Short Devotions For Today's Christian

Short Devotions that are inspired from the Bible: When people are going through tough times -- it's easy to take your eyes off God. But know this, God never loses sight of us -- no matter, how chaotic things may seem

Danna's  Bible Inspired  Devotions

"Incomprehensible and immutable is the love of God. For it was not after we were reconciled to Him, by the blood of His Son that He began to love us; but He loved us, before the foundation of the world, that with His only begotten Son, that we too, might be sons of God; before we were anything at all."

Augustine of Hippo

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Now if you don't mind, I would like to tell you a little bit about Danna...

The death Danna's mother, had taken a tremendous toll on Danna and her family. And although the pain of that lost, would constantly ripple throughout their hearts and minds; know that it would be Danna's sisters, that would end up having more of a really rough time, when it came to dealing with the sudden loss of their mother. And to make matters worse, Danna's sisters lived far apart from her. And because of this sorrowful season that they had now found themselves enduring, Danna would press herself, when it came to praying to God.

Daily, Danna would ask the Lord, to help her to find a way, to better console her sisters.

For she would find consoling them, to be extremely difficult, being that they lived very far apart.

However, eventually, Danna's prayers would finally be answered.

For the Lord revealed to her, that it would be best, to send her sisters Scriptures and words of encouragement, by way of text messaging. So immediately, Danna would start texting her sisters.

Soon after, Danna would notice a huge improvement, when it came to her sisters attitudes and behaviors. But little did Danna realize, God had bigger plans for her. For He would also allow other people who were going through rough times, to come across her path as well. Know that Danna wouldn't run from this calling on her life, in fact, she would embrace it.

So she would begin sending the people who had crossed her path by reaching out to her -- Scriptures and words of encouragement via text messaging as well. And they too, were blessed. Know that the work that God had placed in Danna's heart and mind, would grow, and along with it, her desire to reach out and to help more people.

Personally I'm so glad and honored, that Danna would choose this website, as another way to reach more people from around the world. I just want to take this moment, to say: Thank you Danna for sharing your short devotions; thank you for using your God-given gifts and talents, to help all those who are in need of encouragement from throughout the world.

The High Cost of Sin

Here's a Short Devotion that reminds us of all the good things that Christ has made available to us. This is something we should keep in mind, the next time we are faced with the choice of doing what's right, or doing what's wrong. Never forget, that God is just a prayer away, when it comes to anything that we may need in our life. Danna reminds us, that God can be trusted and counted upon, when we need Him the most.

The Highlight of God's Creation

Here's a Short Devotion that reminds us just how privileged, God has made us from within His own wonderful creation. For we find Danna pointing out the fact, that no other creature shares the same type of relationship with Him, the way that we do. Such a relationship, shows just how much God truly loves us, in spite of our sometimes ungrateful and wicked ways. God knows our struggle; He knows our hearts; and He hasn't given up on us. So we must not make the mistake of giving up on Him. And this is why Danna urges us, to renew that special relationship with the Lord today.

A Shepherd You Can Trust

Never make the mistake of thinking that you can fully trust the people of this world, when it comes to your overall well-being. I don't care who they are: friends, co-workers, relatives, or very close love ones. Sure it's okay to trust a little, but I would suggest, that you don't place all your hope on them. For we find from within Danna's short devotion, that Christ is the only one, that we can have complete faith in, when it comes to our overall well-being (both spiritually and naturally.) For I want you to know, that it doesn't matter what may cross your path, when it comes to your day-to-day; always remember, that Christ is always willing, and more than able, to fulfill all your needs.

The Patterns of a Christian Life

Danna reminds us, that our Heavenly Father has given us, not only a wonderful gift when it comes to the Holy Spirit, but a very important one as well. For she uses this short devotion to point out, that no matter how weary, or overwhelmed we may feel from our day-to-day lives, we're able to turn to our Heavenly Father as we find ourselves enduring seasons that are filled with such trying times. And in turn, by doing so, we're also able to gain the extra, much needed strength, when it comes to overcoming those troubling seasons.

Picking It Up For Yourself

From within this short devotion, Danna reminds us, that the Lord has paid a tremendous price on our behalf, when it comes to the gift of eternal salvation that He was able to lay down before us because of His ultimate sacrifice. For she points out, how it would be a very costly mistake on our parts, if we refuse to pick up the very thing (which at the time, was God's most precious gift) that from within a very brief season, we had so foolishly thrown away.

