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The Loyal Son

Now keep in mind, that this is coming from the only person who'd stood by him, when nobody else would. A person that loved him so-much-so, that she's willing to stand between him and the wrath of God, so that his life may be spared. Now I ask you today, if you were in Jacob's place, could you say no to her?

(Bible Study Online Article Covers : Genesis 27:9-17)

Short Recap -- Blinded Love?

In my last article, I'd pointed out -- how I didn't hold the viewpoint, that the planned deception, that was being crafted by Rebekah -- was meant to be done in some kind of vile, and malicious way, towards her husband Isaac.

I'd also pointed out, that Rebekah's plan of deception, was simply an overreaction -- when it came to Isaac's crafted plan, that dealt with him, trying to defy God's plans for Esau.

Now I personally believe, that Isaac would unknowingly, try to out maneuver God -- when it came to restoring the inheritance, of his favorite son Esau.

Also keep in mind, that when this account is read carefully -- one will find, that all parties were at fault, and not just Rebekah and Jacob -- as most people have taught and preached.

But in order to be clear -- know that I'm not trying to state, that Isaac and Rebekah, and their sons -- were overall, bad people?

Of course I don't believe that. As a matter of fact, I believe that the actions, from three out of the four -- were simply caused by the tremendous love, that they had for one another -- nothing more, nothing less.

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They Were Overall - Good People?

Now personally, I like to think, that for the most part -- they were good God-fearing people, who had for the moment, lost site of the God that they were serving. And because of this, what they'd did instead -- was to focus, and rely on their natural instincts. For I believe, that Isaac was simply upset, by the fact -- that Esau had foolishly, traded away his birthright, to his brother Jacob. So instead of trusting God, for his son's provision -- Isaac comes up with a plan, that involved a special blessing that would be placed on Esau.

Also keep in mind, that this special blessing, would be in complete contrast -- to what God had already foretold, about the two men, before they were even born: "Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger." -- (Genesis 25: 23)

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Esau Birthright Meant Nothing to Him?

Also know, that I cannot count Jacob, as necessarily being in the wrong -- when he'd presented Esau with a proposition, that directly involved his brother's birthright -- for a bowl of red lentil stew, that he was preparing at that time. For Jacob did not, or could not, have forced Esau to do anything. For you must know, that Esau was a man that was physically strong, and of iron will. I simply can't see him doing something, that he did not want to do.

For we must understand, that when it came to Esau, his birthright meant nothing to him -- and so therefore, he decided to throw it away, for what he'd perceived its overall value to be -- which was nothing. And it's for this reason, I stand by my viewpoint, that up to this point -- Jacob is still in the clear.

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Who Was There for Jacob?

Be that as it may, let us now turn our attention, to Jacob's mother Rebekah. For she was the one, who'd adored Jacob so much. Now keep in mind, that it was Rebekah, who'd supported Jacob throughout his entire childhood. For I hold the notion -- that there were probably times, that Jacob had felt, like he could not compete with Esau -- when it came to earning the love of his father. And if this was the case -- would it be that too far-fetched, to see Jacob feeling depressed and rejected at times, because of this competition with his brother Esau?

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Rebekah Was?

And what about the mother who'd loved him so? Could it be that inconceivable, to see how Rebekah, would come to his emotional aid and be a comfort to Jacob -- the son she loved with all her heart? For we must not forget, that God had given Rebekah a prophecy, while she was pregnant with the two boys. And it would be within this prophecy, that God would mention: "...and the older [Esau] will serve the younger [Jacob]." -- (Genesis 25: 23)

And with Rebekah knowing this, I can easily see how she would constantly be there, reassuring Jacob -- that everything will be alright, because the Lord had declared it to be so, before he was even born. However that may have been, let's fast-forward a bit. And it's at this time, that we will now discover -- that Rebekah overhears her husband Isaac, talking (scheming) to Esau -- and in her gut, she knows that Isaac might be trying to deny Jacob, of his right to be heir to the birthright.

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How Could Jacob Refuse?

And of course, Rebekah would have none of it -- so she immediately seeks out Jacob, and reveals to him, her plans to protect his right to the birthright. But after Jacob had heard what his mother was planning to do -- he knew immediately, that this would be wrong, and that a curse (punishment) would probably be brought down on him if he were to participate.

But Rebekah quickly denounces his fears, by reassuring him, that all will be okay -- by telling Jacob, that she will stand in his place, if the wrath of God were to strike behind what they were planning to do: "My son, let the curse fall on me. Just do what I say; go and get them for me." -- (Genesis 27:13)

Now keep in mind, that this is coming from the only person who'd stood by him, when nobody else would. A person that loved him so-much-so, that she's willing to stand between him and the wrath of God, so that his life may be spared. Now I ask you today, if you were in Jacob's place, could you say no to her?

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Jacob Stays Loyal?

Nonetheless, Jacob would do as his mother had instructed him -- by bringing back the two choice goats, that she had requested of him earlier. Now after receiving the two goats, Rebekah would prepare Isaac's favorite meal, just the way her husband liked it. Next she would go get some of Esau's best clothes, and she would put them on Jacob.

Know that, by Jacob being a smooth skinned man, and not hairy man like his brother Esau -- Rebekah would cover his hands and neck, with the left over goat skins. Then she handed Jacob the tasty meal she'd prepared, along with some bread, and instructed Jacob to take it out to his father. So Jacob did as his mother had instructed him to do, and he took the food out to his father.

In the next Bible Study Online Article:

However, will Jacob's disguise, be enough to trick Isaac into thinking, that he was his favorite son Esau? Since Rebekah and Jacob are wrong for what they are about to do, will God step in and put a stop to it? And what about Esau? Will he find out, about Rebekah and Jacob's plan, in time?

May God blessings be upon you, and thank you for your support

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