The History of the Bible

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The History of the Bible - Below are some recommended Christian resources that deals with Bible History. These Bible study tools are great when it comes to comparing the time parallels between the Bible and world history.

History of the Bible

Helping to bridge the gap between the Bible and world history 

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Publisher : Rose Publishing

Rose Book of Bible & Christian History Timelines :

More Than 6000 Years At A Glance

Many would say that the Rose Book of Bible & Christian History is perhaps the best book that's out there, when it come to biblical historical timelines. For we find that from within this book, there are 6,000 historical years that are covered from within this very beautiful hard-bound cover book. For we find this book going from the days of Adam, all through, to today's modern times.

This book also let's you compare different era of history along side each other as.

An historical era that deals with not only biblical history, but with world history and middle eastern history.

Now the middle eastern history allows you to be able to compare those who had ruled during their times, as well as the empires that they controlled.

But make no mistake, even though this book covers quite a bit, know that it is still easy-to-understand.

As a matter of fact, the book is so simple to understand, that it makes for a really great and powerful Bible study tool. And it's for this reason that you can read it like a book if you want, or you could simply pull out the 20-foot timelines that the book has included, and admire it by posting it on the wall. And rest assured, these timelines are made of good quality. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are also printed on heavy chart paper as well. 

But it doesn't stop there, for the book also includes brief explanations, when it comes to a little over 300 key people and events, that perhaps, all Christians should know. And it does this while putting a great emphasis on recorded world missions, the expansion of Christianity, and the many different Bible translations that are found from within other world languages.

Publisher : HarperOne

Harper Collins Atlas of Bible History :

Many would say that Harper's Atlas of Bible History is perhaps one of the most impressive works that's in circulation today, when it comes the subject of Bible history. 

Making 200 maps available, while being filled with stunning color illustrations, makes Harper's reference a must have.

But this excellent piece of work doesn't stop there, for we also find that it properly places the Bible's entire historic record into its geographical and historic context.

Harper's goes from the earliest evidence of mankind from within Palestine, all the way into the kingdoms of Israel's twelve tribes; while also touching on Christ's ministry and the establishment and rise of the Christian church.

I can state that without a doubt, with Harper's expert explanations, detailed time lines, and a well-researched bibliography, we find an historical reference that will enhance and meet your overall Bible study needs. 

Publisher : IVP Academic

The IVP Atlas of Bible History :

Here we find the IVP Atlas of Bible History taking more of a narrative approach, when it comes these type of references that are dealing with Bible history. First off, the 2007 ECPA Christian Book Award Winner presents a full color atlas, while it draws you in, by using today's available rich resources in geography, as it presents you with the latest historical and archaeology latest findings. And not only this, IVP brings you all of this, in a very readable style. Now even though the modern state of Israel is very important when it comes to biblical history. Also I would also like to remind as I point out, almost half of the events that have taken place from within biblical history, has happened outside of Israel's territory.

Know that IVP has done a really good job in revealing these events, and has gone even further when it comes to covering the people that have played important roles, from within those same events.

IVP keeps things very interesting by covering the biblical world that stretches all the way from Spain to Iran, from Yemen to northern Greece, going all the way to India, China and the east coast of Africa.

And of course, the main scope when it comes to the history of the Bible, is definitely rooted in the soils of Egypt, Rome, Babylon and Persia.

And not only that, many of the places in the ancient world today, are still important. These captivating places deals with the likes of Jerusalem, Damascus and Athens. For these are places that have very important roles, when it comes to the history of the Bible. Roles that in no doubt, have shaped the imaginations and dreams of many, while directing the spiritual path of others and their nations for centuries. Bottom line, IVP is definitely a great book to have, when it comes to learning about the history of the Bible, as you enhance your experience, when it comes to your biblical studies.

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