Learning To Trust & Invest In God

Danna uses this short devotion to remind us, that it would be to our advantage, if were to learn how to trust God enough, to where we are willing to build and invest our time in Him; instead of being tempted to follow, build and invest our time into the world and its temporal things.

The Strength to Start Over

Here's a Short Devotion that deals with understanding that the strength to start over, comes from having the knowledge of God's Word; while also having a constant, developing, good relationship with the Lord. Knowing that you must pray and feed from the Word of the God daily. Knowing that the more time you spend alone with God, the more willing you will be, to learn how to have the Spirit of the Lord teaching and guiding you in your everyday life.

Trusting the Silence of God

This Short Devotion, deals with knowing that when God places us in the midst of a fiery trial, while He silently stands by, as the sinful dust of this world, and the lust of our eyes, and our prideful ways, slowly melts off of us. That we should remember what the Word of God has to say, when we have to face such challenges: "Count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations." -- James 1:2 For we must also remember, that God is that Refiner and Purifier that's constantly operating from within our lives, and although He silently sits nearby, know that God, will always be, working on our behalf.

Enduring the Trials of Temptation

Know that this Short Devotion, deals with not losing hope, by hanging our heads, when we're faced with the tough challenges from within our lives. For we must remember, that the trials of temptation that we may face, is nothing but a readiness-test, that are designed to further prepare, and equip us, for the real purpose that the Lord has placed on our lives. Know that these trials of temptation in which I'm referring to, should be looked at as a friendly reminder, that God is in full control, and that His prefect will for our lives, will in fact, be done.

A Profound Statement

Know that this Short Devotion, deals with having an understanding, that when we make statements about our faith, or when we are witnessing, or just sharing, it's important that the statements we are making about Jesus Christ are biblically sound, searchable and clear; especially when we are sharing with non-believers. Let's make sure our statements are not our opinion, but rather documented facts, that we can point towards from within the Word of God.

C.U.T.S - Christians United To Serve

Know that this Short Devotion, deals with being aware that there are many of us, who know they have been given a task by God to fulfill; and rest assured, that nothing has been written down to tell them of this mission, nothing has been spoken to them by any person or angelic being, and yet, we find that they have a thirst and hunger on the inside, that's driving them to complete the work that the Lord has called them out to do.

Thy Rod & Thy Staff

This Short Devotion deals with having the understanding that when we stray from the voice of Jesus Christ, that His rod and staff will make our crocked paths straight; that our lofty behavior will be humbled, and the pride of our eyes will be closed. Know that all of this takes place, so that we may be reined back into the sheepfold, while being reminded through His instructions, when it comes to the importance of righteousness.

The Invaluableness of Giving

This Short Devotion deals with knowing that when we hear the word "give" one might think about the practice of one giving their "tithes and offerings." However, I like to think, that when it comes to giving, know that it means so much more... For I want you to know, that the Lord gave to us first, in order to show us how to give. And make no mistake, this example of giving, in which God gave to us... is perfect.

Bringing God Back to Number One

Here's a Short Devotion that deals with trusting God, and how to make Him once again, number one in your life. Also know, that God will never mandate this, being that this is ultimately your decision. But keep in mind, that the Word of God declares, that if one were to stay focus on the Heavenly Father, and not their problems; if one were to rest in God's shadow, and not the shadows of the dark valleys, that they may find themselves journeying through; know that God will be your fortress, your provider, the One in whom you can absolutely trust, to peace to your life, while making everything else okay.

Put Your Sins On The Table

This Short Devotion deals with not being afraid to put your sins on the table; for some may see this as a mistake. But know that God (our saving grace) sees this as an act of obedience, which is a testament to your unwavering faith. Let's not forget, that regardless of our situation, that God promised to sustain, and to supply all our needs.

An Official New Start

This Short Devotion deals with being challenged, when it comes to knowing how much faith and trust, that you really have in the Lord. I wonder, do you have enough faith and trust in the Lord, to Him for an official new start in life? For I want you to know, that if you do, you'll be in a much better position, when it comes to receiving daily benefits from God's continuous gift of mercy and grace.

