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Listed below are recommended Online Christian Resources that will help you to find the most popular and trusted dating sites for Christian singles across the Internet

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Christian dating services? Have you thought about them, when it comes to finding that special someone? Are you looking for that right person who you can settle down with? Someone that holds the same values and beliefs as you do. Have you looked into your future when it comes to this area in your life? What do you see?

  1. Fun & Excitement
  2. Great Friendships
  3. Romance
  4. Serious Relationships
  5. Marriage
  6. Building a Family
  7. ...or perhaps something else?

Then take some time to swing by these popular and trusted Christian dating websites and see if they have what you're looking for.

Here are some Christian Dating services that will get you started in your search for that special someone

Faithful Date 


Here is an online Christian dating service that brings to the table a community network of over 3 million Christians. And although their network is impressive, know that the dating service doesn't just provide their members with a vibrant and engaging online community, but it presents their members with a top notch matching system that can hold its own with the best of them.

Faithful Date also comes with all the "bells and whistles" that you would expect from a top of the line dating service. Their online features include, but not limited to: Instant Messenger, Match Finder, chat rooms and live video chat. So if you're looking for a mate that you can see yourself matching up well with - then may I suggest that you swing by the Faithful Date site so you can see if they can be of some help.

Christian Café

Christian Cafe - is a Christian dating site takes pride in bringing you a comfortable and relaxing online experience. By creating a platform that's warm, romantic, inviting which allows Christian singles to connect with one another, regardless if they're looking for a companion, a simple date, or a soul mate.

Christian Cupid

Christian Cupid - is a Christian dating site that brings you a place where you can find romance, friends or long-term relationships. They provide you with access to their Christian blog, safe environment, personals, matchmaking, chat or pen-pals - all under the theme of fun and excitement.

Christian Date

Christian Date - is an online Christian dating site that's gives the tool to meet Christian singles throughout the web. Their service is absolutely free and they provide you with the opportunity to see featured singles or suggested matches. You can also have a 'Interest Circle,' along with many other features as well.

Christian Dating for Free

Christian Dating for Free - Christian dating service that provides a fun and unique way for Christians to meet new people. Or perhaps you would like to know them a little bit better and get in a serious relationship. If this is you, and you don't mind meeting Christian singles without any out of pocket cost, then this site is a must see.

Christian Lifestyle

Christian Lifestyle - Christian dating service that brings you a premier dating community. Allowing you to be in a place where real single Christian men and women can meet. All of this is done, by providing protection and safeguards against fake profiles and spam, while you're looking for that perfect friendship or lifelong mate.

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle - Christian dating service that provides an online community that's created specifically for Christians. Doesn't matter if you're looking to make friends or to find romance - maybe you want to finally get married? Now you have a chance to meet thousands of other like minded Christians from across the Internet, that share the same values and beliefs.

Christian Singles Dating

Christian Singles Dating - allows you to meet Christians from across the Internet while providing you with special features: Valued Matching - Conservative Minded People - Confidential Online Mail - Safe Environment - Chat Room - and so much more.

Real Christian Singles

Real Christian Singles - helps to bring you an online experience that brings excitement to your social life. Are you looking for something in particular? Maybe its friendships, dating the right person, finding love or romance across a candle light dinner - this website would like to be of help to you, by providing a safe and fun way to meet Christians.

Together Christian

Together Christian - has created an online experience that's safe and fun - for those looking for friendship, romance or marriage. They also provide an instant messenger feature, private email, two-way matching, new member alerts, and a Bible search along with prayer exchanges and thousands of profiles when it comes to Christian singles.

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