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Fortress of Faith

Christian Poem Written By - Ty Waller

As I sit in the essence of the light I hear a loud knocking at my drawbridge door. I try to ignore the banging but it keeps getting louder and louder as it starts to distract me from my true path. As I look down from my castle which is my Fortress of Faith, I see the devil and his advocates trying to break down my castle walls. But why are these devils trying to bring my castle walls down when they are so high and strong?

Yet as I turn around something catches my eye? I begin to take a closer look? Surprisingly! I see that one of the devils advocates is me. The past that I left behind is trying to break down my Fortress of Faith but I won't let that happen.

The walls to my spiritual castle are too strong for them to be knocked down by the devils evil deceitful invitations.

My past life is trying to come back ten times over because it was not dealt with, just cut off and isolated in the back of my mind.

In order for them to leave I find that I have no choice? I must face the problems of my past head on. The devil thinks he has my spiritual castle conquered? But what he doesn't know, is that I have help which is God's word and the service of his angels standing by waiting to assist me in battle. As the devils advocates come at me with full force? Somehow without hesitation or concern I think of my past and everything that's wrong with it. I now know that I must keep it from entering into my present life.

I must fight for my eternal salvation, for I have too much at stake for me to allow my past back into my life. So as I raise my sword of faith, suddenly I feel the power of all the angels that were standing by grab my hand. I began to smite all those devils who opposes me by trying to bring distractions of hatred, depression and any other type of negative issues into my present life.

I continue to swing my sword of faith, cutting down every devil that came within reach. They kept coming, and I kept swinging, I will not be taken. "Back you devils, back to whence you came," I yelled at them. Then suddenly, I see that the devil attempted attacks begin to crumble in failure as my Fortress of Faith begins to get bigger and stronger than its ever been before.

So as I swing my sword of faith a few last times. I see the devil advocates start to flee from my Fortress of Faith as it starts to rise even higher. I'm delighted! Because now I can see my victorious light shining through the darkness that had once surrounded me. I now find myself at peace, for I just realize that I will always be one with my Heavenly Father, because my Fortress of Faith - is Him.

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"Trust the past to God's mercy, the present to God's love and the future to God's providence."

Augustine of Hippo

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