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Christian Testimonies

Ex-Muslims For Jesus

Testimonies Being Shared from the Heart and Soul of God's Children from the Muslim World

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Christian Witness Video

In spite of the tremendous persecution that they constantly face on a day to day basis, many Muslims are coming to Christ in the thousands! More and more Muslims, are switching over to Christianity; and because of their conversions to the Lord, the exile and persecution that they constantly face, greatly intensifies. But fortunately for them, they are standing strong. For they refuse to be bullied, when it comes to giving up their right, to a divine inheritance, which is an inheritance that assures them, that they will be granted a place into God's Eternal Kingdom of Life.

Christian Testimonies

Jerry Rassamni was raised to hate Christians. Also know, that he hated Christians, with all his heart. And it's for this reason, that he became a fierce enemy of the Christians; so much so, that he ended up fighting against them, in the 1975 Lebanese civil war; which was a war, that had pitted Muslims and Christians against each other.

Understand that this fifteen year war, caused over one hundred thousand deaths, which was a war, that nearly brought the Lebanon country to its knees. Listen to how Jerry finally discovered how Jesus was indeed real. Also listen to how he went from being a Jihad Muslim, to a devout Christian, after he'd learned the truth about Jesus.

Christian Testimonies

Nasir Siddiki had set out to became a successful business man in life. Nasir was very successful in achieving what he had set out to do in life. On top of these things, Nasir was also a devout Muslim; and life was going great for him. But one day, he would find himself in a fight for his life; which was fight that had pitted him up against a deadly virus of the nerves, which is known as the Shingles. Listen to how Jesus Christ visited, and healed him, while he was laying in the hospital suffering and dying.



Christian Testimonies

Kamram was a devout Muslim who wanted to get close to the one true God. He had questions that he needed answered, while he was in pursuit of the Lord; and was constantly disgusted, that Allah would not answer them. And all though he initially rejected, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God; his mind would begin to change, after he had prayed his questions directly to the Lord. Soon after, he would find himself visiting a church... not as a Christian, but as an observer. And while there, the power that he'd felt while sitting in the church, and the divine experience that he had encountered, while there. Kamram would find that his life will never be the same again.

Christian Testimonies

Imam Mohammad was a former Muslim, whose now serving the Lord Jesus Christ! Know that Imam was an devout Muslim, who hated Christianity. For he'd hated Christianity and all that it stood for, so much so, he would find himself, and his gang, going out in order to beat up Christians, and while in the process, they would burn their Bibles. Then it came a time, when God spoke to him in two different dreams. And from within these dreams, he would find, that he was being convinced to change his ways, and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to his powerful testimony, it's one that needs to be heard.

Christian Witness Video

Born-Again Ex-Islamic Terrorists Speak Out

You know, it's rare for an Islamic terrorist to be able to break free from the jihadist lifestyle and teachings. It's just as rare, for that same terrorist, to then speak out against Islamic terrorism, while converting over to Christianity to follow Jesus. Watch the video, so you can hear his very powerful testimony.

Christian Witness Video

Nasrin talks about her journey into the Muslim religion. She speaks about how she began to feel, like she was two different people. For she felt like one side of her, was trying to fit in with the Muslim world; and on the other side, she felt like a person who was still in search of something true and real. And even though she was beginning to feel, like she was living a lie; and that she was becoming a hypocrite, she decided to leave religion all together. Watch as she talks about her discovery of the Christian faith, and how she made her courages journey from Islam to Jesus Christ.

Christian Witness Video

Father Zakaria is an Egyptian Coptic priest, who was kicked out of his country for converting Muslims to Christ. Today he has a ministry that reaches the Muslim world, through his satellite TV broadcast Truth Talk.

Christian Witness Video

David talks about when he was nine years old, how his life was threaten by an Iranian soldier, while him and his family stayed in Iran during the revolution. They would survive this very intense time, from within Iran's history. Be that as it may, they would eventually leave for the United States. And unfortunately, life there, would not get any easier. For it was during his years in school, where he would find himself being treated as an outsider.

However, eventually, with the help of his father, he would remake himself. And after his outward transformation, David would find himself finally becoming accepted amongst his peers. And even though he was now making new friends, he soon discovered, that he still have an emptiness on the inside. Listen to how a friend introduced him to the Christian faith, and how he would eventually become a pastor, serving the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Christian Witness Video

Dina talks about how she finally left Islam, for the Lord Jesus Christ. From within her testimony, she talks about how she was taught to believe, that Christians were doomed for hell. And because of this false teaching, she ended up developing an hatred for them. But fortunately for her, she would later meet, and develop a friendship with a woman, who'd turned out to be a Christian. However, after confronting the immediate challenges that she had incurred because of this friendship, she would soon change her life and begin to follow Jesus Christ. 


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