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Below I've listed a website that's devoted to helping people all around the world when it comes to expressing their love for the Lord Jesus through the form of creative arts

Creative Arts for the Christian Faith

"Art is not the bread, but the wine of life."

Jean Paul Richter

I would like to introduce to you a new online partner that we have added to our online Christian Network. The name of this website is called Proclaiming Christ Ministries and their primary focus deals with proclaiming the gospel through the form of creative arts. Proclaiming Christ Ministries also provides training in the areas of drama and puppetry. I believe that this website could be a very important resource that could help one to reach a higher level when it comes to developing their inner creative expressions gifts.

Proclaiming Christ Ministries has provided some great insight when it comes to starting a Drama Ministry.

They give practical and clear advice when it comes to choosing the right director and actors.

They also talk about how to avoid some costly mistakes when it comes to choosing your drama scripts as well.

Proclaiming Christ Ministries has taken the time to post some great drama scripts right on their website for you to view and use. They also have drama scripts that have been written around a particular scripture or theme. They also provide you with some solid advice when it comes to writing your own drama scripts as well.

And not only that, they will help you to achieve a clear understanding when it comes to choosing your topic, type of script, and the proper number of actors that may be needed for your drama project. Maybe you're looking for some helpful tips when it comes to your drama scripts? Proclaiming Christ Ministries has also provided an online tool that will help you in this area as well. This online form will allow you to submit your drama scripts directly to them for review.

Now honestly, we can all improve on something, and over at Proclaiming Christ Ministries they are willing to help you to do just that.

Christian Websites Resource

Mystery Dinner Theater & Children's Ministry

Have you thought about possibly doing a Mystery Dinner Theater? Proclaiming Christ Ministries provide a little bit of insight when it comes to these types of scripts. They have also included a few of them on their website that you can inquire about, if you so choose.

Now drama doesn't always have to carter to adults, after all, the children need a little bit of entertainment and inspiration as well. And it's for this reason, Proclaiming Christ Ministries shows you how you can use puppets in your drama scripts as well. Remember that puppets and children go together like peanut butter and jelly... so you can't go wrong in this area.

Bottom line, this website has a lot to offer when it comes to the Drama Ministry. For they provide great advice, when it comes to setting up and running a Children's Ministry, and a Missions Education for Children program.

So if you have an interest in learning more about creative arts and how you can better use your gifts of creative expressions for the Lord, then this website is a must see.

Click Here to visit the
Proclaiming Christ Ministries Website

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