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Historian or Author?

It's also interesting to note, that the book of Genesis is written in an historical format as well. What I mean by that -- notice how each major section begins with the phrases: "This is the generation of..." or "This is the history of..." or "This is the account of..."

(Article Covers : Was Moses the Historian or Author?)

Short Recap

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In the last article, I did what some could call "self-indulging" when I went on a tangent, that dealt with some of the things that I wanted to get of my chest, so to speak. For I'd briefly touch on subjects that dealt with: being able to use God's Word, when it comes to developing an unlimited perspective, when it comes to life and beyond. I'd also touched on, when it comes to not having to try to prove to others, why I believe the way that I do, when it comes to God and the Holy Scriptures (in spite of the fact, that there's plenty of natural evidence that backs my beliefs.

And while we were there, I'd also brought to your attention, that there has been (and will continue to be) world renowned scientists, who do believe, when it comes to God's recorded creation account.  

However, we're almost ready to move forward with our journey throughout God's Word.

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Opposition to God Intensifies?

But before we do, I want to touch on one more thing, before we journey into the book of Exodus. Now I want you to understand, that as each day goes by, opposition against the Word of God continues to intensify, for if one were paying close attention, they should be able to notice, that critics are becoming more aggressive in their attacks.

Know that this aggression doesn't simply come about, because they have discovered something new that could discredit the Holy Scriptures with; or help to boost their campaign, when it comes to going against God. No not hardly, for this continual aggressive push, partly deals with a notion, in which the opposition have adopted, when it comes to some ancient secular records.

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Similar Records?

For they're are numerous secular accounts, that are found to have similar records that indeed match the events, that have been chronicled from within the first eleven chapters of Genesis. And it's for this reason, that they believe, that they can use these ancient secular records to their advantage; by somehow spinning these recorded texts, into some sort of argument that they believe will help them, when it comes to going against God and His Word.

For their argument, deals with the viewpoint, that the book of Genesis is nothing more, than myths and legends. And to make matters worse, they are also claiming, that events were simply conjured up in the mind of Moses. Now normally, I wouldn't pay any attention to these baseless arguments and viewpoints.

But unfortunately, it's these types of arguments and viewpoints, that are starting to cause Christians and truth seekers alike, to doubt not only the first eleven chapters of Genesis; but it's also these types of deceptions, that are causing Christians to doubt God's Sacred Record as a whole as well. So therefore, I must address it.

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Christians Simply Aren't Equipped?

Now like I stated earlier, when it comes to these arguments, that the opposition are putting up -- I stand strong in my assertion, that they are baseless, and that they definitely hold no merits. But unfortunately, Christians and truth seekers alike, who aren't that knowledgeable about the Word of God, are finding themselves extremely vulnerable, when it comes to these kinds of attacks -- attacks that are designed, to sow doubt and confusion.

Now with that being stated, I want you to remember, that it's not our job to debate, or argue, when it comes to the Word of God. And it's for this reason, that I believe, that it's very important that we must be: knowledgeable, confident, and steadfast when it comes to our faith in God and His Sacred Record. For I hold true to the notion, that by doing so, one won't be able to easily fall victim, when it comes to the cunningness and deceit, that's constantly being put forth by anti-Christian special interest groups and the so-called intellects of the world.

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Unfortunately Christians Are Falling For These Deceitful Traps?

So again, worldly opponents are aggressively putting forth the claim, that the Sacred Accounts that are found from within the book of Genesis, are nothing but fabrications and myths that were made up by Moses. Now they're basing this claim on the notion, that Moses could not have written the book of Genesis, since he was not yet born, when the recorded events had taken place. Now you would think, that Christians wouldn't be so easily swayed be this claim -- but honestly, some have fallen for it in a very big way.

And unfortunately, believers are taking this same mindset (which is a mindset that filled with doubt and confusion) into the church. For I'd like to think, that this is part of the reason, why some church leaders and Bible teachers, won't even teach or preach, from what's known as the Old Testament.

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I Find It: Shameful & Disappointing?

Now I find it amazing, that Christians would doubt the Old Testament Sacred Accounts. For I'm astonished, that it's this same mindset, that are keeping some church leaders and Bible teachers from venturing into this area of God's Word. And honestly, it's shameful and disappointing, that they have been hoodwink into considering (or in some cases) totally believing in such nonsense.

Understand that most Christians believe that Moses was the author of the book of Genesis. But there's no Scripture that indicates that Moses wrote Genesis, it's just an assumption that he did, since there's very strong evidence, that he did write the following four books after it: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. FYI: Put all five books together, and this is what known as the Pentateuch.

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The Trap of Deceit?

