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Working For the Lord

God-fearing people working together for a greater purpose, in regards to helping the lost to return back home to their Father in heaven. Working to help believers to know God more and how to take their relationships with the Lord to higher levels.



Please keep in mind, some of the Online Christian Ministries and websites that I've listed, will probably have slightly different views, when it comes to how they believe God should be worshiped and served.

They will also have slightly different views, on how they see certain things from within the Bible. Please don't let these differences between these ministries and websites, allow you to be confused or discouraged, in any type of way. Understand that these Christian resources all point to one main belief, and that belief deals with the fact that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, our Redeemer and the only true way to the Eternal Kingdom.

This is why I can't stress this enough, please open and read your Bibles, even if you don't quite understand it.

Let your hearts and ears, be open for God and the Holy Spirit to come in and help you to understand.

Don't let the differences that we all seem to have as Christians, keep you away from your true inheritance.

You are royalty and heirs to the Eternal Kingdom. Don't let our different Christian viewpoints keep you from that right. If you were to find fault in Jesus Christ, then let that be your reason for not accepting Him as your Savior. But don't let the faults and differences, that you may find in us -- keep you from achieving, and reaching your full potential in Him (Jesus Christ.)

Understand that you were created priceless, a rare treasure that no other creature can match. You were made from greatness, so therefore you are great. No religion teaches these things! Jesus is the FIRST to point this out. No one comes close to Him and all those who try, are without substance and cheap copycats at best; and I stand on that with my very own life.


When it comes to Christianity and the Bible, there's so much information to cover that it's almost impossible to have everything that the message of God has to offer, on one single Christian website.

Networking with different Christian ministries and websites, brings together a unique blend of Christian Resources that could help people from around the world in various ways when it comes to learning more about the Lord. I thank God, for allowing me to have the strength to be able to humble myself and keep pride at bay. I thank Him for showing me a vision that's so great, that it can only be achieved by working with other Christian websites and online ministries.

We all have a job to do, when it comes to fulfilling God's mission and our true purpose. By working with different Christian ministries and websites, we will be able to achieve a greater purpose that can only be reached by working together and as a group, a united front.

I'm so proud that God has given me this passion! This passion that burns within me; that drives me, to want to go out and share the gospel with all people who are willing to listen. God is awesome, and He made us to be invaluable and set apart from all things. It's shameful and disappointing, that people don't realize the immense value that God has poured into them.

They don't know, that they are royalty with a divine inheritance that's waiting for them. They don't know, that all of God's creation wishes they could do what the human creature can. No other creature, has the power to invent like us. No other creature, has the power to think like us. No other creature, has been ordained to rule the earth like us. No other creature, has been made like us... period.

I hope that if you weren't able to find what you needed from my Christian Website? Then perhaps you will be able to find it in the many different Christian websites that I have listed below? So why you're seeking God, and learning what your true purpose is, don't forget that you are indeed precious, a rare jewel, a unique individual; and that God loves you with all of His glory.

Antonio L. Michell

Christian Religion History 

www.Christian Religion

Here's a Christian website that specializes in exploring the origins of Christianity. They begin their journey from the start of Jesus' ministry, all the way through, to examining the different traditions and views between the three main branches of Christianity (Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, and Eastern Orthodox) and their doctrines.

But it doesn't stop there, this website goes further by taking a good look at the differences between the many different denominations that fall under the umbrella of Protestantism as well. So if you're looking for a site that can answer the tough questions when it comes to the many different viewpoints of Christianity and it's history, then this site might be just for you.

Christian Holy Land

www.Christian Holy

This site is a great online resource that's geared towards providing one with a... as one would say "a spiritual window" to God's Holy Land. This site begins to shine forth in value if you're thinking about doing some type of Holy Land visit within the near future, or if your just curious about the places that were touched by Jesus Christ, the prophets of old, and the apostles.

Make no mistake, the Christian Holy Land site has great information when it comes to the places that are main attractions amongst visitors. Locations like, but not limited to: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Sepphoria, the Sea of the Galilee, Mount Tabor, The Garden of Gethsemane, Tabgha, Cana and Capernaum.

Christian Resources Website Review

Practical Spiritual Warfare & Prayer

www.Practical Spiritual Warfare &

Practical Spiritual Warfare & Prayer is a Christian website that's geared towards helping people throughout the world, when it comes to being able to identify your God-given "life tools" that can be used to change your life for the better. Just as the name suggests, this site specializes in teaching you about -- spiritual warfare. Make no mistake this site has a wealth of information that deals with this subject in great detail.

