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Short Inspired Devotions from the Bible

"Make Christ the center of your heart and mind; so much so, to where no worldly thing could ever find preference over Him. If you must invest and build, learn to use Christ as your knowledgeable guide and permanent foundation; instead of using the misguided wisdom and temporal foundation of the world."

Antonio L. Mitchell

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Learning To Trust & Invest In God

Ezekiel 30:13-16 states: "This is what the Sovereign Lord says: 'I will smash the idols of Egypt and the images at Memphis. There will be no rulers left in Egypt, and anarchy will prevail throughout the land! I will destroy Pathros, Zoan, and Thebes, and they will lie in ruins, burned up by My anger. I will pour out my fury on Pelusium, the strongest fortress of Egypt, and I will stamp out the people of Thebes. Yes, I will set fire to all Egypt! Pelusium will be racked with pain; Thebes will be torn apart; Memphis will live in constant terror.'"

Dearly beloved, never forget, when it comes to temporal things, know that they never last.

Take Egypt for example: Notice how they had many great cities, and how adorned they were.

And make no mistake, from within these cities, they took pride in building their temples and monuments for their pagan gods. 

But as you walked through their streets of grandeur, you would not see not one building that was dedicated to the Most High God. And as they would soon learn, that it would be foolish, and prove very costly for them, as they'd constantly proclaimed, just how great they thought they were.

And perhaps, one couldn't blame them for being so confident in themselves; I mean after all, these were at the time, the greatest cities of the ancient world. But today, you will find them laying in ruins, and totally forgotten. Hopefully we can learn from their terrible mistake, by building and investing into the eternal kingdom of God; instead of investing in temporal things that will not last.

For you see, when we go outside of God, and invest and build things for ourselves; for this world; know that one day, those very things that we had put so much stock in, we may begin to regret, for investing so much time in them, as we find, that they now lay in ruins.

However, when it comes to doing things for the Lord; when it comes to investing and building things for the glory of God (things like: living for the Lord; keeping Him in the center of your family; building your career and future, as you us Him as a foundational resource when it comes to that career and future, as you pray daily: for wisdom, understanding, knowledge, obtaining favor, insight and vision; and being obedient to your calling), know that it's these things, when it's all said and done, that will stand the test of time -- Amen.

I hope and pray, that Danna's short devotion, was in some way, a blessing to you

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