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May 2013

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Music For Today's Christians

Matthew West

Song Title : Hello My Name Is

This song touches on the fact that we are the children of God, and it doesn't matter what's in our past -- there's nothing that can keep us from what we truly are -- A child of the one true King. And it also doesn't matter, if you find yourself constantly being filled with regret, or ever felt like you've been totally defeated in life. For we must not make the mistake of listening to these types of voices, when we are reflecting on the terrible and disappointing things we have done. For when it's all said and done, we are still children of the one true King -- and nothing can ever change that fact. 

Music For Today's Christians

Jesus Culture

Song Title : One Thing Remains

There's one thing that we must always remember -- is that when it comes to God, never forget, no matter what -- God's love never fails.

Music For Today's Christians

Tasha Cobbs

Song Title : Break Every Chain

Here we find Tasha singing about the power that's in the name of Jesus. For there's no type of bondage that can withstand the power that's found from speaking things in the name of Jesus. I'm very thankful that Tasha has reminded us of this fact.

Music For Today's Christians

Hawk Nelson

Song Title : Words

This song is a great reminder on just how powerful and captivating words can be when we speak them with authority. For the song reminds us, to use our words for good, to use them to build and encourage each other, and not to tear each other down. 

Music For Today's Christians


Song Title : Steal My Show

Here we find Toby talking about letting the Holy Spirit take over his show, or in other words (steal his show). Toby knows that God is not limited, and if he gives control over to God when he performs, he knows that his shows will always serve the kingdom of God very well.  

Music For Today's Christians

Big Daddy Weave

Song Title : Redeemed

Have you ever felt like you were being held back because of your past? Have you ever felt unworthy, shamed, weighed down by the shackles of regret? Big Daddy reminds us, that no matter what we've been through, no matter what our past entails, when we decide to hand everything over to God, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, know that all will be well. Big Daddy reminds us of this fact. Thank God for our Lord and Savior, thank God we are redeemed.    

Christian Music Videos

Fred Hammond & United Tenors

Song Title : Here In Our Praise

Have you ever witness the power of God's glory while you were praise Him with all of your heart? Here we find Fred and his friends, reminding us, of how we're able to come into God's presence while we are praising Him. For there's nothing greater, than experiencing the power and love of God's Spirit directly.  



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