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The One Crucial Mistake He Did Make?

And because of this man's greed and dishonesty he doesn't prosper and his business stays stagnate. Now this man and his sons are mad at you, and because of this, you're now fearing that they will try to do some type of harm to you, and perhaps, your family as well.

(Bible Study Online Article Covers : Genesis 31:20)

Short Recap?

Now in the last article we'd discovered, that Jacob's wife Rachel, had decided to take her father's "household idols" -- which were also known as the "teraphim." I'd pointed out, that Rachel had taken these pagan idols -- because she possibly believed, that these "false deities" would somehow protect them from her father's wrath.

I'd also pointed out, that those who looked to the "teraphim" -- also believed, that these "pagan gods" were in some kind of way, oracles.

And because of this, those who'd worshiped these so-called oracles...

Would often turn to them, with the hope, that they would reveal something from the near future.

However that may have been, I would like to move forward, but before we do... I would like for us to take a closer look, when it comes to the "one crucial mistake" that Jacob had made, during his twenty year ordeal with Laban?

The fact that the Sacred Record had charged Jacob with this "mistake" -- I believe, makes it even more important? And hopefully as we explore it a bit further, we can gain some more insightful wisdom, from Jacob's enduring 20 year experience with his father-in-law: "Moreover, Jacob deceived Laban the Aramean by not telling him he was running away." - Genesis 31:20

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Jacob's One Crucial Mistake?

Now notice that the mistake that Jacob had made, was charged unto him as "one being deceitful?" Now keep in mind, that Jacob made this mistake at a time, when he was ending his business relationship with Laban. You know, I personally believe -- that when one studies the Scared Record, one should try to put themselves into the person's shoes, that they're reading about.

For I also believe, that this type of approach -- would help a person to better understand, how another person's experience, could help them to gain more wisdom and insight, without one having to endure the actual experience for themselves? Now I also believe, that this is one of the many unique advantages, that the Sacred Record provides to those -- who are willing to trust, and learn, directly from God's blessed contents.

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Learning From Other People's Experiences?

For example: Let's say that a person loses a person that they were close to, from out of their life (and not necessarily due to death). And let's also say, that a person that we're reading about in the Sacred Record, loses a person they were close to as well, and they did lose them to "the hands of death?" Now this doesn't mean, that a person I'm close to has to die -- in order for me to apply, from what I'd just learnt, from the Sacred Record into my everyday life.

Being that I can still use the "recorded experience" -- to help me to cope, and endure the recovering process, if anything that was at the center of my heart and mind -- was ever taken away from me. Also know, that this "recorded experience" -- would help me to make better decisions, during that recovery process as well. Now when it comes to these "type of experiences" that I'm referring to? Understand, that they can range from any number of things, and shouldn't be limited to the death example, that I'd just used.

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Don't Make the Mistake of Limiting God?

Know that by adopting this type of perspective and approach, when it comes to the Sacred Record -- it would help to keep you, from falling into the common trap of limiting the power of God's Word, to a specific type of experience or time period. For I truly believe, that this type of approach -- will help us, to be able to take away the limits, that we find our minds constantly being shackled with, in the world today.

Now this is why, I wanted to write a little bit about the mistake that Jacob had made, when it came to him ending his business relationship with Laban. For I can honestly state, that I know, that if I was in Jacob's shoes -- I would have probably made the same mistake, by doing the same thing that he'd did?

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What Would You Have Done?

Let's think about something for a moment...

What would you have done if you'd worked for this man for seven years, while you were hoping to earn the right to marry his daughter, in return for your services? Understand that this would have been a seven year agreement, that you and this man had agreed to. And within that seven years, and because of your managing expertise when it came to tending the flocks... this man prospers and prospers well. Now when those seven years are up, this man tricks you, by handing over to you, his older daughter Leah. Now by the world standards, you have every right to be highly upset, because you had a mutual agreement with this man.

Now it would be at this time, that this man decides to make another business proposal to you, when it comes to winning the hand of the woman you really love. So this man agrees that he will hand his daughter over to you within one week, if you decide to work for him another seven years? Now you love this woman with all your heart, so you agree to the "new deal." And just like before, you give your all -- and once again, this man prospers within the next seven years, and he prospers well.

