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Christian Drama Skit

God's Chisel

God's Chisel is an excellent drama that is brought to you by the Skit Guys A drama skit that deals with be willing to sacrifice the things out of your life, that's keeping from growing your relationship with God. Are you willing to let God finish chiseling you into His wonderful masterpiece? Now I must warn you -- you might have to give up some things that you will really miss. But it will be well worth it; I mean after all, whenever you do anything for the Lord, what you'll get back in return, will make up far more than what you'd gave up, in order to grow your relationship with the Lord.

Christian Drama Skit

Absence of Light

Absence of Light is a drama skit that deals with how a person who portrays their life outside to the public, doesn't always match up with the life that they are living in private. This skit brings attention to this fact, by using an example of how a pastor preach the Word of God to his flock, read the Word of God on a regular basis to his daughter; and then turned around in private -- sexually abused her. And because of this, the girl began to reject God, for what her father had done to her. Will she be able to make it back to the arms of her Heavenly Father? Will she ever become the light that she once was?

Christian Drama Skit


Ruin is a drama skit that deals with the constant let downs and disappointments of others. And even though the skit doesn't address the bullying, mocking and ridiculing that a person could also go through -- so much so, that they may even contemplate committing suicide -- the skit does point out how one could easily hit rock bottom emotionally by putting their trust in people, instead of putting their trust in God. I hope and pray that when it comes to those, who may find themselves in such a dark place, will be able to have the humility and awareness to turn back to Christ, before it's too late.

Christian Drama Skit


Divorce is a drama skit that deals with the falling apart of a family. And sadly, more and more kids are having to deal with growing up in a broken home. Kids not knowing if their parents breakup (or divorce) was their fault or not; not knowing, if from this point forward, if their relationship with both parents will ever be the same again. I hope and pray, that if a family ever has to go through such a tumultuous season, that somewhere in the midst of the brokenhearted and chaos, that they will not harden their hearts when it comes to the One Person who will always be there for them, no matter what -- Jesus Christ. For they will need His love, wisdom and guidance, all the more.  

Christian Drama Skit

Narrow Escape

Narrow Escape is a drama skit that deals with the different viewpoints that people have when it comes to God and Christianity. It's interesting how people are so limited in their perceptions and understanding when it comes to their value and their inheritance to the Eternal Kingdom.

Video Drama Skit

The Stool

The Stool is a drama skit that simply deals with a person finally making the decision, to surrender their life over to God. For surrendering your life over to God deals with more than just accepting Christ as your Savior -- but it also deals with, allowing yourself to trust God enough, to where you are willing to be lead by Him daily -- no matter what.    

Video Drama Skit

Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse is a drama skit, that deals with a person being shackled from within a state of sinful bondage. A bondage that reveals the dark world of being addicted to what the world has to offer. Often times we don't realize that the things the world throws at us, is in reality, trap and snares that will ultimately lead us deeper into the darkness of sin. Thank God for His gift of grace and unconditional love. All we have to do, is reach out a grab His hand and believe that He won't let go of us.   

Video Drama Skit


Headlock is a drama skit, that deals with being enslaved to sin; as in being shackled to the limits and vices of this world. For the drama reminds us, that by giving in to worldly things, we're being held back from what God has called us to be; being held back from the purpose that God has been crafting and molding for. I truly believe, that our only hope (when it comes to being delivered and overcoming the wicked things of this world) falls in the hands of Jesus. For He's the only One, who can free us from that bondage and the limits of this world. Thank you God, for loving us, no matter what.   

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