Tienes Fe - Do You Have Faith?

Here's a Short Devotion that deals with bringing forth the question: "Do you have faith?" Focusing on the time that Jesus wanted the disciples to know more, when it came to their ministry. This Bible inspired devotion, reminds us, that when we fight, the good fight, know that the intensity and the difficulty of it, doesn't really matter. For we must always remember, that through our faith in Christ, the Lord is always with us; and because of this fact, that any weapon that shall be formed against, we not be able to prosper.

One Thousand Things A Day

When it comes to this Short Devotion, know that it deals with recognizing the daily examples, that God constantly uses, to reveal to us, that He's near, and continuously working on our behalf. For it's a blessing to know, that God's love and provision is forever boundless.

The Invisible War

This Short Devotion deals with those, who aren't quite sure of their faith, when it comes to the Lord Jesus Christ. And because of this doubt, they're now thinking about another way to live, instead of fully committing (or surrendering everything over) to Jesus, when it comes to Him being their Rock; their Lord and Savior. For they must always remember, that Satan won't hesitate, when it comes to asking God for them, so that he may shift them like wheat. This short devotion reminds them about the importance of learning how to let the Lord fight their battles, and how to turn everything that concerns them over to God in prayer.

The Door

This Short Devotion deals with being prepared to answer the door, when Jesus comes a knocking. May I suggest that you prepared yourself for His visit, by humbling your heart. For a person with a humble heart, is much more likely answer the door, when the Lord comes a knocking, than a person with a prideful one. So don't make the crucial mistake of turning the Lord away. Don't be afraid to let the Lord into your life. Know that you can tell Him about all of your troubles. For you can be certain, that while you're telling Him, that He'll be forever faithful to resolve them.


Here's a Short Devotion that's reminding us, that now, that we have been given a new life, that from this point forward, we should strive to live that life for Christ. For we are now, what I like to call, the center-cuts of God's creation. So don't be worried, when it comes to facing those fiery trials from within your life. For you can now be bold and courageous in the Lord. Understand that we have been seasoned for this very reason.

Knowing vs. Doing

When it comes to this Short Devotion, know that it's a reminder, that when it comes to us being the children of God, we should expect that Satan will begin to bombard us with his fiery darts; which are darts, that are filled with a poisoned, that's laced with nothing but persecution and affliction. Now the reason why we should expect this type of ongoing attack, deals with the fact, that Satan knows, that we now belong to God. This is why I believe, that these "fiery darts" are actually a plea by the devil...? You have to read the devotion, in order to see what I mean.

Have You Heard?

This Short Devotion deals with recognizing the great example that Ruth had set from within the Sacred Record. For we find that Ruth could somehow find a way, when it came to going beyond what she knew at that time in her life, in order for her to be closer to God. Now if Ruth could do this, then one should wonder, how much further can we go in our personal relationships with the Lord; since we too, now have direct access God (thanks to Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit)?

Foretasting through the Holy Spirit

This Short Devotion deals with recognizing that the gift of the Holy Spirit is a sampling, or foretaste of what's to come, when it comes to inheriting the Kingdom of God. Know that when it comes to this natural world, keep in mind that we are severely limited, and will always be vulnerable to the deceptions of this world. But when we finally inherit God's Eternal Kingdom, then it would be at that time, that we will truly have peace and prosperity of eternal life.

Fruit On The Vine

This Short Devotion deals with having the understanding, that when it comes to the process that makes a garden flourish, pruning is a major piece of that process. For we find, that when it comes to pruning, know that it deals simply with the cutting away of anything that's going to stop the abundance of growth from happening from within the garden. And so is the same, when it comes to us being able to grow spiritually with the Lord. 

Cut Buddies

This Short Devotion deals with knowing, that when you see one, the other one is not far behind. I'm talking about doubt and worry. For when you find yourself doubting, by default, you allow "worry" to come and tag along. This dysfunctional team, which is a team that features the notorious duo of "doubt" and "worry" -- was forged together in order to wreak havoc upon the life of the believer. Know that this is why one must be careful, when it comes to your walk with the Lord; for if you don't, you run the risk of allowing this dangerous duet, to severely weaken your faith, as they little-by-little, cut through the foundation of who you truly are in Christ Jesus.

