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Prophet Hosea

He was the prophet who wept for the Northern Kingdom (Ephraim) -- for God sent him, to warn Ephraim about their sinful ways. For they must repent before God's divine judgment falls upon them.

The First Recorded Writing Prophet

This page is just a quick summary that deals with the prophet Hosea.

I will write a more detailed Biblical account series on this prophet at a later date.

But as for right now, lets take a quick look at the prophet known as Hosea, for he is believed to be the first -- when it comes to the prophets who are known for their writings -- both major and minor.

For some seem to think, that he was raised up some time before the days of Isaiah the Eagle Eyed Prophet. Scholars also have stated that Hosea came from Bethshemesh and belonged to the tribe of Issachar.

Biblical Prophets - Bible Study Online

Hosea Wept For Ephraim?

Now, when it comes to his ministry, he served about fifty years: although the numbers are often stated between the ranges of 40 - 60 years. Because of this estimate and viewpoint, some Bible scholars seem to think that perhaps, Hosea's ministry lasted the longest: when it comes to the other prophets who were known for their writings.

For we know that he was a man of God who wept for Ephraim and that God used him to warn them of their wicked ways. Let it be noted -- that Ephraim has been recorded as the first of the twelve tribes that had turned away from the one true God.

Biblical Prophets - Bible Study Online

God Wanted Hosea to Have Understanding When it came to Ephraim?

As for The Book of Hosea: it seems to start off a little bit strange, for God had instructed Hosea to "take unto thee a wife of whoredoms."

Some seem to think, that the reasoning behind God instructing Hosea to do this, dealt with God wanting his prophet to have some type of understanding and sympathy as to why the Northern Kingdom (Ephraim) were constantly committing spiritual fornication and adultery against the one true God.

Biblical Prophets - Bible Study Online

The Book of Hosea?

To add to his credit, God used Hosea to announce the coming destruction of the Northern Kingdom (Ephraim) of the ten tribes, which came during the Assyrian invasion. As for his writings? Hosea's book is quoted more times in the New Testament than any other Old Testament book. I point this out, for I think that's impressive considering the limited content when it comes to the Book of Hosea.

God use this prophet to help show the people of Ephraim their sinful and wicked ways. For if they're able to respond to the divine warning that God sends through Hosea by repenting and turning back towards Him, then perhaps, Ephraim will be able to avoid God's coming judgment.

Biblical Prophets - Bible Study Online

Gomer & Hosea's Three Kids?

Also when it comes to Hosea, we know that he had a wife that went by the name of Gomer. She was a harlot when she met Hosea and unfortunately for their marriage, she was not faithful to him and continued to live an adulterous life afterwards.

We also know that Hosea had three kids:

Jezreel is his oldest son which means (To be scattered)

His son name may have dealt with the setting aside of what you might call a "dynasty" of a northern king named Jehu. This king had a reputation of being bloody and brutal leaving many dead during hie reign.

Lo-Ruhamah is his daughter which means (No more mercy)

His daughter name is believed to refer to God's mercy that was coming in the very near future for the northern kingdom (Ephraim). I would also like to mention that around this time, God had mentioned that the southern kingdom (Judah) would be spared. Which did happen and was recorded and confirmed in 2 Kings 19:35

Lo-Ammi is his youngest son which means (Not my people)

Many scholars believe that the names that were given to his kids, had to do with the foretelling of prophetic accounts that were to fall on the northern kingdom (Ephraim) for their constant sinning.

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