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Bible Verses : Are you looking for some specific scriptures that will help you to better cope with a certain need? Or maybe you are trying to go to another level, when it comes to understanding God's awesome Word? Below I've listed some recommended Christian resources that will help you to find the right tools, regardless of your scripture reading needs

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Unlocking the Most Difficult Verses

Learning How to Get the Most From Out of God's Scriptures 

Book Author : Ron Rhodes

Commonly Misunderstood Bible Verses :

Clear Explanations for The Difficult Passages

Here we find that Ron Rhodes has put together a wonderful book that will help many people from throughout the world, to better understand God's Holy Scriptures, especially when it comes to the Bible's most difficult passages. And with Mr. Rhodes being the well respected Bible teacher that he is, he understands that there are many that are not getting the type of positive and transforming impact, that they should be getting, in regard to their Bible reading. For he also knows, that many are struggling to grasp the true meaning, when it comes to the Scriptures most puzzling passages.   

And it's for this reason, Ron has put together a book, that will help empower many, when it comes to gaining a better clarity, in regard to God's Word.

Ron helps to provide the reader with a type of understanding and insight that will help them to discover the truth of the Sacred Record just a little bit more easily.

Not only does Ron help to clarify literary genres, but he also reveals the troublesome verses of God's Word.

But he doesn't stop there, for he also provides the main keys, when it comes to unlocking their mysterious messages; as he addresses the many stumbling blocks that a reader may encounter, as their reading takes them on a journey that starts from the book of Genesis, while ending at the book of Revelation. So if you want to get a better understanding of the Bible than consider picking up a copy of Ron's book.

Book Authors : Tim Demy & Gary Stewart

101 Most Puzzling Bible Verses : 

Insight into Frequently Misunderstood Scriptures

Many believe that Demy and Stewart have put together a book that is not only practical and handy, but is also considered to be reliable and trustworthy, when it comes to being a resource to truly addresses the questions that often come up repeatedly, in regard to certain Scriptures that are found from throughout the Bible. But Demy and Stewart knows that these aren't just your run of the mill type of questions. For they know that these types of question can cause people to become confuse, when it come to the subject of Christianity. Questions, that could also frustrate even the most committed Believer, when it comes to one's spiritual growth.

Know that Demy and Stewart have provider the reader with an easy to access format. Understand that these two Bible scholars and authors, have tapped into their vast knowledge of the Bible, and their many years of pastoral experience, when it comes to working to clarify, the cultural, historical, and doctrinal issues that are found to be surrounding certain Scriptures from within the Bible. And this is way Demy and Stewart have put together a book that is not only concise, but a book that provides its reader with  enough solid points that will clear up any confusion that they may have. And it's for this reason, the reader is able to truly enjoy and benefit from the God's Holy Scriptures.

I also want to point out, that Timothy Demy is a military chaplain that has over 20 years experience, when it comes to serving in the Navy, Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard. Demy also has theological training (Th.M., Th.D., Ph.D. (cand.)), while also holding graduate degrees in European history, human development, and  in strategy and national security studies. He's also the author, coauthor, and/or editor of numerous books and journal articles on social issues, ethics, and theology.

When it comes to Gary Stewart, know that he is also a military chaplain that is serving with the U.S. Marine Corps. And he too, has theological training (M.Div., Th.M., D.Min), while holding an M.A. in ethics and cultural studies. Also know, Gary is the author, coauthor, and/or editor of numerous books and articles, when it comes to culture and theology.

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