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The Table of Nations

Shem (Semites) - Ham (Hamites) - Japheth (Japhethites)

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Genesis 10:1-23

In the last article we took a closer look at Noah's possible skills and talents. I'd pointed out, how Noah's talents and skills were somewhat of a confirmation, when it came to his calling from the Lord. A calling that dealt with Noah being able to usher in the human race, when it came to the new natural world that had formed, after the Great Flood of Judgement had finished running its course, against the world of old.

We'd also took a look at what Noah's grandson Canaan, had possibly done to his grandfather. For we learned that Canaan's actions, had caused Noah to speak a curse, not only upon his current life, but a curse unto those future generations that were to follow, from his household as well.

Nevertheless, we begin to move forward from within our journey.

Now I want you to know, I've been thinking long and hard about how I was going to write this particular article. For I know that as we move forward, it would probably become a bit confusing for some, therefore leading one to ask more questions, instead of receiving the answers they have long sought. And although I believe this to be somewhat unavoidable, know that I will try to present this information in the clearest way that I know how. But all-in-all, I do think that this information, will be very interesting to some.

And honestly, something tells me, you could probably do an entire book about Noah's three sons, and what's known as The Table of Nations. So in order to keep this as clear as possible, this page will not go into great detail, but the article in turn, simply for the sake of curiosity, would simply be a brief genealogy chart. Now I hope you'll enjoy the chart, and who knows, perhaps it will be of some use to you all.

Bible Study Online

Shem (Semites) - Ham (Hamites) - Japheth (Japhethites)

The Sons of Japheth:

Gomer - Magog - Madai - Javan - Tubal - Meshech - Tiras

Gomer fathered: Asia Minor, Bulgaria and Turkey

Magog fathered: Ukraine, Russia and Central Asia

Madai fathered: Mitanni (Northern Mesopotamia), Medes (Iran)

Javan fathered: Greece

Tubal fathered: Italy and Spain

Meshech fathered: Mushki (Ancient Anatolia), Moschoi, Meskhi (Ancient Georgian)

Tiras fathered: Indo-European Tribes


The Sons of Gomer:

Ashkenaz - Riphath - Togarmah

Ashkenaz fathered: Ashkenazic Jews

Riphath fathered: Paphlagonia (Ancient area on the Black Sea coast)

Togarmah fathered: Phrygians (Western Anatolia), Galatians (Ancient Asia Minor)


The Sons of Javan:

Elishah - Tarshish - Kittim - Dodanim

Elishah fathered: Grecians

Tarshish fathered: Cilicia (Ancient area on the Aegean coast)

Kittim fathered: Macedonia

Dodanim fathered: (Unknown - Perhaps a remote part of Greece)


The Sons of Ham:

Cush - Mizraim - Phut - Canaan

Cush fathered: Ethiopia and Arabia

Mizraim fathered: Egypt

Phut fathered: Libya

Canaan fathered: (Canaanites of Palestine)


The Sons of Canaan:

Sidon - Heth - Jebus - Amorite - Girgasite

Sidon founded: Phoenicia

Heth founded: Hittites

Jebus founded: Jebusites of Jerusalem

Amorite founded: (Perhaps part of Syria)

Girgasite founded: (Unknown)


The Sons of Cush:

Seba - Havilah - Sabtah - Raamah - Sabtechah - Nimrod

Seba fathered: Sabeans (Located within the Arabian Desert)

Havilah fathered: The land of Havilah (Located in the Garden of Eden)

Sabtah, Raamah, Sabtechah all fathered: A lower part of Arabia (Located near the Persian Gulf)

Nimrod Founded: Babylon


The Sons of Raamah:

Sheba - Dedan

Sheba and Dedan fathered: Perhaps a part of Ethiopia


The Sons of Shem:

Elam - Asshur - Arphaxad - Lud - Aram

Elam fathered: Elamites

Asshur fathered: Assyria

Arphaxad fathered: Chaldeans (Chaldean Christians)

Lud fathered: Lydia

Aram fathered: Syrians or Aramites


The Sons of Aram:

Uz - Hul - Gether - Mash

Uz founded the cities: Trachonitis and Damascus

Hul founded: Armenia

Gether fathered: Thamud (Ancient Arabia)

Meshech (Mash) fathered: (Unknown - Perhaps a part of Russia)

In the next Bible Study Online Article:

However, now that we've taken a closer look, when it comes to Noah's three sons (Shem (Semites) - Ham (Hamites) - Japheth (Japhethites) and how humanity would end up being established through them. We now begin to move forward again. For we'll find that the Sacred Record will begin to introduce us to Nimrod the Great Hunter.

May God blessings be upon you, and thank you for your support

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