Biblical Names and their Meaning

Bible Names Starting with the Letter "H"

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A List of Biblical Names and their Meaning

Starting with the letter "H"


Biblical Name Means: (the courier, a runner) – He was a descendant of the father of Tekoa (a town of Judah), who was known as Ashur of Judah; the son of Hezron and Abiah. He had two wives, one went by the name Helah; and the other was known as Naarah.



Biblical Meaning of Name: (Jehovah has hidden) – He was the leader of a priestly family, that had return from the Babylonian captivity they were forced into, under king Cyrus. They return with Zerubbabel, for he was the head of the tribe of Judah, during this time. I also want to point out, that since this particular family, didn’t keep track of their genealogy, they weren’t able to serve the priesthood, like the other priestly families were able to do.



Biblical Meaning of Name: (love’s embrace, he that embraces, a wrestler, embrace) – He was both a poet and a prophet of the One True God. His ministry was tied to the tribe of Judah, and the tribe of Levi; his ministry had also taken place, during the reign of Josiah. He was the eight prophet that was listed, from within the twelve minor prophets. He’s also the author, when it comes to the Bible’s book of Habakkuk.



Biblical Meaning of Name: (uncertain) – Not much is known of him, beside him being the head of the Rechabite household, at one point in time. He was also the grandfather of Jaazariah, for he was the chief of the Rechabites during the ministry, of the prophet Jeremiah.



Biblical Meaning of Name: (whom Jehovah enlightens) – He was the father of Nehemiah, the former cupbearer to king Artaxerxes, who later became a leader, from within the tribe of Judah. Nehemiah was one of the twelve leaders that returned with Zerubbabel after they had finished their captivity, from within Babylon.



Biblical Meaning of Name: (wise) – He was the father of Jehiel, who was a Levite, and a chief musician, that attended to King’s David’s sons.



Biblical Meaning of Name: (myrtle - which are beautiful evergreen shrubs) – This was the Jewish name for queen Esther.



Biblical Meaning of Name: (flight, one that fears) – She was first, an Egyptian maid that served Abraham’s wife Sarah; that would later become, Abraham’s second wife. She was also the mother to Ishmael, the founder of the twelve Arabian tribes.



Biblical Meaning of Name: (rejoicing, festival, or dancer) – She was David’s fifth wife, and the mother of David’s fourth born son Adonijah, who ended up being known mainly, for becoming Solomon’s rival to the throne.


Biblical Name Means: (the Queen, the Regent) – She was the daughter of Machir (the eldest son of Manasseh the 13th king of Judah), and the sister of Gilead. She had three children, and one of them was known as Abiezer also known as Jeezer, from within the King James Version.



Biblical Name Means: (Kinsman of the dew, father-in-law is protection) – She was one of Josiah’s wives and the mother of Jehoahaz (who became king of Judah, at the age of 23, he reigned for three months) and Zedekiah (who became king of Judah, at the age of 21, and he reigned for 11 years).


Biblical Meaning of Name: (gracious, or favor) – She was one of the two wives that were married to the wealthy Levite Elkanah. They ended up having a child, that would later be known, as Samuel the prophet.



Biblical Meaning of Name: (sorrow of countenance) – She was the daughter of Etam of Judah, and the sister of Jezreel, Ishma, and Idbash.



Biblical Meaning of Name: (rust, or sick) – She was one of the two wives, that was married to the founder of Tekoa, who was known as Ashur.



Biblical Meaning of Name: (my delight is in her) – She was married to the twelfth king of Judah, who was known as Hezekiah; and both he and her, were the parents of king Manasseh, who later succeeded his father as king.

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