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"I believe God is primarily calling me to be a witness where I am; rather than being a celebrity Christian, speaking at a different church each and every Sunday."

Kriss Akabusi

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Christian Witness Video

Skateboarding legend Christian Hosoi was a very gifted skateboarder who'd turned pro at the age of 14. Because of his tremendous skateboarding talent, his career would quickly take off, and success would embrace him with ease. But things would come to a halt, when drugs and the fast life, would finally catch up with him; and because of this, he was sentence to a ten year prison term. Christian tells how God helped him to make it back from a life, that was destroying him spiritually and naturally.

Christian Witness Video

DeShawn Tatem who at perhaps the worst time in his life, was a gang member and a drug dealer, who was about to go on a murdering rampage. And right before he was about to executed his murdering plans, he ran into a woman who had a special message for him. Since then, he would eventually start a ministry for the Lord, using his gifts and talents of music that the Lord has blessed him with. Listen to how finally finding Christ, just at the right time in his life, turned everything around.

Christian Witness Video

Professional skateboarder Chad Tim Tim who at the time of this taping, was skating for Element Skateboards; talks about his rise to fame from within the skateboarding world. And even though he would easily find success, he admits, that he had a tremendous void in his life, that he constantly sought to fill.

And it's for this reason, Chad would eventually, begin to look up to older professional skaters as he traveled through the country, with no avail. He also ended up getting into the partying scene, and started to experiment with the drug ecstasy. Watch how Chad talks about the darkest time in his life, and how finding Christ, would eventually change everything for the better.

Christian Witness Video

Brooklyn Watson talks about the horrific ordeal she experienced, when a gunman opened fired on her prayer group, while they were praying at school. On that day, 3 of her friends would end up dying, while 5 others ended up being wounded. However, in the next few days following, Brooklyn would become angry with God; and because of this, she gave up believing.

Listen to how God was finally able to reach her again, as He brought her back, from having a cold heart. For He would once again, bless her with a warm loving heart, while also adding to her, a zeal, that would turn her into a soul-winning soldier for His kingdom.

Christian Testimonies

Kellie Borden talks how she constantly felt alone while she was growing up. And because of this, she would end up hanging out with the wrong crowd. When she was 19 years old, Kellie learned that she had a precancerous condition that she had developed from a sexually transmitted disease, that she had contracted from a guy she had met.

The doctors told her, that if she ends up having to have an hysterectomy, because of this disease, there would be a chance that she wouldn't be able to have kids. With her being only 19, this was devastating news to her, and because of this, she wanted to end her life. Listen to how God revealed to her, that He had other plans; a better plan for her life. Watch how she talks about God performing a miracle in her life; and how she eventually turn her life over to the Lord.

Christian Testimonies

Charlie Monfort the owner of the Colorado Rockies MLB baseball team. Know that Charlie had it all, for he didn't have to want for nothing. When fame, fortune, heavy drinking and the fast life could no longer fill the void, (thanks to his new Christian girlfriend) Charlie finally surrendered his life to God. Listen to how Charlie change his life for the better, and how he finally became a true believe in the Lord.

Christian Testimonies

Gwen Smith had accidentally got pregnant when she was 20 years of age. And with her still being in college, and the fact that she wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret, she decided to have an abortion. However, after she aborted her baby, she lived a life of feeling shameful, for she regretted her actions that she took against her unborn baby. Listen to how God helped her to forgive herself; and how He'd also helped her to use her experience to help other women to recover, forgive themselves, and move forward from their past mistakes.

Christian Testimonies

Jada Collins had grew up in a very abusive home. She watched how her father would constantly beat on her mother; and how he would verbally abuse her, and her sister. And then one day, her father would end up leaving the house, taking everything they owned. From the ashes of her childhood of abuse and insecurities, Jada eventually grew into a beautiful, confident, and forgiving woman of God; and on top of that, she became a very successful supermodel.

Christian Testimonies

Bob Siegel speaks out against his Jewish tradition. With him being a Jew (whose mind was poisoned against Jesus at an early age, by his father) he would find himself speaking out against Christians, especially when he saw Christians witnessing about Christ in public. Then one day in college, two strangers shared a powerful message with him, that changed his heart for the better. Listen to how God finally reached Bob, and how He'd touched his heart, while eventually blessing him with his very own radio and outreach ministry.

Christian Testimonies

Brad Barret talks about his life as a alcoholic, and how he ended up becoming a bartender; which in turn, would help to support his drinking habit. Brad also talks about how his mother was also a alcoholic, and how she was also suicidal. Nonetheless, Brad mentions how he led a very fast life, so much so, he got to the point, that he would begin to blackout and forget about the things that he had just done the night before. Brad talks about how finding Jesus helped to turn his life around, before it was too late.


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