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November 2014

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Music For Today's Christians


Song Title : Greater

Here we find MercyMe reminding us that it doesn't matter what the world may think, when it comes to us. Even when the world says that we aren't enough, we must never forget how great our Lord is; we must never forget that we have been redeemed. For you see, in God's eyes, we are everything.           

Music For Today's Christians

Big Daddy Weave

Song Title : Overwhelmed

Here we find Big Daddy Weave pointing out just how awesome our Lord is. For the Lord has done so much for us that, if we were to think about all the things that He does for us on a daily basis; if we were to think about the Lord's most glorious beauty, we would truly be, overwhelmed.

Christian Music Video

Colton Dixon

Song Title : More Of You

There are times where we seem to get so caught up in our lives; so caught up when it comes to who we are from within the world; we fail to keep our eyes focus on the very One who can meet all of our needs. Here we find Colton Dixon reminding us, just how important it is to have more of God and less of ourselves. If we were to learn how to surrender everything over to the Lord, then we could truly begin, to see how mightily God will move in our lives.         

Christian Music Video

Tasha Page-Lockhart

Song Title : Different

Do you at times find yourself constantly running from your past? Are there times, where you just stop running and let your past overtake you? Here we find Mrs. Lockhart reminding us, how we must resist our old selves, and start embracing who we truly are in Christ Jesus. It's time to stand up and declare: I'm no longer the old me; I'm different.              

Music For Today's Christians

Michelle Williams :

Featuring Beyonce & Kelly Rowland

Song Title : Say Yes

Here we find this powerful trio giving one back to the Lord. For it's in this song, Michelle and her friends reminding us, no one can undo the things that God has already put in motion. So it would be to our great benefit, if we were to have the type of faith that actually can move mountains, when it comes to the Lord and His wonderful Word. For you see, our Lord will never fail us. So we can never go wrong by placing our complete trust in him.          


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