Now when it comes to what I like to call "the trap of deceit" -- know that the trap is put in play, when a Christian is faced with a question, that deals with who they think wrote the book of Genesis. Generally most Christians will respond by saying like: "Moses wrote it. God told Moses about the events supernaturally, just like He did when He revealed things to him, when Moses had spent forty days on the top of Mt. Sinai (which is the place, where he'd received the Ten Commandments from the Almighty.)"

Now the Bible critics know this is how most Christians would answer, so they quickly counter by saying like: "Well, how do you explain, how other ancient civilizations had documentation of similar accounts, which are found throughout Genesis? Is it possible, that Moses was influenced by their records instead? And if so, how do you know that the God you serve, isn't just a myth, from one of those records that Moses probably copied from?"

Now understand, that this reply, generally causes the Christian to pause, because what the Bible Critic just said, seems to make sense to them. I mean after all, if there are other similar accounts by other ancient civilizations, then how do we know that Moses wasn't somehow influenced by them? And with us being the rational creatures that we are, and if we're honest with ourselves -- one can't simply ignore the argument, that the worldly opponent has just put in front of us. But just because their argument gives us pause, doesn't mean, that their argument is valid.

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Now I'm About To Get Into Serious Trouble?

Now I'm going to use this moment to put a viewpoint before you, a viewpoint that is not mainstream, when it comes to what we are taught to believe as Christians. Now I already know, that I will probably be rebuked for what I'm about to state, and mocked by my peers, for even suggesting such a viewpoint. In fact, I know that I will be ripped to shreds on some "How The Modern Day Culture Influences Christian Beliefs of Today" discussion board. 

But I'm willing to take the risk, for I believe that our faith is not as blind as we are taught to believe. I also know, that our beliefs as believers, are not rooted into something, that has been conjured up, or based on some kind of superstition. For I take pride in knowing, that our faith is based in something, that is as real, as anything we may think we know, or will ever encounter in this natural life. For I stand in confidence, when I state, that no other religious writings has ever had the overwhelming supportive evidence, that the Word of God has. None!

So I want you to understand, that this viewpoint that I'm about to put before you is not new -- and like I just stated earlier, it's definitely not a mainstream teaching among Christians either. And this is where I believe the problem dwells at. Also keep in mind, that this viewpoint that I'm about to present, is not some mandate, or me suggesting, that those with a different viewpoint are wrong. This is just something to consider. I pray that you will have an open mind.

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Okay Are You Ready For It? Here It Comes...

Now, what if Moses wasn't the author of the book of Genesis -- but played the role of a historian instead? What if Moses was tasked with compiling, the Sacred Record that makes up the book of Genesis, instead of writing it from a divine revelation that he had received from God? Now before you vote me into the "Great Hall of Heretics" let's take a look at few things first.

Now from within the first eleven chapters of Genesis, we have the Sacred Accounts that deals with: God's Creation -- Noah and the Great Flood of Judgment -- and the Tower of Babel. Now the similar secular accounts in which worldly opponents speak of, deals mainly with these three accounts. Now one of the things that we must first remember, when it comes to the book of Genesis and its first eleven chapters -- deals with the fact, that they mainly deal with mankind as a whole.

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The Tower of Babel?

First off, when it comes to the Tower of Babel, know that it is recorded in the eleventh chapter, and this is also the Sacred Record that deals with God destroying the tower. And after doing so, God confuses the language of the human race as a whole, while in the process, scattering mankind abroad all over the earth: "Therefore its name is called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth; and from there the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth." -- Genesis 11:9 

Now this is important to know, being that the passage in reference, clearly shows that humanity was operating and functioning as a whole, up to this point in time. So it should make sense, that all of mankind spoke a common language, being that humanity derived from the seed of Adam. And it would also make sense, that all of mankind knew about the same events, up to that point as well.

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If They Had Different Languages -- How Could Moses Gain An Understanding, or Be Influenced By Them?

However that may have been, after God had destroyed the tower of Babel, and after He'd confused the languages of the human race, while in the process, scattering mankind abroad -- it would also make sense, that those Sacred Accounts that were once common amongst humanity, would begin to take on a storyline of their own from that point forward.

Now keep in mind, that Moses was born well after the confusing of the languages amongst humanity. So this would make it extremely hard for Moses to know, or understand the different languages from the civilizations, that worldly opponents claim Moses had been influenced by. I mean after all, if Moses couldn't understand, or communicate with those civilizations -- civilizations who had supposedly had such a great impact upon his life -- how could he then, be influenced by them?

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Moving Forward: The Scriptures Focus Begins to Turn?

