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Bible Trivia Challenges - Creative Bible Study - Below are some recommended Christian resources that could help you to find the right trivia guide that will test and grow your Bible knowledge while providing an exciting and fun-filled learning experience for all those involved.

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Bible Trivia Challenges

Creating an exciting, fun-filled learning experience for all those involved

Book Author : A. Dana Adams

4000 Questions & Answers on the Bible

Are you looking for a trivia guide on the Bible that could challenge even the most knowledgeable experts, when it comes to the Bible? Some would say that you've found your guide, when it comes to Adams' book of 4,000 trivia questions and answers. I mean honestly, find out if you really know your stuff, when it comes to God's awesome Word. But be warned, for you must be ready for the type of trivia questions that deals with things, such as: "How soon did Josiah begin to manifest his love of God?" or "Was Nehemiah's office a high office?" 

I would also like to point out, that Adams' has also included a little bit more when it comes to her work on this trivia book, in regards to God's Word.

For she has added a section that deals with giving general hints, in regards to how one goes about studying the Bible.

She also gives a brief history summary of the Bible; and a practical course that deals with how one should approach their Bible reading.

But the added value doesn't end there, being that there are other short chapters that will greatly benefit the reader that are also included in this wonderful trivia guide as well.

Book Author : Bob Phillips

The Awesome Book of Bible Trivia

Some would say, that Bob was able to put together a trivia guide that could be viewed as amazing and awe-inspiring, to zany and wacky; to easy and simple, to at times hard and somewhat difficult; to funny and humorous, and ending with providing the reader with facts and lot of very valuable information. And most would agree, Bob has put forth a trivia guide that is perhaps exceptional. For it provides the reader with an array of scriptural information that will keep your friends and family entertained for hours.

Know that when it comes to Bob's Awesome Book of Bible Trivia, you'll find plenty of puns and riddles; along with creative multiple-choice questions and fill-in the-blank quizzes. And not only that, Bob provides the reader with all the answers. Make no mistake, this is a trivia guide that provides a fun-filled learning experience, that's not only for new believers, but for seasoned ones as well.

Book Authors : Conover Swofford & John Hudson Tiner

Bible Trivia Challenge

You know, if you truly enjoy the challenge of trying to answer trivia questions, when it comes to God's Word -- know that Swofford and Tiner have 2,001 of them, that I believe, you'll absolutely love. They have put forth an invitation, that will take you through a guided tour of the Bible; starting from Genesis all the way through, to the book of Revelation. Providing you with a whopping 200, 10-question quizzes.

Really get into the Word of God by exploring biblical accounts that deals with things like God's Creation, and Adam and Eve, and the garden of Eden; and then moving through biblical records that deals with Adam and Eve's Fall. Swofford and Tiner also has quizzes that cover things that deal with pictures in Heaven, and on death, and on destruction, and the end-times. I also would like to point out, that the quizzes from within volume one of these 2,001 Trivia Bible Questions, will test your Bible memory, while also introducing you to some things that you probably never knew about God's Holy Scripture.

Now when it comes to providing the reader with variety, know that Swofford and Tiner have made sure that each 10 question quiz, features questions that are not only multiple choice; but questions that are also true & false, fill-in-the-blank, and open-ended questions. Remember that all answers are provided. Quality paper, printing, and binding, coupled with a value price, make 2,001 Trivia Bible Questions, Volume 1 a must-have for today's Bible lovers!

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