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The Brave Warrior

After Abram had heard this horrible news, he then proceeded to round up 318 of his own men, so they could go and try to rescue Lot - from Chedorlaomer

(Bible Study Online Article Covers : Genesis 14:13-16)

Short Recap

In the last article we'd learned, about the first war that had been recorded from within the Sacred Record. This war had taken place, behind a rebellion that was started by Chedorlaomer the king of Elam and his rebel allies.

Know that Chedorlaomer and his fellow revolutionaries, had decided to revolt against the king of Sodom, and the kings that were found to be aligned with him.

And a short while later, we find that Chedorlaomer would end up being victorious at "The Vale of Siddim", when it came to his battle with the king of Sodom.

Know that "The Vale of Siddim" was a river valley that was known to be filled with tar and slim pits.

However, we find that afterwards, Chedorlaomer and his revolutionaries would lay waste to the land, that they had just conquered, and in the process, enrich themselves with its spoils.

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Lot Captured by Chedorlaomer?

Now it's at this time, that the Sacred Record also reveals, that Abram's nephew Lot - had been rounded up by Chedorlaomer, as a captive of war. However, a soldier was able to escape from the mayhem. Also know that this person's name was not recorded. But we're told, that he was, eventually able to make his way to Abram's settlement. Now once he was able to locate Abram - he told him about Lot's capture by Chedorlaomer.

And soon after Abram had heard this horrible news, he then proceeded to round up 318 of his own men, so they could go, and try to rescue his nephew Lot - from Chedorlaomer. Now keep in mind, that these men of Abram - were not outsiders? Know that these men, had came straight from Abram's household. These men were trained, and taught by Abram as well. Now it's presumed, that he'd also taught them about their duty to the One True God, how to be husbandmen (tillers of the land) and shepherds, and on top of those things, Abram also taught them, about the art of war.

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Abram Was Prepared?

Now it's at this time, that I want you to take notice of what Abram did, once he'd received the horrible news about his nephew: "He [Abram] divided his forces against them by night, and he and his servants attacked them and pursued them as far as Hobah, which is north of Damascus." -- (Genesis 14:15)

Now notice how he didn't think about what to do? How he didn't go and seek worldly counsel from others? But instead, we find, that he'd immediately readied his men. Now this meant, that Abram was already prepared for this war - mentally, physically, and spiritually. We also have to keep in mind, that all of these things, had happened after his fall out with his nephew Lot. It was because of this fall out, that Lot had departed and went on his own in the first place.

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Abram Could've Taken the Low Road - But He Didn't?

I for one wouldn't have been surprised, if Abram had decided to teach Lot a lesson, or if he'd taken a "That serve's him right" or "That's what you get" type of attitude. But we find that he didn't. But instead, we find that Abram had showed how humble and loving he was, by risking his life for Lot - without any hesitation. Abram's readied reaction to the news, when it came to Lot - provides some deeper insight overall, on why God had chosen Abram in the first place.

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Abram's Courage?

Now Abram would team up, with his own allies at Mamre, along with their brothers - Aner and Eshcol. And it would be at this time, that they would immediately set out, in order to track Chedorlaomer and his revolutionaries, all throughout the night. Know that it wouldn't take no time, for Abram and his men to finally catch up with Chedorlaomer. And they were able to do this, at a place that was known as Dan. Know that Dan - which was located north of Damascus.

Now notice the courage of Abram? Just look at him? With just a small number of men, he sets out to do battle with Chedorlaomer the Conqueror and his very capable revolutionaries. Now let's take a moment, to think about that for a second...? For he not only had the courage to fight for Lot - but who, he was willing to go against, on Lot's behalf.

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Going Against Chedorlaomer - Would Have Been A Handful for Any Army?

Now keep in mind, that Chedorlaomer and his revolutionaries, had just defeated the Rephaites (who by their own right were fierce warriors from within the Canaan lands) for they were located in the Palestine city of Ashteroth-Karnaim. And Chedorlaomer, had also defeated the Zuzites - from within, the eastern region from the Jordan River - that was known has Ham.

Chedorlaomer had also defeated the Emites (who were tall and big giant like warriors who were in the Canaan lands) for they were located in a valley in Moab - that was known as Shaveh-Kiriathaim. And they had also defeated the Horites in the mountainous, hill country of Seir. Then Chedorlaomer and his revolutionaries returned to Kadesh - and defeated the entire country side of the Amalekites - along with the Amorites that had dwelt in Hazezon-tamar.

But wait there's more... Chedorlaomer and his revolutionaries would then go against the kings of Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim, and Zoar, and defeated all five of them as well.

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Abram's Wisdom?

Also understand, that Chedorlaomer and his revolutionaries, had just destroyed some well respected, and established kingdoms. And by doing so, had proven that they were indeed, champions and conquerors, when it came to the art of war. Now we find that Abram and a handful of men, who themselves - were found to bold, courageous and very wise in their fighting tactics.

And of course, they would, have to be - if they were going to go against Chedorlaomer the Great Conqueror. Also remember, that the passage had revealed that Abram during that night, had divided his men into several small groups, and soon afterwards, they would do a surprised, night attack, against Chedorlaomer and his revolutionaries.

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Abram's War Strategy?

Know that Abram and his men, had attacked Chedorlaomer and his revolutionaries from several different angles. And he'd did this, all at once. For this fighting tactic, would make Abram's group of men, seem much larger, than they really were. And because of this, Abram and his men would end up defeating Chedorlaomer and his revolutionaries that night. And when they retreated, Abram and his men pursued them all the way to "Hobah" - and finished Chedorlaomer and his revolutionaries off there.

And make no mistake, Abram was able to bring back everything that Chedorlaomer and his revolutionaries had looted, and captured from the other kingdoms. For he brought back all the goods, and his nephew Lot - and all that they had taken from Lot - as well. Also know, that Abram brought back the other women and men, that were captured by Chedorlaomer and his revolutionaries as well.

In the next Bible Study Online Article:

Now that Abram and his men, had rescued his nephew Lot - by defeating Chedorlaomer and his rebel allies. We begin to move forward in our journey, and it's at this time, that we'll find out, how the Sodom king would react to the news, of Chedorlaomer's defeat. And it's also at this time, that the Sacred Record would reveal, that Abram's victory would catch the attention of another king, a king that was found to be very mysterious.

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