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Helping Christians to find an alternative to the yoga craze - Below are some recommended Christian resources that will help you to enjoy the benefits of yoga without it conflicting with your Christian lifestyle

915847: Praise Moves: The Christian Alternative to Yoga, DVD Praise Moves: The Christian Alternative to Yoga, DVD

Looking for a way to refresh, renew, and rejuvenate without all the New Age mumbo jumbo of the yoga craze?

Try Laurette Willis's Christ-centered exercise program! Integrating Scripture with two invigorating workouts, she helps you increase flexibility, tone muscles, improve balance, relieve stress, and control weight while deepening your knowledge of God's Word. Includes one 60-minute and one 20-minute workout.

For 22 years Laurette Willis studied yoga and endured a difficult journey through New Age beliefs. When she became a Christian, she was given the desire to create a Christian alternative to yoga. Now churches across America host her PraiseMoves program, which helps people:

  1. Increase flexibility and balance
  2. Lose weight and gain endurance
  3. Nurture a rich, meaningful prayer life
  4. Ease depression and stress and inspire joy
  5. Develop a deep knowledge of Scripture

This DVD provides two workouts—60 and 20 minutes—that are easy, effective, and intended for all fitness levels. Exercise enthusiasts will love to incorporate this time of worship, health, and rejuvenation into their daily walk with God.

99151: Holy Yoga Holy Yoga

In Holy Yoga Author and yoga instructor Brooke Boon has combined her devotion to Christianity with her passion for a healthy body and mind to create a fitness book designed specifically for Christians.

Through prayer, breath work, and movement Brooke teaches you how to worship the Lord and Savior, physically and spiritually. Includes a 50-minute instructional DVD.

People often equate yoga with Eastern religion, but Brooke Boon sees it as an exercise style that Christians can use to generate patience, strength, and deeper worship.

Author and yoga instructor Brooke Boon combines her passion for Christianity with her commitment to health to introduce yoga as a physical and spiritual discipline that strengthens the body and the soul.

Clear explanations and photographs make yoga accessible for any reader, and Brooke offers customized routines for readers struggling with specific issues, such as weight loss and anxiety.

Through it all Brooke uses scriptural references to help reinforce the idea that by taking care of our bodies we can also take care of our faith.

912709: Yoga for Christians Yoga for Christians

Fitness instructor Susan Bordenkircher wondered along with other Christians whether the practice of yoga somehow compromised Christian beliefs.

When she tried it she found that it gave her a workout that slowed down her nervous energy and allowed her to get quiet, remain still, and focus her mind on the Lord.

Yoga for Christians is filled with photographs, detailed descriptions of exercises, and chapters on working with partners and prayer.

Susan guides you through warm-ups and breathing exercises to the yogic postures themselves, all the while gently encouraging the quiet, reflective, and receptive spirit that can result in a heightened attitude of worship... and a creative way to meet God.

When God gave Susan Bordenkircher the vision for her yoga-based Christian ministry, Outstretched in Worship, she truly believed she was stepping into uncharted territory.

And while God has used her ministry as a pioneer of sorts in this movement, she was amazed to see the level of interest and involvement that already existed.

She quickly learned that there are approximately 15 million people in this country practicing yoga, and fully 50-60 percent of them say they come from a church background.

In fact, many churches, Christian retreats, and denominational conventions are incorporating yoga as one creative approach to cultivating a quiet, receptive spirit and deep prayer life.

After producing several top-selling Christ-centered yoga instructional videos, Susan now brings her unique form of exercise, stretching, and prayerful praise to a market eager for yoga that is centered around Christ and not eastern forms of meditation.

She has even included a full-length instructional workout DVD for readers to follow along with!

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