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They Still Endured

Even Though They had been Set Apart by God?

Know that while all of this was going on between God and the Egyptians - the Egyptian kingdom was in complete chaos. And although the Israelites didn't have to do any of their normal slave labor chores that they had grown accustom to, they still had to endure and witness the chaos that surrounded them.

(Bible Study Online Article Covers : Exodus 8:22,23)

Short Recap?

In the last couple of articles we've been somewhat exploring why God had told Moses that He was going to exempt (set apart) the Israelites from "judgment process."

I had pointed out that this was interesting that the Lord had mentioned this to Moses, being that one would have assumed that this was already the case.

But know that there was something much deeper that was taking place.

For if one were to look beyond the surface of the text, one would find that God was beginning to reveal just how personal it was when it came to the Israelites:

"And in that day I will set apart the land of Goshen, in which My people dwell, that no swarms of flies shall be there, in order that you may know that I am the Lord in the midst of the land.

"I will make a difference between My people and your people. Tomorrow this sign shall be." -- Exodus 8:22,23

I'd also pointed out how God had always shown that when it comes to the human race, it has always been personal. So we must be careful not to limit the "Exodus account" to just the Israelites and the Egyptians, or to just "The Law."

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God Has Always Shown this Side of Himself?

For you must know that God has always shown this side of Him. Keep in mind that He did it with Adam and Eve - even though they had messed up by disobeying their Creator. And although the Lord had banished them from the "Garden of Eden" - He'd still showed them love and mercy. And when it came to the serpent, the one that had allowed himself to be used by Satan, the one that was used to come between the Lord and His most precious creation, the Lord had punished the serpent for allowing itself to be used in such a way.

There was also a time when the Lord showed how personal it was when it came to the human race - through the sons of Adam and Eve, for they were the brothers that were known as Cain and Abel. Through them we discovered that Cain out of jealousy and envy had risen up against his brother Abel and slewed him. And this is why, we find God seeking out Cain for his murderous actions against the one who'd followed the Lord and because of this, the Lord would place a curse upon Cain as He took away his "earth tilling skills" that he was so proud of - while banishing him from the land were Adam and Eve had dwelled.

We also find God doing the same thing when it came to Noah and his family, for we learned that Noah and his household would be spared when the Lord had sent the "judgment flood" against the human race, after mankind had become so wicked and vile after it had fallen completely away from God.

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Although this is Personal to God - We Endure?

So you see - it has always been personal when it comes to God and those who have chosen to follow Him instead of the world. These are the things we must remember as being followers of Christ - for we must know that those who have made the choice to come against the Most High God - and against, those of us who have decided to remain steadfast and faithful to Him.

They will pay a heavy price for the choice they've made. But we must also know that although God will handle this matter within His own way, we as "believers" will still have to endure the process that's known as "life." And this is one of the many things that we can take away from this these recorded events that are found throughout the Word of God.

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Although Set Apart? - The Israelites Still Had to Deal with Life?

Don't make the mistake of thinking that everything was all peachy when it came to the Israelites and the "judgment process" that was taking place between God and the Egyptians. For you must keep in mind that although the Israelites weren't affected directly by the "judgment plagues" they were still somewhat affected indirectly. Know that while all of this was going on between God and the Egyptians - the Egyptian kingdom was in complete chaos.

And although the Israelites didn't have to do any of their normal slave labor chores that they had grown accustom to, they still had to endure and witness the chaos that surrounded them. I'm simply pointing this out, for we must keep in mind that although we have decided to follow Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior - we're still going to have to deal with, and endure this process that's called "life."

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Even Though You're Saved - You Still Have to Deal with Life?

I find it very interesting that when it comes to some, they seem to believe that all will be peachy after they have given their lives over to the Lord. For they seem shocked to see those who are professing to be Christians - still living a worldly lifestyle. They take it personal and get depress when love ones pass away, or if they get seriously hurt in some kind of way. They're ready to walk away from the Christian faith, when they see that a popular pastor has been caught backsliding, as if it was Jesus Christ Himself, that committed the sin. So this is why I'm pointing out something that may seem to be so obvious.

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We're Still Victorious - In Spite Of?

For we must know, that although we're set apart as God's followers - we must remember that we still have to endure our seasons of hardships as they come up in our lives - and in the end, we must also remember - we'll be victorious. I personally believe that more and more Christians should remember this very important fact, for if we do, we wouldn't be so quick to compromise our position with Lord.

We wouldn't be so ready to go along in order to get along - to simply "coexist." It wouldn't matter what kind of "phobia" that the "slaves of the world" try to label us with. It wouldn't matter if those very same "worldly slaves" called us derogatory names while they try to intimidate us with their modern-day mob like mentality tactics. It simply wouldn't matter, if we learned to remember the "obvious."

Bible Study Online

We're Still Victorious - In Spite Of?

You see... Adam and Eve had to continue to endure this process that's known as "life", even after they were kicked out of "paradise" (The Garden of Eden) - even after they had lost two sons, for one (Abel) was murder, and the other (Cain) was forever exiled - know that they still endured. Noah and his family had to endure the "flood of judgment" while they witness the rest of the world perishing from within its watery bowels.

And although Noah and his family had been saved, by being spared from this "flood of judgment" - they still had to endure the process. But know that God was with them every step of the way, and as He was with them, He too, will be with us. For we're already victorious when everything is said and done, and there's nothing that the world could ever do, that will take that fact away from us.

In the next Bible Study Online Article:

Now I've decided against posting those "talking points" that the skeptic could try to use when it comes to trying to take credit away from the Most High God. Know that there will always be opposition when it comes to the Word of God and to those who have decided to follow it. We'll have plenty of time to address this - but I've spent a lot of time on this current plague and I know that it's time to move forward and hopefully in the next article we'll be able to close out this current plague, so we can move forward towards God's next blow against the Egyptians.

May God blessings be upon you, and thank you for your support

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