Nonetheless, let's move forward... Now when the Tower of Babel was destroyed, and God scattered humanity abroad -- we find that the Sacred Record takes a sharp turn, from dealing with the human race as a whole. And it's at this point that the Scriptures, begins its focus, on Abraham and his family lineage. Remember that this takes place, from the tenth verse, on to the end of the eleventh chapter (which is Genesis 11:10-32). Now it's between these verses, where we are told about the genealogy that takes place from Noah's son Shem, all the way through to Abraham (who by the way, was Shem's grandson).

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Scriptures Are Still God Breathed?

Now I like to think, that this is a very important record to note, being that Shem had lived before the Flood of Judgment -- and so therefore, Shem would have had the family records that would have traced all the way back to Adam, and all the way up to his grandson Abraham. Now also keep in mind, that Shem was still alive when Abraham was born, so therefore, it wouldn't be hard to see how Shem could have passed those records on to Abraham, when it was time for Abraham to receive them.

Understand that I hold true to the notion, that the Spirit of God has worked through every servant (prophet or covenant bearer) that had been recorded up to this point (and beyond) from within the Scriptures. So what this basically means, is that the Written Record was still God breathed, regardless of who God had decided to use at the time.

Now it's also interesting, that the book of Genesis is written in an historical format as well. Now what I mean by that -- is that each major section from within this particular book, begins with the phrases: "This is the generation of..." or "This is the history of..." or "This is the account of..."

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The Creation Account?

However, let's go back to the beginning of the book of Genesis for a moment, by taking a look at the Record Account that deals with God's Creation for a moment. Because I'd like to think, that any rational human being, could easily ponder the notion, that if we were to accept the viewpoint, that Moses was an historian, when it came to the book of Genesis -- and not the author per se -- then who, would have been in such a privilege position to receive the "Creation Account" from God?

Well the obvious person would have been Adam -- since he was at one point in his life, very close to God (you know, this was before he disobeyed and sinned against his Creator) Now it's very well possible, that God had told Adam about the Creation Account, while He was filling Adam in, when it came to his duties in the Garden of Eden and the Sacred Ordinances that he was to obey, when it came to him being a steward over it.

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Adam & Eve -- Stayed With God After The Fall?

Also, I think people fail to realize, that Adam and Eve continued to serve God, even after they had been exiled from the Garden of Eden. For this is notion is evident, if one were to look to their children. For the Sacred Record makes it clear, that Cain and Abel knew about God -- for they were found, to have fellowshipped with Him on a regular basis. Even when Cain had killed Abel due to his jealousy -- which was a jealousy, that dealt with the tremendous favor, that Abel had gained with God.

And in spite of this unfortunate ordeal, when it came to their household, remember that Adam and Eve would eventually have another son who was named Seth. And it's at this point,  that the Scriptures informs us, that at that time, men began to call on the name of the Lord: "And Adam knew his wife again, and she bore a son and named him Seth, 'For God has appointed another seed for me instead of Abel, whom Cain killed.' And as for Seth, to him also a son was born; and he named him Enosh. Then men began to call on the name of the Lord." -- Genesis 4:25,26

Now it would make sense, that these records would have been passed from the household of Adam, all the way through, to Noah's household. And Noah (thanks to the tremendous favor he had earned with God) would bring them through the Great Flood of Judgment. And I'd like to think, that it would be at that time, that Noah's son Shem, eventually passed them on to his grandson Abraham.

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What About The Prophecies?

Now there's one last thing that I want to mention before we move forward... for it deals with the prophecies, that were recorded from within the book of Genesis. Sure it's easy to try to say, that if Moses was acting as an historian, when it came to the book of Genesis, how do we truly know, that the prophecies were actually fulfilled?

Now this argument is simple to defend, being that the prophecies that were recorded in the book of Genesis, actually spanned far beyond, what was recorded from within the fifty chapters, that would make up the book of Genesis. And I want you to know, that those prophecies, are still continuing to be fulfilled, while holding true, to this very day.

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This Viewpoint Is Not A Mandate?

Now again, I know that this viewpoint is totally different from what mainstream Christianity is teaching. And like I stated earlier, this viewpoint is not being presented as a mandate. And if your viewpoint is different from what I just laid out, then that's okay too.

And you know what, I can honestly write that statement, and be at complete peace with it -- for I know that the Scriptures don't make it a point, to tell us who actually wrote the book of Genesis, so it's all speculative on our part. But you do have to admit, that the possibility of Moses playing the role of a historian, a person who was tasked with compiling historic family records -- instead of composing them, is definitely something worth considering?

Okay, Ahem... Now I'm ready, which way to the gallows?

In the next Bible Study Online Article:

Okay, now I'm with my rant, and now it's time for us to move forward into the book of Exodus. And this is what we will be definitely doing in the next article. But I will lay some things out first, that I think we should pay close attention to. Yeah I know, but it's important, for it will help us to gain a solid understanding of things, before we move forward.

May God blessings be upon you, and thank you for your support

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