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December 2014

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Music For Today's Christians

Francesca Battistelli

Song Title : He Knows My Name

Here we find Francesca reminding us that we don't have to be perfect, popular or some sort of champion to be at the center of God's heart. Regardless of how we're seen, when it comes to this world, our Father in heaven loves us unconditionally and there's nothing that could ever change that. Our relationship with God is so personal, he knows me by my first name.            

Music For Today's Christians

Lincoln Brewster

Song Title : Made New

Here we find Brewster reminding us of who we are when it comes to God. For you see, there's no need for us to hang our heads when it comes to who we are. Because in God's eyes, we are everything. Thanks to Christ, we've been made new.

Christian Music Video

7eventh Time Down

Song Title : The One I'm Running To

To be honest, there are times where we can get so bogged down when it comes to this world. So-much-so, we may find ourselves becoming weak, especially when it comes to having hope, and to our faith. Here we find 7th Time Down reminding us to keep our eyes on Jesus Christ. For it's in Him, where we will find our strength to endure the day-to-day. For we must remember, that through Christ, all things have been made possible. Trust in Him, and never doubt what the Lord can do.         

Christian Music Video

Fred Hammond : Featuring BreeAnn

Song Title : I Will Trust

Here we find the great Fred Hammond reminding to place our trust in the Lord and not in ourselves. For you see, it's okay to have confidence, but not to the point, where you begin to believe that you can take yourself further than God can. Keep the Lord at the center of everything you do, and watch miracles happen.             

Music For Today's Christians

Damon Little

Song Title : Because Of You

I think after you lived on this earth for awhile, eventually we are going to have to deal with some things. Eventually we are going to have to suffer through some tremendous trials in life. No one said that this journey through will be easy. But here we find Mr. Little reminding us that we are not alone when it comes to these battles in life. For he reminds us that the Lord will always see us through. You can never go wrong, by placing your trust in the Almighty.           


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