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The Plains of My Sanity

Written By - Ty Waller

I feel as though my faith is being tested every day, and every day I win. But today is not an ordinary day? It seems the devil has raised the level of anger in people around me and has upped the level of his gamesmanship. The light I see is bright and yet it seems to be surrounded by darkness. But where is that darkness ascending from? I ask myself this question because all I've ever known in my heart was peace, love and God. But it seems to be a strong force hidden within me that is trying to kill that light. I think a better phrase for this would be... strangling my life. It seems that my mind and my spirit are battling something fierce on the plains of my sanity.

I can feel the hold on my sanity slipping. The devil is strong, but I believe I am stronger.

My mind and spirit are strong and I am backed by the brightest light. The battle begins and plains of my sanity are crumbling around me, as the battle continues and becomes more intense.

But something is not right, and suddenly I'm hit with this realization that something has become missing from the battle? It was the opposition? Praise God, the devil and his minions had been defeated and were nowhere to be found. But something is not right?

For some reason I'm not able to regain my sanity and it's still slipping away from me. But how can this be? I don't understand, for the battle seems to be over and the angels were beginning to retract their swords of light and make their journey back home with their wings spread wide.

But something is still troubling my mind and spirit in which everything is not what is seems to be. I begin to doubt the victory... maybe it was just a strong illusion of victory? Then suddenly, as I turn to ponder, I find that my mind and spirit has been stabbed by the devils sword of corruption and darkness.

A light which is blinding to non-believers, a light that is brighter then any star in space. The battle is beginning as my spirit, mind and God's army of angels prepare for war. I feel as if my physical being is being lifted and thanks to God, I have all the power in the world at my finger tips.

As the angels begins to draw their swords of light, it seems like my heart is going a million miles per second on this emotional rollercoaster and getting hit with a nuclear bomb all at the same time. I can honestly say that at this time, I feel that my heart is going to beat out of my chest.

My mind and spirit begins to fade away along with my inner strength. But I continue to fight the devil with what little inner strength that is left in me. Next my mind and spirit is hit with a dagger of darkness which went straight through me.

I fear that death is near as my mind and spirit begins to die. My inner weakness begins to become a challenge to me as I lift my sword for one final swipe at the devil and his minion's. Then all of a sudden, the angels looked down on me and began to flap their wings with all their might.

Next, I was being lifted up as the eternal light embraces me and my sword begins to glow as if it had been struck by the power of the Lord. With the God's angels behind me, I begin to swing my sword once again. I can feel the angels of the Lord helping me to swing my sword.

And with this final blow, the devil and his minion's have been truly defeated this time as they vanish into thin air. My mind and spirit has risen stronger and brighter than ever before. The battle is finally over and all that is left is the sanity in my mind, and my eternal salvation.

I'm now at peace, because I know the devil has nothing that will ever be stronger than what the Lord has created in me.

Hope you enjoyed this Christian Poem

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