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An Unseen World brings you into the world of supernatural happenings which are based on the biblical truths of the Bible

An Unseen World

"The simple, absolute and immutable mysteries of the divine Truth are hidden in secret. For this darkness, though of deepest obscurity, is yet radiantly clear; and, though beyond touch and site, it more than fills our unseeing minds with splendors of transcendent beauty. And we behold that darkness beyond being, concealed under all natural light."

Dionysius the Areopagite

I've proud to announce that we've been blessed, to be able to partner up with another Christian online partner! I'll like to take this moment to introduce you to a very interesting Christian website: An Unseen World.

Just as the name implies, An Unseen World will take you into the world of the unseen. Now you'll probably wondering, what does this mean exactly? Well according to this fascinating website, they've placed a strong focus on taking you on an intriguing journey that deals with supernatural happenings, which are based on biblical truths. Now I must warn you, as you venture forth on this mysterious journey, be prepared to be introduced to some very mind stimulating subjects.

For starters, this Christian website covers a whole lot, so I won't be able to list everything, but it will be fun trying.

First off, An Unseen World will bring before you things that may seem uncomfortable to some.

So keep this in mind, as you find yourself exploring their wonderful site.

Also keep in mind, just as it is in the natural, and regardless if we're willing to accept it or not, the spirit world is real. Now as I was looking at the section called: Mission & Bible Study Tools. I'd came across a very intriguing page. I must admit, it gave me pause; and so therefore, before I go further, I must ask you this question: "Have you ever wondered if a miracle produces faith in a person?"

I have to admit, I thought this was an interesting question when I'd first read it. And not only that, I also found the article to be very interesting as well. Now if you're looking for an answer, when it comes to this subject? Then I would suggest, you stop by their Miracles page. You'll find it located  from within the Mission & Bible Study Tools section. Now while you're there, take a look at what they have to say, when it comes to this subject.

Now, on top of this, you might want to go and read their page about grace? Have you ever wondered what does grace actually mean? Or, what's the doctrine of grace? Can it be earned, or is it a gift? What are the benefits, if any? An Unseen World has written another very interesting article, when it comes to their perspective, in regard to this very fascinating subject, called grace.

Christian Websites Resource

The Occult?

Now as I continued to explore their site, I'd found myself stumbling into a section that is simply called: The Occult. Now it's from within this section, An Unseen World talks about things that deal with the dangers of Wicca? With the help of a former Wiccan, who is now a Christian, An Unseen World tackles questions that deal with: "Are they nature worshipers?" or "Do they really cast spells?" or "Do they worship both a god and a goddess?" I have to say, that I found this page to be very informative when it comes to the Religion of Wicca. So if you're interested, let's say, for the sake of curiosity, then this page is a must see.

Now there's more, when it comes to this section, for it also deals with the subjects of: reincarnation -- Astrology -- Vampirism -- Ouija Boards -- 11-11 Phenom and something called Remote Viewing. So, what is Remote Viewing? And honestly, I personally don't know. But if you're wandering what the CIA spent millions of our tax dollars on, trying to figure it out for themselves, then this is another page that would be a very interesting read for you.

Christian Websites Resource

The After Life & Prophecy?

Next, in their section called: The Afterlife. An Unseen World has set out to  tackle subjects that are dealing with these types of questions: "What is Death" -- "Is There Life after Death" -- "What's Inside Heaven" -- "Heaven's Gate" and "Near Death Experiences." Now what about prophecy? Have you ever thought about it? Do you want to know more about it? Well, if you do, perhaps you should check out their section that's called, yeah you guessed it right: "Prophecy."

Now it's from within this section, An Unseen World discusses people and events, like Nostradamus and the destruction of the Twin Towers -- Are We Living in the End Times -- Bible Prophecy: Proof of the Validity of the Bible -- The Antichrist -- Armageddon -- The Mark of the Beast -- Rapture Ready and The Year 1948.

You're probably wondering: "So what's so special when it comes to the year 1948? Well for starters, An Unseen World talks about how this year is based off the research of Hal Lindsey. Now it's from within this particular article, you'll read about how the year 1948 actually connects with the prophecies of the Bible.

Connections that are dealing with how the Jews were restored to their homeland; or the birth of the computer age; and how the (GATT: The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) was created and became the forerunner for the global economy that we are dealing with this very day. Now there's more to this article. So much more. For it provides the reader with some very interesting facts that ties in with secular history, right along with the prophecies of the Bible.

Christian Websites Resource

But There's More?

Wow! Like I said, there's a lot to this Christian website. Remember to keep in mind, that I'd only listed close to half, of what this site offers, when it comes to content. So if you can find the time, swing on by, and see what else, this site has, when it comes to the unseen world. I wonder, are you bold and courageous enough to take a look?

Subjects I didn't list:

Haunted Stories & Ghosts -- Humor -- Mysteries -- Demon & Devils -- Testimonies -- Strange Creatures -- False Doctrines -- Contemporary Issues -- UFO'S

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