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The Reflection of Truth

Written By - Ty Waller

There was a time when I looked in the mirror I would see someone else, no longer myself. Living with a constant facade of trying to fit in by becoming somebody else. When in all reality I felt broken and never whole, with my sanity slipping causing my inner being to go cold. I sit back pondering and wondering about my real reflection. Is it true or false? I cannot tell, for I feel that it is quickly fading and becoming lost. Never to return while leaving me hopeless and paying a heavy cost. I'm starting to realize that this is not me. Letting how people view me, gain influence over me.

Why should I let rudeness, selfishness and overall unhappiness from the world control the aspects of my life?

I'm the only one who should have that special privilege. After all its my life, so wouldn't you say that I'm right?

So what about people who are good hearted or better yet true friends which are few and far between. Its a point that could definitely be debated, I agree.

True friends leave a love mark in your heart. And if they leave they always have a piece of you with them no matter where they go with their heart marked.

I find that associates are like the leaves on my tree. They are seasonal constantly falling off, blowing away easily - as they always seem to leave me.

True friends are like the roots on that tree, always there - loving and supporting, showing you how much they really care.

And as I come to this conclusion, the metamorphosis that has taken me through hell, it has ended with me standing victorious no longer in a spiritual jail.

I can start to see me again as my exterior starts to crack, peeling apart - releasing everything that corrupted my heart.

Leaving nothing but the true me for people to see. As I come into a new chapter of my life, guess what world? Its finally me!

Hope you enjoyed this Christian Poem

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