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This is a website devoted to the areas of Praise and Worship. Gain valuable insight that will help to take you to higher levels when it comes to your relationship with the Lord.

Praise & Worship

True worship requires total commitment of our body, mind and spirit. It’s about exalting, adoring and acknowledging the God of the bible.

Here at Christian Resources Today I would like to introduce to you a new online partner that we have added to our online Christian Network. I'm proud and honored to introduce a great Christian website called: Praise and Worship. Are you looking to gain some valuable insight when it comes to the areas of praise & worship? If you are... then this website is just for you.

You know, most people would not have thought that prayer and worship goes hand in hand. People seem to think that they are to be treated separately? But actually, its quite the opposite. And you know what? This Christian website does a great job of explaining about how the two are inseparable.

Worship God through dancing? Did you know that we can worship our awesome God through the gift of dance?

Praise and Worship fills us in, by doing an interview with Annette Shepherd.

And it's during this interview, we find her lending her expertise, as she shares her life experience, when it comes to the subject of worshiping the Lord.

We can also worship God through the wonderful gift of art. Praise and Worship does a good job of sharing their insight about this subject in a section called Worship through Art. One of the things that they talk about is the fact that we are all artists, in which they remind us that we possess the talent and the gift of art, that is found within each one of us in different ways.

Did you know that we can also worship God through color? Yes color! Praise and Worship does an interview Lynda Georgeson, in which she explains how color can be used to worship the one true God. You can read about this interesting interview in their – ‘Worship through Color’ section. So these are a few of the topics that they discuss when it comes to the areas of praise and worship.

Christian Websites Resource

Refreshing and Inspiring

Looking to be inspired and encouraged? Then swing by their 'Christian Devotionals' section and be prepared to replenish your spirit. These devotionals will bring rich rewards when it comes to your spiritual health and growth.

Swing by and treat yourself to the inspiration and encouragement that these devotionals have brought to so many others around the world.

Praise and Worship also has a wonderful section that highlights Christian short stories, which can be found within their ‘Christian Fiction’ section. This section highlights inspiring stories from believers from across the globe.

What about you? Do you have a Christian short story that you want to share? Praise and Worship gives you the opportunity to be a blessing to people from all parts of the world, by allowing you to post your very own story on their web site.

With the things that I’ve pointed out on this page along with prayer request, and other topics that deals with our Savior Jesus Christ, salvation, and God’s Word.

I have to admit that this site was refreshing and a joy to visit. We find ourselves honored and privilege to be able to partner up with them when it comes to spreading the 'Good News' all around the world.

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