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Christian Clip Art from around the net - Some Free - Some Not - But all are great - Below are some recommended Christian resources that could help you find the right clip art for that special Christian Website or Church Project that the Lord has placed on your heart and mind

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Clip Art Resources

Bringing together some of the best clip art providers for Christians from around the Internet - Some are free and some are not, but they're all great

Do you have a specific Christian project on your mind and heart? Well if you do, we would like to help you out when it comes to finding the right clip art for your project.

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These clip art resources will help with projects that are dealing with :




Church Bulletins

Church Calendars

Outreach Programs

Worship Backgrounds

PowerPoint Presentations

So go ahead, take some time to swing by these popular and trusted Christian clip art providers to see if they have what you're looking for.

Bible Picture Gallery

This site has clip art and Biblical illustrations that covers Bible events and the wonderful people that are found from within the bible's sacred pages. They have clip art that you can use when you're teaching, evangelizing, or even when you're discussing apologetics, or simply just having Bible study.

What projects do you have planned : festival, social events, youth and adult outreach, music? If so, then swing on by and see if the Bible Picture Gallery has what you need, when it comes to clip art.

Christ Art

This site provides affordable clip art for those that are looking for more creative ways, when it comes to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. This site allows you to use their clip art for the Internet or print. Now if you're looking to have the option of using their clip art in print, then you must have a membership with them.

Christian Clip Arts

This site brings you not only clip art, but they also have animations, flash games, and Biblical illustrations that you can use, whenever you set out to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christian Computer Art

This site provides you with a clip art selection that includes : Biblical pictures, editorial side-liners, Christian art, Holy Land maps, colored illustrations, religious clip art and line drawings. Now it doesn't matter what your project may be : newsletters, invitations, or bible study - Know that Christian Computer Art is a place that you might want to check out.

Christians Unite

This site has a nice collection, when it comes to free clip art. If you're looking to do projects like newsletters, church bulletins or even perhaps, you have an online ministry. Know that this clip art resource should have you covered. Their clip art includes images that deal with, God - Satan - Holidays - Angels - Communion - Victorian - Scrolls and so much more.

Church Art Online

This online resource has a great selection when it comes to Christian clip art. They have images for any conceivable church event you can think of. You can search their gallery by keywords or category; this is a nice option being that they add new images on a weekly basis. They also have clip art specifically geared for websites, and a handy caption editing tool.

Faith Clip Art

This site allows you to achieve high standards and excellence when it comes to delivering your Christian message. Not only do they provide Christian graphics and clip art that you'll need. But they also have Christian PowerPoint's, worship videos along with backgrounds options, bulletin covers, seasonal accents, Inspirational PowerPoint's and so much more.

Free Christian Clip Art

This site provides you with clip art that's completely free. You can use their graphics for websites, newsletters, brochures, e-cards, digital printing, social networks and so much more. All images are compatible with PhotoPaint - QuarkXPress - InDesign - Word - Publisher - PowerPoint - ImageReady - Coral Draw -Illustrator or any other mainstream graphics program.

Gospel Gifs

This site provides you with over a thousand pages of clip art and original Christian graphics. You can use their clip art for projects that deals with, church bulletins, websites, PowerPoint presentations and worship backgrounds. They pride themselves off of being hassle free with no fees or sign-up requirements.

Timo's Christian Clip Art

This site has been providing free clip art since 1995. All the graphic files on his site are free and can be downloaded. It doesn't matter what your project might be - Newsletters, Church Bulletins or whatever they have plenty of graphics you can choose from : Candles - Churches - Communion - Doves - People - Places - Prayer - Religious Symbols - Thanksgiving - Weddings and so much more.

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