But it doesn't end there... they also deal with a number of different topics, which include, but not limited to: sermons, Christian counseling, the signs of the "end times" and the state of the church today. So if any of these great topics may be of interest to you, perhaps you should swing on by their wonderful site and learn more.

Verse by Verse Bible Commentary (

www.Verse by Verse Bible

Verse by Verse Bible Commentary ( is a Christian website that presents a very unique online experience when it comes to the Word of God. provides you with the ability to be able to give and post your personal opinion and perspective when it comes to the Holy Scriptures.

Not only will you be able to post your very own opinion, but you'll be able to read and discuss the opinions of other Christians as well. If you like, or have been touched by a certain post, let it be known by voting for your favorite post or Bible verse. If you're looking for something a little different, something that's appealing and engaging, then could be for you.

Victorious Christian Life

www.Victorious Christian

Victorious Christian Life main focus, deals with helping God's children to learn how to live triumphal through Jesus Christ. Look for this Christian website to: encourage, inspire, and to reveal to you the true power of authority that's given to us as heirs to the Eternal Kingdom.

Victorious Christian Life reminds us that we have that power now and we can benefit from it, right now, here on this earth. We don't have to wait for God to call us home; we can activate this authority through our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and start living victorious today.

Like A Team 

www.Like A

If you're looking to learn how to build a team within your business, volunteer organization, church or charity group, then you must stop by and check out the Christian website that's called "Like A Team." It's here, where you will learn how to create a strong teamwork environment that produces nothing but results.

The overall goal for this site, is to teach organizations how to function and operate as a whole; you know, like a team. Understand that this website has a lot to offer when it comes to the subject of "teamwork." As a matter of fact, I can't even begin to measure, when it comes to the amount of information that's found within their website. Make no mistake, Like A Team is a must see, if you're wanting to know more about: leadership, teamwork and team building.

Victory thru Christ

www.Victory thru

Victory thru Christ is a wonderful and beautiful Christian website that focuses on biblical studies. With an added emphasis on: the fundamentals of prayer and faith, the function of the Trinity, and living your destiny; Victory thru Christ is a must visit.

Grow in the Word of God by visiting their Bible Studies section. In it, you will find: study preparation tips, family study tips, simple Bible studies, mini Bible studies and their tailor made guideline studies. The work of God is tremendous and I'm excited to see servants of the Lord stepping up and helping people throughout the world. If you want to learn about God's Word, then swing on by and see what they have to offer.

The Way to Wealthy Living

www.The Way to Wealthy

This is a Christian website that deals with learning specific biblical principles that could make you financially independent. If you need help when it comes to dealing with unemployment, debt, financial loss and this famish economy; then this website could be of interest to you.

The Way to Wealthy Living will share with you their great insight when it comes to: wealth planning, meditation, money Bible studies; wealth planning for kids, debt relief, learning how to be more frugal and so much more. So if you're looking to get a better hold on your finances, then this website is for you.

Christian Resources Website Review

Christianity Beliefs Resources

www.Christianity Beliefs

Christianity Beliefs Resources is a website that's dedicated to bringing clarity to the Christian faith and the Word of God. They have a saying over there that reads: "Christianity is not just a word but a very important lifestyle and a change of one's heart."

They cover a wide range of subjects, which include but are not limited to: Jesus Christ, the Bible, salvation, prayer, sin, parables, miracles and the different holidays that we have throughout the year. If any of these topics interest you, then perhaps you should pay a visit to their wonderful site, so you can see what all they have to offer when it comes to Christianity and God's Word.

Finding God in Autism

www.Finding God in

This is a Christian website that has been put together by Kathy Medina in order to help and encourage parents who may have kids with special needs. Kathy understands the challenges of raising a child with special needs, being that she too, is a parent who has and continues to travel down this road with her own son. She has successfully, with the help of God, a good homeschooling program and other efficient resources, been able to place her son on a path that continues to pay progressive dividends for him, in all areas of his everyday life.

In addition, Kathy has written a devotional book which is also called "Finding God in Autism" and this book helps to provide parents with the biblical resources that will help and equip them with the raising of their special needs child. From mild to aggressive and challenging behavior, you can finally have peace, hope and strength. If you want answers to your toughest questions when it comes to this topic, then swing on by and see what this website has to offer.

