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"I'll tell you this, everyone who breathes, rather high or low, educated or ignorant; young or old, man or woman, has a mission, has a work. We are not sent into this world for nothing; we're not sent into this world without having some type of purpose; don't make the mistake of thinking that you were born randomly.

For we're not here, so that we may simply go to bed at night and then get up in the morning, toiling for our bread, eating and drinking, laughing and joking, sinning at will, and reforming ourselves when we're tired of rebelling against the very God that has given us life; simply rearing a family and finally dying. No my friends! God sees everyone of us, for He created every soul for a purpose."

John H. Newman


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Book Author : Tammy Holyfield

Ask The Coach : 

   Practical Solutions to Everyday Challenges in Business and Life

Not too long ago I'd came across a wonderful book that was written by professional speaker and author Tammy Holyfield. Her book is titled -- Ask The Coach : Practical Solutions to Everyday Challenges in Business and Life. Now I like to think that this book is definitely written for the difficult times that Christians are facing every single day, both from within their personal and professional lives. Tammy does a good job of using an approach that's Christ-centered but similar to what a personal life coach would do, especially when it comes to offering the reader many encouraging solutions. Solutions that could be of tremendous help, when it comes to the reader's life, again, both professionally and personally.

And make no mistake, by using a Christ-centered personal life coach approach, it helps to assist those, who are truly feeling like they have lost their sense of direction.

Especially as that same person find themselves journeying throughout a world that seems to grow more chaotic by the day.

Now personally I believe, if a person doesn't have a clear plan to follow, when it comes to their goals and objectives in life.

I find that the task of a person actually reaching those goals and objectives, become increasingly harder to achieve.

After all, you can't catch, what you can't see -- right?

However by Tammy using a Christ-centered personal life coach approach, I like to think that her writing comes through in a way that makes the reader feel like she's actually there, supporting and encouraging them each and every day.

So it doesn't matter if you have those unexpected life problems that just keep finding their way into your everyday life. Tammy helps you to become a solution to whatever problem you may come across from within your day-to-day life. Who knows, perhaps by following Tammy's advice, you could begin to notice a big difference, as you learn how to better respond, and handle, any unwelcoming circumstances that may pop up in your day. Don't make the mistake of underestimating the simple and very powerful Christ-centered life altering techniques that Tammy offers from within her book -- Ask The Coach : Practical Solutions to Everyday Challenges in Business and Life.

Tammy tells us that there are numerous situations that we may encounter as we move from throughout our business and personal lives. Situations that may make us feel tired, or overwhelmed, especially when it comes to being constantly challenged not only in our day-to-day lives, but in our careers as well. Tammy shows the reader how they can become encouraged, while remaining effective, as we deal with these stressful times from within our daily lives.

Tammy also reminds us, that the role of a Christ-centered personal life coach, put's themselves in a position to be able to come alongside someone, as they help the person to better identify where they are in life. A Christ-centered personal life coach also helps to reveal a path, as they encourage the person to be able to go out and achieve their life goals. Always remember, that God definitely has a plan for your life, and He's willing, and more than able, to help you to achieve that plan. So go ahead and see, if Tammy's book - Ask The Coach : Practical Solutions to Everyday Challenges in Business and Life has what you're looking for, when it comes to being the best God-fearing you, you can be, both personally and professionally.

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