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Christian Witness Videos

Inspiring Life Testimonies for the Lord Jesus Christ

"The lines of all, have in some degree, been changed by the presence of Christ; and by His actions, and the Word that was spoken by His divine voice. I believe that He belongs not solely to Christianity, but to the entire world"


Christian Witness Video

Robia LaMorte had finally began to live her dream life, when it came to her being a dancer. For she would soon find herself performing in music videos with artist like: Debbie Gibson and Prince (whom she actually toured with). On top of this, she was also landing acting roles in Hollywood, and appearing on shows like 90210.

No doubt about it, money was flowing and life was great; but her heart was searching for something deeper. And it's for this reason, she would begin a spiritual journey, that would lead her to things like Yoga, Meditation, and the New-Age Movement. However, in spite of this, she still could not find the spiritual answers she longed for.

Watch how she talks about, how her friend challenged her to read the Bible; and how from that point forward, little by little, Jesus Christ was able to fill the spiritual void that she had long hoped, that would be filled, while changing her life around for the better

Christian Testimonies Video

Terry Bradshaw talks about how being from Louisiana, and how his country twang and southern background, helped to make his rookie year in the NFL very tough; especially when it came to how the media treated him. Because of this and other unfamiliar stressful situations, Terry would eventually slip into a state of depression. And on top of having to deal with that, he later finds out that he also has a condition that's known as: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Watch how Terry share his faith, and listen to how Jesus helped to change his life for the better.

Christian Testimonies Video

Not only was Kirk Cameron successful when it came to his acting career, but he also talks about how he would soon realize, that he was on a path to total destruction. Kirk admits that he was blinded by the fame and success he was acquiring, both from within Hollywood and outside of it as well, when it came to his countless adoring fans. However, Kirk would finally realize that he was in fact, worshiping his career as a actor. Listen to how he was able to finally hear the gospel, and how eventually, he would make the courageous decision, to turn away from the worldly path that he was on; and how he turned his life over to Jesus Christ.

Christian Testimonies Video

Andrew Nelson talks about how he felt the need to forge his mother signature, so that he can serve in the U.S. Navy during WWII. Andrew was so successful when  it came to serving his country, he would eventually work even harder, so that he could became part of an elite special force, which was called the Frog Men. Know that it was this elite group, that served as the forerunners for today's Navy Seals.

Andrew also shares how he was healed by God, after he had learned that he had acquired gangrene in both of his lower legs and feet, right after the doctors had scheduled him, to have them both amputated. Listen to Andrew, and how God performed a miracle in his life, that changed it for the better.

Christian Testimonies Video

Tony Davis talks about how he moved from Orlando Florida to L.A. so that he could have a career when it comae to singing rhythm and blues. Tony points out, that things weren't exactly going as he had planned; and it was for this reason, he would turn to God for answer, when it came to turning things around. So Tony gave his life over to the Lord, and soon after, he would begin to sing gospel music.

However, not long after, he would find himself (due to a nearby gang initiation that was taking place) being shot multiple times on an L.A. street, as he was picking up his wife from work. Tony would literally die on that street that night; he was officially pronounced dead by the physicians. Listen to how Tony went to heaven that day, and what he'd experienced while he was approaching the heavenly gates.

But unfortunately, it wasn't his time, so he was sent back. Understand that Tony had been officially pronounced dead for thirty minutes by the doctors. But when Tony would indeed awake from this state of death, he was presented with what seemed to be, very grim news.

Christian Testimonies Video

Victoria Jackson talks about how she eventually lost it all, after she began her eight year addiction to crack cocaine. Victoria would prostitute herself, in order to support her very addictive and dangerous habit. Eventually Victoria would try to clean herself up, but as she would soon learn, this was easier said, then done. Then one night, while she was having a dream, she received a message from a street friend of hers, who had died.

And it was from within this dream, that she was told by her friend, that she was headed for hell; and she also warned her, that hell wasn't a place that she wanted to go. Listen to how Victoria finally got serious about giving her life over to the Lord, and how He'd turned her life around before it was to late.

Christian Testimonies Video

Tommy & Wendy Mallord talks about how their marriage was constantly filled with both physical and drug abuse. Eventually, starting with Wendy, they would recommit their lives to Christ. And even though Tommy had made the decision to get right with God, he would still find himself giving in to his inner demons. And it's for this reason, their marriage wasn't able to get better.

So Wendy made the decision to leave him, so she took their three kids and left. Listen to how turning their life over to the Lord, eventually helped to save their marriage, while placing the couple back on the path that would lead them not only closer to God, but to the love and peace that they'd so desired, when it came to their marriage, family and household.

Christian Testimonies Video

Meleah Jones talks about how her parents had divorced from each other when she was five. Her mother remarried about five years later, and it would be around this time, that her stepfather would begin to sexually abuse her. Because of this, she would end up running away when she was twelve. She would begin to experiment when it came to doing drugs, and living a fast life. Eventually she would be put in a girls home.

After she was able to leave the girls home, she bounced around from house to house. She would soon find herself a mother at the young age of seventeen, and because of this, she ended up quitting school. Eventually, Meleah would end up falling into the lifestyle of being a stripper, and this time around, she developed a serious addiction to drugs. Listen to how after she had hit rock bottom in her life; how she was finally able to turn her life over to Jesus.

Christian Testimonies Video

Andrew Franklin's mother talks about how at the age of eight, how her son had a rare massive stroke, which effected the left side of his brain. Doctors doubted much of him being able to have a natural recovery, and so therefore decided to do major brain surgery. Which is something, that's rarely done a person Andrew's age. Considering... the surgery went well for him, but his recovery would still be a very daunting task to state the least. Andrew would be unconscious for two weeks thereafter, and it's for this reason, the doctors had projected very grim news for the young boy when it came to his recovery. See how Jesus stepped in and changed his situation for the better.

Christian Testimonies Video

Retired NFL player Don Davis while playing, pursued his NFL career with a tremendous passion. Today Don is in pursuit of another goal -- saving souls. Don talks about how he was eventually won over by the Lord and His gospel. Listen to how he was able to break away from the lifestyle temptations that NFL makes easily obtainable. Also listen to how he's able to use his experience and connections from within the NFL, to reach out to other players, when it comes to sharing the gospel


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