Addiction Recovery
for Drug & Alcohol

Using a Christian addiction recovery approach, when it

comes to drug and alcohol addiction 

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“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” -- 1 Peter 5:8

Get on a Path to Recovery

by reconnecting with God

Have you ever wondered, what the Bible has to say about drug addiction? Perhaps, you’ve traveled down a dark path in life, and at the end of that path, you’ve found yourself being addicted to drugs, or alcohol. Do you have a friend, or love one, that’s dealing with these types of addicting storms, from within their lives? If so, I truly believe that, there’s help around the corner. But it’s not enough for me to believe, you yourself, will have to believe as well.

You have to know, that there’s a way for you, or the person you care deeply about, to be able to fill that empty, agonizing void from within their life. To be able to fill that emptiness, that’s been caused by things, like low self-esteem, guilt and depression.

To be able to fill that inner vacancy, that's been temporary occupied, with stress, physical pain, emotional pain, or with any other type of overbearing, emotional situation, that may have overcame you, or the one you care about.

Especially, when they were at their most vulnerable, both emotionally and physically. For you see, I truly believe, there’s a way for you, or the people you care about, to be able to replace their thirst, for whatever they're addicted too. I hold true to the notion, that there’s a far more potent, powerful substance, that no drug, or alcoholic drink could ever match.

Christian Addiction Recovery
for Drug & Alcohol

What Kind of Substance is This?

Now the substance, in which I’m speaking of, comes only by establishing a true reconnection with God. For you see, God is that substance (presence), and it’s through this reconnection with Him, that helps a person, to be able to fill their inner void; to be able to fill, that painful emptiness from within. To be able to fill that painful vacancy, with the peace of God; and with a new found purpose in life.

The substance (presence) of God, helps to provide the type of inner strength, that can break the shackles of addiction; while providing one, with the type of courage, that could help a person, to be able to walk away, from their daily vices.

And not only that, the substance (presence) of God, will be able to, filled one with the type of love, that’s unconditional; fill one with a type of love, that never goes away, regardless of how many times, we seem to mess up, or go astray.

Christian Addiction Recovery
for Drug & Alcohol

Addiction Doesn't Have to be a
Death Sentence

What the Bible Teaches About Addiction and Drug Abuse
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Understand that drug, and alcohol addiction, doesn’t have to be condemning, or some type of death sentence. But instead, know that it can provide one, with an opportunity, that could lead them to be loosed from their vices, freed, reborn, and liberated from what ails them. Know that with God on your side, a new start on life, is always within reach. Perhaps if you have the time, you’ll be willing to check out, what the Bible has to say about addiction and drug abuse. This site will help to get you, or your love ones, on the path to recovery.

Christian Addiction Recovery
for Drug & Alcohol

10 Bible Verses

That Could Help While in Recovery

10 Bible Verses that Could Help While in Recovery
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