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The Key of Light

Written By - Ty Waller

The key of light is in the darkness and yet I can’t reach it. I'm stuck in this darkness and I hate myself for it. They say if you think hard enough you can change the world. I wonder if I can change this hell hole called earth and come out of the darkness forever.

As I start to focus and enhance my energy from within.

As I start to focus my mind, body, heart and soul I can see the key of light getting closer and closer to me.

As I get there I get stopped by my own hatred for the world and suddenly I can’t move at all.

And something told me the only way I can get to the key of light is if I forgive not just one person, but to forgive everyone.

And as I let go of every emotion and started to forgive people I started to get weak and started to rise towards the key of light.

I Felt a tremendous amount of pressure that were from issues and concerns, start to leave from my shoulders.

And the turmoil I had stored inside was no longer there and when I reached the key of light I knew life had just begun.

Hope you enjoyed this Christian Poem

"Then spake Jesus again unto them saying, 'I am the light of the world: he that follow me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.'" -- John 8:12


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