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Music For Today's Christians

Elevation Worship

Song Title : O Come to the Altar

Elevation Worship reminds us, how our wonderful gift of forgiveness, was brought with the precious blood of Christ. For they remind us of how great He truly is, and how we shouldn't be ashamed, to come to the altar and worship Him. It doesn't matter how stressed, we may be from within our day to day, there's nothing to hard for our Lord help through. But we have to be willing to lay it, and leave it all, on the altar.            

Music For Today's Christians

Zach Williams

Song Title : Old Church Choir

Here we find Zach reminding us, of how wonderful and powerful, it is to listen to those old church gospels songs. Zach even reveals, that perhaps you should learn how to carry, your very own church choir, from within heart and soul. Whenever you find yourself losing your joy, tap into the wonderful messages, that those old gospel songs, that are constantly preaching, to help you through your storm.  

Christian Music Video

Micah Tyler

Song Title : Different

Micah reminds us, that we don't have to be trapped from within our old selves, for we can always make a change for the better. For he reminds us, how coming to the Lord, by praying to Him, how we can be changed for the better. We can be delivered; with the help of Christ, we can overcome our old sinful ways. Through the power of God, we can be changed! All we have to do, is learn how to trust our Heavenly Father, for there's nothing too hard for Him to do.          

Christian Music Video

Big Daddy Weave

Song Title : Jesus I Believe

Here we find BDW sing about how much they believe in Jesus Christ. For there are times, where we need to hear from Christ, and not the world. There are times from within our lives, where the storms get so big, they're all we see. Our faith has to be strong enough, to be able to focus, to hear, and to walk with Christ, through those daily storms.              

Music For Today's Christians

Sidewalk Prophets

Song Title : Come to the Table

Here we find Sidewalk Prophets singing a very beautiful song, when it come to being redeemed. Are you ready to accept your invite to the table of redemption? Are you ready to be drawn closer to the Lord? For the song reminds us, that we are not alone, when it come to our sins and afflictions. But the song also reminds us, that we don't have to be enslaved, when it come to our sins. Sidewalk Prophets reminds us, it doesn't matter who we are, there's a table waiting for us, so we can come, and sit down with Christ, and be set free.            


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