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I would like to use this page to bring attention to a person who has committed himself to bringing clarity to some very difficult topics when it comes to the history of baptism, Presbyterian Doctrine and the Revelation end times. The person in which I’m referring to is Dr. Ralph E. Bass, Jr.  Here is a man who went to Bob Jones University, and who also holds several graduate degrees. Not only that, Mr. Bass wears many hats when it comes to doing the Lord’s work. Some of these hats includes him being a biblical teacher and counselor, and a pastor. Mr. Bass has written many books as well, and one of those books are called - BAPTIDZO : A 500 Year Study in the Greek Word Baptism.

Now it’s from within this work, is where we find Mr. Bass committing himself to bring clarity to a nineteenth-century author who was known as Rev. Dr. James W. Dale.

Now Mr. Bass decided to do this, because he believes that Dr. Dale’s works are without equal, when it comes to the history, of the study of baptism.

But Mr. Bass also points out that Dr. Dale’s work when it comes to the history of baptism are difficult to follow.

Be that as it may Dr. Ralph E. Bass, Jr. has taken four of the five volumes that Dr. Dale has written, and has condensed them into a one-volume study guide.

To put it simply, Mr. Bass has also taken on the task of making Dr. Dale's great works, available here from within the twenty-first century. And not only that, but he did all of this while adding clarity and a clearer outline. Know that this is important, for it makes learning and comprehending Dr. Dale's magnificent work, far more easier than it was a first.

Have you ever thought about the differences between the different Christian denominations? Dr. Bass has also taken the time to write a book about one particular Christian denomination which deals with Presbyterianism. Dr. Ralph E. Bass, Jr. is now a practicing Presbyterian.

Once he found out that people really didn't have a clear understanding of the Presbyterian Doctrine, he decided to write a book on it called: Tell Me about Presbyterians - Just What Do They Believe? Now it's from within this book, he does a careful analysis, when it comes to subjects that deal with: Church Government - The Concomitant Reformed Theology Doctrine/ Covenant Theology - Baptism

Or how about the topic of Revelation? Have you ever thought about things that deals with both the end times and prophecy? Dr. Ralph E. Bass, Jr. has written another book that deals specifically with this topic. Back to the Future, a commentary on the Book of Revelation is a book that helps to explain the different views when it comes to this fascinating biblical account.

Now do you need some guidance, when it comes to your marriage or Christian living in general? Then you might want to check out another book that Dr. Bass has penned called: Hope for Today's Problems. It's from within this book, you'll get the much needed "How To" advice, when it comes to addressing your current problems not only from within your marriage, but from within everyday life as well.

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