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The Gift of Grace


"Grace is the gift of Christ, who exposes the gulf which separates God and man, and, by exposing it, bridges it."

Karl Barth

If one were to be completely honest, one could easily admit, that God constantly showers us with His precious gifts, even when we don't deserve them. All I can say, is glory to God for His wonderful gift of grace. Now when it comes to this subject, there have been countless books, videos, and tapes done, when it comes to the topic of God's grace.

In this article, I will do my best to point out a few examples, while mentioning some of the blessed benefits, when it comes to God's gift of grace. For you see, I whole heartily believe that the faith I have in the Lord, and when it comes to all that He has done for me, places me in a position to see things in a more appreciative way, when it comes to God's wonderful gift of grace.

And honestly, for a person to be in such a position when it comes to God, really is a blessed privilege.

For this is a privilege that has been made possible, through the new blood covenant.

For this is a covenant that was made available through Christ's ultimate sacrifice.

A covenant that we truly benefit from, being that this covenant is built on the great promises of God.

For example, let's take a look at a person who may be going through some type of struggle in their life. A struggle could be someone who could be having problems paying their bills, and because of this dilemma, they now find themselves dealing with a stressful financial burden.

Or perhaps, a person has lost some of their some friends, because of their new found faith in Christ. And because of this, this person find themselves becoming depressed. And not only do they find themselves feeling like they're at their wits end, but now because of this, they're now finding themselves feeling a little lonely, dejected and disappointed.

Christian Beliefs & Viewpoints

In Spite of it All

Now when it comes to this person, and in spite of their dreadful situation, hopefully they will be able to get an ideal, of how God's gift of grace is still operating from within their lives. Now one of the ways this could be done, is for a person to really look at their situation, and while doing so, compare their current situation to others. And by doing so, perhaps you'll be able see how things could've been far worse than what they really are.

For starters, a person could compare their situation to a person who has been laying ill, or perhaps dying, or maybe they're just suffering from within their bodies for several years. Or what about the person who doesn't have a home to call their own? And what about the person who finding it hard to make friends, and because of this, that person adopts a viewpoint, that they will probably be a loner for the rest of their lives, because of their poor social life. Understand that when it comes to God's gift of grace, you have to believe that your situation is only temporary, and that it could be far worse than what it currently is.

Christian Beliefs & Viewpoints

Here's Another Example

Now what about that friend, or relative, or your spouse, or child, who refuses to accept the Lord as their Savior? For we can easily see, that their hearts are hard and cold, and the mere thought of them hearing anything that can be found from within the Bible, simply makes them cringe. On top of these things, they also have a carnal mindset, and worldly things have been found to corrupt their heart.

Now the Lord knows that you've prayed, and cried many times, hoping that some day soon, they will see the light and discover God's Truth before it's too late. Now as time goes forward, you've made the mistake of surrendering your hope, while adopting the mindset that you can no longer be of any help, when it comes to the lives of those, who you care very much about. And it's for this reason, your thoughts have begun to be filled with negativity and hopelessness. So you start to tell yourself: "I guess they will never turn their lives over to the Lord" -or- " All is lost, what have I done? Please tell me, is it because of me Lord?"

But I must ask you, have you forgotten about the time in your life, where you may have been spiteful and angry? Have you forgotten that you were once lost? Did you not know, that if God could reach you in time, why not them? Have you forgotten, about God's gift of grace?

Christian Beliefs & Viewpoints

God's  Unconditional Acceptance

Now how about the person who has fully embraced, what the world has to offer? For you see, that their lifestyles are harmful, unproductive, and deceitful towards others. Now every time you see this person, they're always stealing, or doing something worldly. And on top of this, maybe they're mean, hateful, and abusive to their spouse and others.

Now I'll ask you this: Will you make the mistake, by being quick to condemn them? I know, I know, it's hard to say. But, this is why God's gift of grace is so powerful. For we're constantly finding God being perfectly able, to give us unconditional love, package with complete forgiveness. Know that these conditions and benefits, along with God, will always be there. Always remember, God's benefits, are always unconditional. But in order to activate them from within our lives, we must repent and turn away from our wicked ways, as we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior.

I'll tell you this, I'm so thankful, when it comes to God's gift of grace. For I know that He has given this gift to us, so willingly. I will never forget where I was at in my life, when I was finding myself constantly lost. I will never forget how far, God has brought me. For you see, by me constantly remembering how God rescued me, it helps me to remember, this is a gift from God, and He doesn't have to give it. A lot of times people take this gift for granted, especially as they continue to push their sins and worldly ways to the max.

Since tomorrow isn't promised to any of us, and with so much at stake. It doesn't make sense to gamble with something, that is as valuable as your salvation and eternal existence. For you see. if your salvation was compared to anything on this earth, make no mistake, it would be considered priceless.

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