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Music For Today's Christians

Cory Asbury

Song Title : Reckless Love

Cory is reminding us, just how overwhelming, never ending, and reckless, the love of God truly is. No matter how far we may fall from His presence there’s nothing that can stop God from loving us. O Heavenly Father thank you for all You continue to do for us, no matter what. Thank you for your forgiveness and gift of mercy. Thank you for your reckless love. 


Music For Today's Christians

Zach Williams

Song Title : Fear Is A Liar

Zach reminds us, that we shouldn’t let fear control our lives, in such a way, that will keep us from moving forward and achieving great things, from within our lives. God has given us so much, we must not make the crucial mistake, of letting fear, keep us away from the tremendous blessings, that the Lord has waiting for us. Because Fear Is A Liar.

Music For Today's Christians

Hillsong Worship

Song Title : So Will I

Hillsong reminds us, just how awesome our God truly is. They remind us, of how we’re able to see God’s love, from within everything He ever created. The love is shown so much from within the things God created, that if you look closely enough, you will see how everything, He ever created, can be seen constantly praising Him. If God’s creations can constantly praise Him, then we should be able to raise our heads up from time to time, to tell Him thank you, for all He’s done for us.

Music For Today's Christians


Song Title : Grace Got You

MercyMe reminds us of God’s wonderful gift of grace. So it doesn’t matter what we’re going through, we should trust God enough, to be able to praise him, even though we may be in the midst of something stressful, and painful. The love and grace of God, will always see us through.




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