Christian Books & Bible Stories

www.Christian Books - Bible

If you're looking for a place where you can find some great Christian books for the family, then this Christian website is a must see. They have books that are educational, encouraging, enlightening, fun and entertaining. With the books being listed below their normal listing price, you'll be able to find great deals that may be hard to find at other book stores.

They have books that are fictional that are geared towards children, teenagers and adults. They also have books that deal with: romance, mystery, science fiction, inspiration, poetry, healing, self-help and bible studies. With so many selections, it's very well possible that this site will probably have a book that's just for you.

Bible Study Lessons

www.Bible Study

This Christian website presents you with in depth Bible study lessons that are clear and easy to understand. It doesn't matter if you are a skeptic, on the fence, or a Christian who takes their faith-walk very seriously; this website is geared towards everybody. And by them covering a wide range of topics which include: the book of Revelation, Catholicism vs. Christianity, The Rapture, The Tribulation, and Eternal Salvation - the Bible Study Lessons website is a must see.

The Alabaster Jar: "Deep Calls Unto Deep"

This Christian website deals with a wonderful devotional book called -- The Alabaster Jar: "Deep Calls Unto Deep" that was put together with women in mind. The person behind this devotional book of encouragement, in which I'm writing about, is Anna Alden-Tirrill.

Anna wanted this book to be able to help women to experience a life that's victorious, joyful, and full of abundance and increase. Within its pages, this book echo's the words of great God-fearing women who lived throughout the centuries, all the way up to the present day.

If you think that this book would be of interest to you, or could be a blessing to you, or a love one, or a friend... then perhaps you should swing by the website to learn more about it.

Bible Leadership


Bible Leadership is a Christian website that is dedicated to helping one to develop, or achieve better leadership skills when it comes to the different demanding areas of our everyday lives. The areas that are discussed on this site, include but are not limited to: marriage, workplaces, relationships, and parenting.

With Bible Leadership, not only will you be able to explore the Word of God, but you will also learn about and how to apply the great wisdom benefits that it has to offer as well.

Church House Collection

www.Church House

Church House Collection is a Christian website that has free available resources that ranges from Sunday School lessons to Christian clipart, that's geared towards children. They have resources that include information about Jesus Christ, which includes His parables, miracles and the other wonderful names that our precious Savior is known for.

They also have information that deals with: salvation, The Holy Spirit, and Spiritual gifts, just to name a few. So it doesn't matter if you're looking for Sunday School crafts and lessons, clipart, or Bible stories. If you have children and you're looking for some great idea's Church House Collection is a site worth checking out. Did I mention that their resources are free?

Holy Land 4 Jesus 

www.Holy Land 4

Holy Land 4 Jesus is an online Christian store that's specializes in products that come from places like: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River. Also, if you decide to purchase from them: ten percent that comes from the money that you purchased your items with, will be going towards a good cause. The name of this charity that they're proud to support is: "Saint Vincent's -- Home for Physically & Mentally Handicapped Children."

Christian Resources Website Review

An Unseen World

www.An Unseen

Just as the name implies, An Unseen World will take you into the world of the unseen. What does this mean exactly? Well according to this fascinating website, they will take you on an intriguing journey that deals with supernatural happenings which are based on biblical truths. As you venture forth on this mysterious journey, be prepared to be introduced to some very mind stimulating subjects.

Christian Resources Website Review

21st Century Christianity

www.21st Century

This Christian website at the time of this writing is very new and I see a tremendous upside when it comes to them. I'm glad I went back and took a second look, for I was reminded on why we make sacrifices and press ourselves hard, when it comes to doing the work that God has created us for.

Today was a good one for me, for I found a wonderful path of gold nuggets that were laid out in this very pleasant and inspiring Christian website.

Christian Resources Website Review


This is a fantastic online resource that covers the 'Holy Land,' in great detail. BibleWalks does a good job of providing beautiful original pictures along with great site review information.

BibleWalks is a Christian website that can be used as an online reference or research tool that could very beneficial to your historical or biblical studies. This website is a must see, if you have ever thought about having a true online 'Holy Land' experience.

Christian Resources Website Review

Christian Artist Resource

www.Christian Artist

Here's a Christian website that's geared towards letting their imaginations soar unhindered, operating under the gifts of Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness. Rejoicing because their present life is adventurous and their future is loaded with infinite possibilities.

Christian Resources Website Review

Christian Theology - Dr. Ralph E. Bass, Jr.


Dr. Ralph E. Bass, Jr. has an undergraduate degree, BA, in Bible from Bob Jones University. M.A. in Counseling from Webster University, a M.Div. in divinity studies from Erskine Theological Seminary, a Th.M. in theological studies from Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and a Th.D. in theological studies from Reformation International Theological Seminary.

