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Christian Websites Networking for a Greater Purpose: Holy Land 4 Jesus is an online Christian store that's specializes in products that come from places like: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River

Holy Land 4 Jesus

"Jesus Christ is the outstanding personality of our time. Every act and Word of Jesus has value for us. He became the Light of the world. Why shouldn't I, a Jew, be proud of that?"

The Renowned Novelist

Sholem Asch

I'll like to take this moment to introduce you to a new online partner that has been added to our Christian network. The name of this Christian website is called: Holy Land 4 Jesus. And like always, we're proud and honored, they decided to partner up with us. Holy Land 4 Jesus is an online Christian store that's specializes in products that come from places like: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River.

Also, if you decide to purchase from them, ten percent that comes from the money that you purchased your items with, will be going towards a good cause. The name of this charity they're proud to support is called: Saint Vincent's -- Home for Physically & Mentally Handicapped Children.


Terra Santa

Scrolls & Footwear


Holy Land 4 Jesus has a lot of unique products from within their inventory.

For example, they have what are called: Jesus Sandals.

Now I'd like to point out that these sandals have been made from within the Holy city of Jerusalem.

They're model after the same style of sandals that have been shown from throughout wall paintings that have dated back, to the prophets of old.

They also have what you would call: Terra Santa Scrolls. These scrolls displays many types of artwork: The Creation of Adam, The Holy Family Parchment, Sounds of Angels, and Joy-Angel Babies. These products are also manufactured at a small village located near the Holy city of Jerusalem.

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Pendants - Medallions - Antiques - Anointing Oils

Holy Land 4 Jesus also has Pendants and Medallions which include: crosses, the baby Jesus, Our Lady of Sorrows, the Virgin Mary, and the Widows Mite, just to name a few. They also have Holy Land Plaques which include: The Skyline of Jerusalem, Jesus' Crucifixion, The Way of the Cross, Nativity and Holy Family plaques.

Do you like antiques? If you do, they have antiques that include: Herodian and Samaritan oil lamps, ancient terracotta cooking pots, Herodian Unguentariums, to name a few.

They also have a great selection of anointing oils that are made from virgin olive oils that's found within Galilee and Jerusalem. These oils include scents that are titled: Rose of Sharon, Ruth, Lily of the Valleys, Light of Jerusalem, Myrrh, and Messiah and Frankincense.

Bottom line: this Christian store has a lot to offer, and if your looking for things like: leather bags, Figures made from olive wood, Holy Land Books, Bibles, Bethlehem wall plates, olive wood crosses and crucifixes, candles, t-shirts, paintings and prints, oils, baptism and scented water from the Jordan, incense, rosaries or anything else that's unique to the Holy Land, then this website is a must see for you.

I'd like to take this moment to thank Holy Land 4 Jesus for their partnership, I want you to know, it is truly appreciated. So I encourage you, if you have time for a few extra clicks, visit their store. I'm confident that you'll be blessed with what you'll find.

Holy Land 4 Jesus 

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