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April 2013

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Music For Today's Christians

Chris Tomlin

Song Title : Whom Shall I Fear

This song is a reminder, of just how faithful God is, when it comes to Him keeping His promises. For in this song, Chris reminds us about a God whose always by our side, no matter what. And it doesn't matter whats before us, for there's nothing that can defeat the God whose always before us, behind us, and again -- by our side.

Christian Music Video

Isaac Carree

Song Title : Clean This House

Often times when a person has hit rock bottom, they begin to realize, that the only person that can help them to overcome their season of hardship, is by turning their problems (and their life) over to the Lord. But in order for the Lord to be able to make a big impact, that person will need to allow God, to clean their house (so to speak) when it comes to finally getting their life together. A life that will be pleasing to the Lord -- a life that will finally produce some good fruit, instead of tare [which is a noxious weed in general]. Thank you Isaac for reminding us of this fact.    

Music For Today's Christians


Song Title : You Are, I Am

Have you ever doubted God? How about when things were getting quite dire, when it came to your daily life -- did you ever question God, when it came to His existence? Here's a group, with a great song, that reminds us that God is awesome, and that if you'll will allow Him to take control of your life -- not only will you begin to experience His presence more from within the natural -- but you'll be able to experience His presence from within the spiritual as well. For He is, who we ought to constantly strive to be. 

Music For Today's Christians

Matt Redman

Song Title : 10,000 Reasons

Here we find Matt reminding us, that everyday, no matter what, we should be praising and worshiping His holy name. For there's over 10,000 reasons (that one should be able to find) on why we should be more than willing to do this faithfully, everyday.  

Music For Today's Christians


Song Title : Need You Now

How many times have you felt like you were at your wits end? How many times, does your life feel unbearable? Plumb reminds us, that God is always there for us. For it's God that gives us the strength to be able to continue to endure things, that we had no clue, we could even endure. Always remember, never give up on yourself, and more importantly, never give up on God -- because He hasn't given up on you.    

Music For Today's Christians

Colton Dixon

Song Title : You Are

Here we find Colton singing about how God is our everything. For it doesn't matter where were at in life -- whatever we need, Colton reminds us, that God can give it. Colton also reminds us, that God will give it. All we have to do, is ask Him. And oh... while we're asking Him, don't forget to praise Him also -- for He's done so much for us, for us not to praise Him. I'm thankful that God will forever be, smiling down on us.      

Christian Music Video


Song Title : Abide

Here we find Lexi singing about abide in the presence of God. For we must learn to wait on the Lord, for there's nothing greater than Him. And it doesn't matter how big our problems may seem, when you press to come before the Lord, one will finally realize, that all will be well. For there's nothing too hard for the Lord to do.     


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