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How to Establish a Prayerful &
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The stress and strains of everyday living, can take a cumulative toll on both the mind and body. Whether it's getting the kids ready for school, or taking the daily commute to work, along with dealing with the demands of a job, that’s more about pressure than rewards; can easily create an unhealthy obsession with problems, therefore leaving little time, for contemplating the things that really matter in life.

Faith and family keep us going, but we often lose sight of them and all that’s important. That’s why it’s necessary to create a stress-free environment at home, a space just for meditation and prayer

Preparing a peaceful space :

Have you thought about praying more? In my opinion, there’s nothing better, when it comes to relaxing one’s mind. If you’re open to it, start by finding a quiet and secluded place, from within your home, where you would be comfortable meditating in. Try improving the atmosphere from within the room, by lighting some scented candles, or by decorating it with green plants and flowers. May I also suggest, playing some soft Christian meditation music in the background. If you’re not comfortable with doing that, perhaps instead, you could have your favorite audio bible, playing softly nearby. Now I know, none of this is necessary, when it comes to spending some private time with God. Understand, these are simply helpful suggestions, that could make getting into a prayerful mood, a little bit easier.

Sleep environments :

Did know that maintaining a healthy perspective every day, is much easier, if you and those around you are well-rested? I'll bet, that if you made an assessment of everyone’s sleep environment, you’ll probably find several improvements that could be made, in regard to having a better sleep experience. There are a few things that I would like to suggest, when it comes to creating a better sleep environment.

First, the room should be completely dark, with no light from outside, or from a TV, or computer screens. This will help not to inhibit one, from having proper sleep. May I also suggest, having the temperature of the room around 72 degrees or lower. This will help to keep your body temperature down, which also aids in helping one, to have proper sleep. To make the room even more relaxing, try using some steady, calming background sounds, from a white noise smartphone app. A fan left on low, could also help.

Getting proper sleep :

Proper sleep is important, it affords you so many benefits. For starters, it helps you to concentrate better during the day, improving your cognitive function. Proper sleep, also helps to boosts your immune system, therefore allowing your body, to better ward off sickness, helping you to keep it healthy and strong. Hopefully you can now see, how beneficial it is, to take the time, to set up a truly restful space.

Also, don’t overlook your mattress, it's perhaps one of the most important features, of any sleep environment. It's best to replace your mattresses every seven to 10 years, if you want to have the best quality sleep, for your entire family. Over the years, the mattresses’ core material, start to decline in quality, especially when you fail to rotate it. As a result, the wear and tear on a mattress, might cause you to wake up with aches and pains, therefore feeling unrested, in the purest sense. If you want to upgrade your mattress, you should refer to this guide to determine the best fit for you, and your family’s needs.

Indoor air :

Did you know that healthy breathing, is essential for the creation of a stress-free home? Did you also know, that being able to experience this type of breathing, depends on a large degree, by being able to assess your indoor air quality, and by maintaining your heating and cooling system, with simple routine maintenance? This is why it’s important to replace, or clean out air filters regularly, if you like to keep your HVAC performing properly. Also by doing this, you'll benefit greatly, by being able to maintain a healthy respiratory system. It’s important to keep track of this, as the older an air filter is, the less bacteria and dirt, it’s removing from the air, therefore leading to poorer indoor air quality, and higher energy costs.

Declutter :

And finally, did you know that it's easier to relax and de-stress, in an orderly home? This is why it helps, to take the time to get rid of all the loose objects and papers, that so quickly clutter your living space. Start by going room to room, organizing everything, based on whether it’s to be thrown out, organized, or donated to charity.

Sometimes, taking the time to pray for guidance, and by giving thanks for what we have, can be tremendously empowering and reassuring. Your home should be a sanctuary, where you can be assured of getting the proper rest, and finding the peace you need, to joyfully manage the trials and tribulations, of a very long week.

Jennifer McGregor

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