He has created a Christian website that displays his works that covers a wide range of topics, which deals within the area of Christian theology.

Christian Resources Website Review

Christian Life Coaching

www.Christian Life Coach

Christian Life Coaching Now, is a Christian website, that has dedicated itself to helping people throughout the world. For they take pride, in assisting people, when it comes to helping a person set, and achieve their Godly goals. And they set out to do this -- by also helping that same person, to produce the kind of results that they are striving for, when it comes to their overall life.

For if you decide to work with them? Know that you will open a door, that will allow them to be a very big encouragement to you. Understand that this encouragement will be attempted -- through their expert advice, and inspiring insights, that they will constantly share with you.

Also know, that they will teach you, how to apply proven truths from Scripture -- in which you will someday, get up and tell others about, the awesome life testimony you'd just experienced. And hopefully, you will add a "thank you" in there for God? For you must not forget, that the Lord had constantly stood by your side, even though you were in the midst of your storm. Simply learn how to love the way Christ loved, while in turn, learning how to better cope and solve your everyday life issues.

Issues that deals with: health, money and relationships. Discover the unparalleled adventure, of living your life, in such a way, that will not only please the Lord, but yourself as well.

Christian Resources Website Review

Gospel Shield of Faith Ministries

www.Gospel Shield of Faith

The Bible declares, "there is no salvation in any other than Jesus Christ". Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man can come to the Father except by Me." Jesus went to the cross for my sin and your sin. He hung on that cross suspended between heaven and earth, and after His death, He defeated Satan for you and for me. Oh, what a price was paid for our redemption, all because God loves us. Do you want to know Him?

Christian Resources Website Review

Basic Bible Knowledge

www.Basic Bible

This Christian website has you taking a look into the Bible of a pastor. From basic Bible knowledge to finding an encouraging verse and even answering the hard questions, it will all enhance your walk with God.

Christian Resources Website Review

Ultimate Tube


When I first took a look at this site, I was in complete amazement! When it comes to Christian websites, Ultimate Tube is on the cutting edge. They have also laid out the future blueprint when it comes to Christian Social Networks. They have taken the Social Networking platform by the horns and in the process have created an online environment where Christians can go and share their own videos with the rest of the world.

Christian Resources Website Review

Practical Discipleship


The thing that immediately stands out about this Christian website is that it focuses on Christians actually getting involved and becoming true disciples of their faith. There's no more standing around and just being onlookers when it comes to Christianity. Practical Discipleship is a website that encourages and teaches people how to be true soul winners for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christian Resources Website Review

Captive Faith


This is a Christian website that's devoted to people of the Bible and of the Christian faith whose time in prison brought forth some of the most creative, life-changing, and spiritually perceptive writing in all of Christian history

Christian Resources Website Review

Free Church Accounting

www.Free Church

Christian Resources Today is proud to partner up with the 'Free Church Accounting' Christian Website. This is a specialty site that deals with the area of Church Accounting and all things related.

Christian Resources Website Review

Praise & Worship

www.Praise &

This Christian website is all about praising and worshiping God, and understanding that it's not about a ritual, or prayer repetition. It’s not about spending a few minutes a day reading our bible or about reciting our wish list on a daily basis. True worship requires total commitment of our body, mind and spirit. It’s about exalting, adoring and acknowledging the God of the bible.

Christian Resources Website Review

Proclaiming Christ Ministries

www.Proclaiming Christ

This Christian website has provided some great insight when it comes to starting a Drama Ministry. They give practical and clear advice when it comes to choosing the right director and actors. They also talk about how to avoid some costly mistakes when it comes to choosing your drama scripts as well.

Proclaiming Christ Ministries has taken the time to post some great drama scripts right on their website for you to view and use.

Christian Resources Website Review

The Hem of His Garment

www.The Hem of His

I like to think that this Christian website has a lot to offer; and could be of some interest to you? The Hem of His Garment could also be a valuable online resource tool, that could help you with your Biblical studies as you build a closer spiritual relationship with the Lord as well?

Email Bible Studies -- Free E-books -- Bible Study Notes, along with a Prayer Corner and a place to share your own testimony; I must say, that The Hem of His Garment is definitely a blessing and brings a tremendous value to the online community. So if you have time for a few extra clicks, swing on by and see if they could be a blessing to you as well.

Christian Resources Website Review

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