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Now Things Get More Interesting?

Now you've kept your end of the deal, and now you're ready to leave, and make a life of your own with your new family. I mean after all, you'd spent the last fourteen years of your life, working for your father-in-law, and now, you simply want to move own. But here comes this man once again, with another business proposal? Now your battling with your rational mindset, for you know, that you should have left this man's household the first chance you'd got.

But something happened, and with the dream that you received from the Most High God no too long ago -- you're now all ears, and open to what this man has to say. And after listening to this man's new proposal -- you decide to trust the dream that the Lord had shown you, and because of this, you quickly make this man a counter proposal -- in which he quickly agrees. Ah! But things get interesting, because this "new business proposal" that you and this man had agreed to -- would turn out to be the first step, that would lead to your crucial mistake.

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Why Is This So Wrong?

And here's why? For we must not forget, that this first step, didn't include a specific time period -- when it came to this third business arrangement, between you and this man. Remember that the other business proposals that came before it, each had a seven agreement. But you weren't thinking about this little detail, and in the end it will cost you -- or maybe it won't? I mean after all, you're in a great position of being highly favored by God, and perhaps, He'll show you mercy when the time comes? But in the meantime, the "favor" that you now have with God begins to bear fruit, for you're beginning to prosper, and you do so for the next six years.

And because of the man's greed and dishonesty, that you're working for -- he now finds, that he doesn't prosper like he once did, for the first fourteen years you were there. And on top of this, he also learns, that his business had also fallen into a "state of stagnation" during the six years you were prospering. Now this man and his sons are mad at you, and because of this, you're now fearing that they will try to do some type of harm to you, and perhaps, to your family as well? So you decide to leave the situation immediately, while you're able to do so. Now you and your family leave. Now can I ask you a question: "Why is that wrong?"

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Here's Why?

Here's the answer: It's wrong because you didn't trust God all the way, you only trusted God most of the way (read it again if you have to). The reason why I'm pointing this out -- deals with the fact, that it was out of fear, that Jacob fled from Laban's household -- and so therefore, he'd left without telling Laban. Now if Jacob would have trusted God all the way, he would have known, that the Lord would have protected him from Laban and his sons.

And it's these little things, that causes a person with a good heart and character, to begin questioning, why things keep going wrong in their lives? And this is why, when we turn to the Word of God, we're able to identify these little detail of things, that we seem to overlook most of the time. Now because of Jacob's actions, he gives Laban a way to debate, on why he feels that Jacob did him wrong. Now that's something...

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How Can Laban Make An Argument?

Here's what I mean: After all that Laban had done to Jacob, now he has the nerve to play the victim? But keep in mind, that this is how the world operates. Now let's go a little further, by exploring some talking points that Laban could try to use, all because Jacob didn't trust God all the way:

  1. He knew he was guilty for stealing my livestock that's why he left without notice.
  2. He took my precious daughters away from me along with my livestock. That's just not right, in my book.
  3. He took my household gods away from me, along with everything else that I love.

  4. But keep in mind, during this time, Jacob knows nothing about Rachel stealing Laban's idols

Bible Study Online

The Other Side of the Argument?

Now this is interesting to say the least, for we must assume, that Jacob left for a totally different set of other reasons. Let's explore some of those shall we:

  1. He feared for his life, because of Laban and his sons' jealousy towards him.
  2. He knew that Laban was cruel, selfish and unrighteous and he had to get away from him immediately.
  3. He wanted to avoid having to deal with, Laban using his deception, or even force to keep him and his family from leaving.

But keep in mind, to begin with, Jacob's departure shouldn't had been up for debate? For if we were, to take any extra insight and wisdom, from Jacob's experience with Laban -- it deals with the fact, that he should've trusted God all the way, instead of part of the way? And Jacob should have known, that God would have never turned His back on him. For the Lord would have been there, like He always had, when it came to Jacob's life.

In the next Bible Study Online Article

How will Laban react to Jacob's unannounced departure? Will he take pursuit and try to bring Jacob back? Will God step in and protect Jacob? Will Jacob finally stand up to Laban?

May God blessings be upon you, and thank you for your support

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