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Listed below are recommended Christian Online Resources that will help you to find music from today's hottest Christian artist's

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Christian Music Resources

When it comes to us Christians finding the music that we like, these websites won't disappoint.

Perhaps you're looking for something in particular.

  1. Contemporary - Country - Hip Hop
  2. New Releases - Bestsellers
  3. Reviews - Biographies
  4. Gospel - Hymns - Rock
  5. R&B - Music Lyrics
  6. Artist Testimonies or perhaps something else?

Then take some time to swing by these fantastic music websites and see if they have what you're looking for.

Christian Book Distributors (CBD) -

Christian Book Distributors is perhaps the world's largest distributor of Christian resources. So it shouldn't surprise us to learn that these resources would fall in the music category as well. With a wide selection of titles to choose from, along with regularly updated music blog that includes music reviews, tour dates and artist biographies, their site shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to finding and buying music for today's Christian.

Christian -

Christian Lyrics.Net could perhaps have the largest directory of Christian lyrics and music news that could be found on the Internet. Their Christian gives you the option to search for the music lyrics that you've been searching for by track name, artist name, or song lyrics. This is an excellent online resource for Pastor, Choir leaders; Program Directors and the everyday Christian.


CCM Magazine (Christ - Community - Music) - provides music news that's happening in today's Christian society, along with over 30 years of Christian song reviews. Are you looking for today's hottest Christian rock bands or Christian artist profiles or perhaps modern day worship? With so many music news and styles including Christian rap, this site has a lot to offer.

Christian -

At this online site you'll find all the great Music for all Christian audiences. With different music categories like Gospel, Christian Contemporary, Praise & Worship, Christian Rap, and Christian Rock, along with Music Lyrics. This Christian website is a must see.

Christian Music Place -

Here's a wonderful site that brings you music from across the Christian industry. Are you looking for information on today's Christian artists and new CD releases? Or perhaps you're looking for Christian music festivals and local or national concerts. Then this is a solid online resource that you might want to visit.

Christian Music Town -

Here's another great online resource provides you with all the latest music news that's happening within the industry. They keep you in the know when it comes to music tours, new CD releases and the buzz on your favorite Christian artists. With their coverage when it comes to Christian CD reviews, along with artist biographies and discographies, and we must not forget those band info updates and so much more. This website is one of the go to places for Christian music fans all around the world.

Christian -

This site brings you Christian channels that deals with Spiritual Living - Church Leadership - News & Culture - Christian Blogs - Daily Devotionals - Marriage Counseling - Parenting Advice - Personal Finances - Homeschooling - Careers Achievements - Single Living - this website is one of the best resources on the Internet.

K Love -

K Love brings you contemporary music for today's Christian and short educational segments in the traditional radio broadcasting format or in the fast evolving online format. Their goal is to effectively communicate the Gospel message throughout the world.

TodaysChristianMusic -

If you find yourself visiting this site, be prepared to experience an online live music environment for Christians, that can be matched by few. For they have Contemporary Christian Real Audio feeds, which streams live 24 hours a day straight from the music city of Nashville.

4 -

4 is a Christian website has one of the largest collections when it comes to downloading free music on the Internet. This website has music formats that are in, MP3's, chord charts, sheet music, lyrics, and midi files. 4 gives you the opportunity to obtain these formats freely that come with full permission from the copyright holders which makes it free and legal.

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