The Prayer of the Tempted

Here's a Short Devotion that deals with knowing that The Law is spiritual, and that we are carnal creatures, that have foolishly given ourselves over to our sinfulness. For we don't understand the things that we do, or why we do them. And even though we wish to do better, we find ourselves constantly failing at trying to achieve our true purpose in life. And because of this cycle, we become confused; for we find ourselves continuously doing the things we claim that we hate; continually doing the things, that we know, will eventually destroy us. This is why the importance of pressing forth, when it comes to our prayer life, and continue to cry to our Almighty Heavenly Father for assistance when it comes to doing what's right comes to His eyes; becomes even more crucial.

Radical Faith Equals Believing!

This Short Devotion from the Bible deals with knowing that it doesn't take much faith to be able to move mountains when it comes to Christ. But when it comes to that faith, know that it must be unwavering, and not found to be faltering. For the devotion reminds us, that God is always faithful and willing, when it comes to His children. So go ahead my beloved and be radical for the Lord; and be certain, that in turn, God will be radical for you.

Has Your Fire Been Quenched?

This Short Devotion from the Bible reminds us, that no matter how many there seem to be, when it comes to those, who may not want to hear about the many blessed things that the Lord has done for you. This devotion points out, that there are still many from throughout the world, that do want to hear about it. So therefore, I suggest, that we keep these things in mind, when we begin to feel discouraged, when it comes to winning souls for the Lord's eternal kingdom.

The Voice of One

Here we find from within this Short Devotion, Danna reminding us just how important our testifying and witnessing is, when it comes to winning souls for the Lord's Eternal Kingdom. For she encourages us to never be hesitant (or worse -- stop) when it comes to telling all who will listen, about the wonderful things that Lord has done (and continue to do) for us. In this day and age, people still need to be reassured that God still works miracles. Know that we are living testimonies to that fact.

What Shall I Render To The Lord?

Here we find from within this Short Devotion, Danna reminding us just how important it is to be thankful for all the things that the Lord has done for us. For if we are to render a list of things to the Lord; it would be in our best interest, to make sure that joyful praises and thanksgiving are at the very top of that list.

Seeing Heaven From Hell

From within this Short Devotion, Danna points out the sense of urgency that we need to have, when it comes to making a decision to live for the Lord. For we should never forget, that know one, knows the day or the hour, in which they will find themselves breathing their last breathe. If you haven't done so already, make the decision to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior. Know that He has a new life, an eternal life, that's waiting for you; but you must turn from the world, and make the decision to live for Christ. Don't wait, until it's too late.

The Faith of David

This Short Devotion deals with being able to gain more confidence when it comes to trusting God more. Danna points towards the type of faith that David had, when it came to the God that he was not ashamed to serve. For it didn't matter what David was going through (rather good or bad) he always turn to God in prayer, when it to thanking God, or seeking the answers that had troubled him so. David is one of many good examples from within the Word of God that we can learn from, when it comes to being certain, that we can trust God in all things.

Being Empty

This Short Devotion deals with reminding us, that even though we could fill our time trying to chase the things of this world. And even though at times, we may become successful, when it comes to catching some of those worldly achievements. Always remember, that none of those things will be able to fulfill the true purpose that God has initially created you for. For what you're trying to be in the world; simply can't compare, to who you truly are in Christ.

B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)

This Short Devotion deals with challenging us, when it comes to being on fire for God's Eternal Kingdom. Danna reminds us, that when God made us, He'd placed within us, a tremendous purpose. So don't settle on being lukewarm, when it comes to the gifts and talents that the Lord has blessed you with. For we should dedicate ourselves, to not just believing in His Begotten Son, but also pressing ourselves, to becoming soul-winning disciples for the Kingdom of God; disciples that are being fully lead, by the Spirit of the Lord.

Just A Pinch Of Faith

Here's a Short Devotion that challenges us, to put our faith into action. Danna reminds us, that just a little bit of faith can carry us a very long way both personally and spiritually, and especially when it comes to our calling. Don't let what may seem like a small platform, and in many cases, what may seem like no platform at all, keep you from sharing the gospel with others. For you never know, you might just plant, or water a seed from within that person's heart and mind, that just may one day, save their soul from suffering a spiritually fatal, eternal damnation.

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