from the lineage of Noah, which came through his great grandfather Shem (who was Noah's eldest son). His father was Salah, the son of Arphaxad.


Biblical Meaning of Name: (calf-like) - He was the Moabite king who overthrew Israel in which he ruled for eighteen years. He would later be assassinated by Ehud, a left-handed man who was the son of Gera the Benjamite.


Biblical Meaning of Name: (God of praise) - He was the son of Gera the Benjamite. He was also left-handed, I only mention this because the Bible had but such a great emphasis on it. Ehud held the office as a judge who God used to kill a Eglon the king of Moab.


Biblical Meaning of Name: (God has helped) - He was the son of Aaron, who became the second high priest of Israel after his father had died.


Biblical Meaning of Name: (uplifted) - He was Israel first high priest after they had crossed the river Jordan.


Biblical Meaning of Name: (help of God) - He was from Damascus who worked for Abraham's as a faithful servant who was elected to inherit Abraham's estate.


Biblical Meaning of Name: (he is my God) - He was the son of Barakel the Buzite. He was a very young preacher who insinuated to Job that his afflictions could be apart of God's teaching process. <b>Note:</b> His words were never condemned by God.


Biblical Name Means: (my Lord is Jehovah) - He was a Tishbite that came from Tishbe that's located in Gilead. This is a region that is east of the Jordan river, that was allotted to the tribes of Reuben and Gad. He was perhaps the most famous of the non-writing prophets.


Biblical Name Means: (God is salvation) - He became the successor to Elijah. He was perhaps the second most famous of the non-writing prophets.


Biblical Name Means: (a wise man) - He was a false prophet, or sorcerer that was found by Paul and Silas at Paphos, which was a maritime city that was located on the western part of Cyprus. He was also known as Bar-Jesus.


Biblical Name Means: (dedicated) - He was the first human to be recorded that did not die a physical death. He was also the father of Methuselah, who was recorded as the longest living human who died when he was 969 years old. After Methuselah died, then came the "Great Flood" that God used to punish and cleanse humanity.


Biblical Name Means: (already made / hairy / shaggy) - Was a great hunter and the founder of the Edom nation. He was also the oldest twin brother of Jacob and son to Isaac and Rebekah. He gave away his birthright to the Abrahamic Covenant for a bowl of red stew.


Biblical Meaning of Name: (star) - She was a very beautiful Hebrew queen of Persia who God used to help save the Jews from destruction.


Biblical Meaning of Name: (life) - She was the first female created and wife to Adam. She made the mistake of trying to debate Satan and lost. Satan then used her to get to Adam that ended up causing the fall of humanity. Which caused her to be banished from the Garden of Eden along with her husband.


Biblical Meaning of Name: (the strength of God) - He was one of three prophets who also held the position of a priest - The other two were Jeremiah and Zechariah. His ministry took place for over two decades during the captivity period of Babylon.


Biblical Meaning of Name: (help) - He was a famous Hebrew scholar who was also a very knowledgeable expert scribe who was commissioned by king Artaxerxes to teach the statutes of the Mosaic Law to the people in Israel.

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