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Leah's Substitute Child-Bearer

Leah totally disregard the fact that Rachel as of yet has no children of her own and so therefore why the pressure or concern?

(Bible Study Online Article Covers : Genesis 30:9-13)

For Goodness Sake!

In the last article we'd learned, that out of desperation, for she was found to be barren -- Rachel had came up with a plan, that dealt with her trying to build herself a family, through her maidservant Bilhah. Now Rachel would begin this process, by getting Jacob to agree -- when it came to taking Bilhah as his wife.

"Here is Bilhah, my maidservant. Sleep with her so that she can bear children for me and that through her I too can build a family." -- Genesis 30:3

And after hearing Rachel's proposal, Jacob would agree to marrying Bilhah. And not only would he marry Bilhah, but he would indeed, end up having two sons with her. In which Rachel named them: Dan and Naphtali.

Now after this had happened, the competition between Rachel and Leah would begin to heat up. And if one were keeping score between Rachel and Leah? The score would be in Leah's favor, 4 to 2.

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Things Are Beginning to Get Interesting?

Now personally, I find this whole situation, that has developed between Leah and Rachel -- to be very interesting? And to be honest, often times I wonder: Why do we continue to fall into these types of traps and snares? Therefore, allowing our quest for bragging rights, and being found, to be of good reputation -- constantly bring us into compromising ordeals? Why is it so hard for us, to be able to recognize, and avoid these types of traps, that would lead one down a path, of trying to please, or gain one's approval?

However that may have been, we now find, that Leah is feeling the pressure to respond to Rachel and Bilhah's actions. And on top of this, Leah has foolishly given herself over, to the idea -- that her child-bearing advantage, is not what it use to be. Now keep in mind, that Rachel hasn't given birth to any children, that she can actually call her own. And honestly, it's amazing, that Leah doesn't understand this?

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Leah's Total Disregard of the Facts?

Nonetheless, Leah is so determined to keep her child-bearing advantage over Rachel, she ends up following in her younger sister's same desperation footsteps. And Leah would do this, by enacting the same child-bearing plan, that Rachel had done before her. And this is why we now find Leah, turning to her own handmaiden Zilpah.

Now keep in mind that Leah puts aside the fact, that regardless of what Rachel does from this point on, when it comes to child-bearing -- that it should not matter to her? And the reason for this, deals with the fact, that her sons hold the propriety (order) of birth advantage from within the family. Understand, that this is a fact, being that Leah's children came directly from her, and not some other.

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Leah Loses Patience?

However, at this point in her life, Leah hadn't bore Jacob any children in about a year. And because of this, she makes the mistake of panicking. Know that Leah is determined, when it comes to her quest, to holding that prestige child-bearing honor, from within Jacob's household. But you know what? Maybe I'm not being fair to Leah? Perhaps we should try to look at this situation, from her perspective?

And if we were to do so, we could easily see how Leah might have felt so insecure, even though the Lord had already blessed her tremendously. I mean after all, Jacob didn't want her, to begin with, for he'd loved Rachel with all his heart. And because of this, naturally, Leah would feel very insecure around Rachel. For she felt like she couldn't compete with her Rachel's beauty. And honestly, the only thing that Leah felt like she had the advantage in, was her gift of child-bearing.

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Leah's Highest of Honors?

Nonetheless, Leah begins to think, that she is now barren. For we must keep in mind, that she had not conceived a child for Jacob, from within over a year. And this is why, she begins to panic. And to be fair, perhaps she had been emotionally blinded by her pride and insecurities, for she fails to trust in the Lord. You know, the God that has already been so good to her. But who knows... perhaps if Leah had more faith, she would've been able to see -- that God had already given her the highest of honors, when it came to the House of Jacob?

Now first off, keep in mind, that these "honors" in which I'm referring to -- deals with God, giving her the privilege to be the mother of Jacob's first born son Reuben. Understand that this alone, would be a tremendous blessing, that would come with immediate benefits for Leah? And according to the Sacred Record, when it came to her third child Levi? Know that he would, eventually become the founder of the Levites, and the Levitical Priesthood. And once again, know that this is a tremendous honor, being that the Levites will play a very important, and crucial role -- when it comes to the nation of Israel overall.

And as for her fourth child Judah, know that he would eventually, become the founder of the Kingdom of Judah (or, the tribe of Judah). Now for me personally, know that the honor doesn't get any higher than this? For we must remember, that this is the tribe, that our blessed Savior, Jesus (Yeshua) Christ would eventually come from. And like I stated earlier, that in itself, in my personal opinion -- is the highest honor that could bestowed upon a mother. Well, unless you're Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus.

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Zilpah the Substitute Child-bearer?

Nonetheless, with Leah not knowing what she already has, she allows herself to become snared and trapped, by her insecurities and pride. And because of this, she decides to give her maidservant Zilpah, over to her husband Jacob in order for her to be his wife. And just like he did before with Rachel -- Jacob would accept Zilpah as his wife, and he would also consummate their marriage union, by sleeping with her that night.

And because of this, Zilpah would become pregnant with her first child, and bear Jacob his seventh son, from out of the three women. And Leah would name Zilpah's son Gad. And keep in mind, that this would be in response, to her emotions at the time -- for the name "Gad" means (good luck cometh)

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Did Something Else Influence Leah -- When it Came to Naming Gad?

Now I would like to point out, that Leah is from the same area that Abraham was from -- which was the city "Ur of the Chaldeans." Now as I once stated before, the Chaldeans were devout astrologers during Abraham's time. So it shouldn't surprise us, that the name Gad, is also the same name that the Arabians used -- when it came to the planet, Jupiter.

However things wouldn't end there, for we now find, that Zilpah would bear her second son. Know that this would be Jacob's eighth son in total. And Leah would name this child Asher. For the name signifies (happy): "How happy I am! The women will call me blessed."

In the next Bible Study Online Article:

Now that Jacob has eight sons, between three of his four wives. Understand, that he has six, when it comes to "Team Leah." And Jacob has two, when it comes to "Team Rachel." How will Rachel respond, after now finding themselves down, 2 to 6?

May God blessings be upon you, and thank you for your support

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