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Identifying With Moses

The Commonality of It All

Are you sure you can't identify with a similar situation in today's times? Can you actually rule out the possibility of being lost in a wilderness of disappointments and setbacks? Make no mistake; the type of perspective that we have, while we travel throughout the Sacred Record, makes a huge difference.

(Bible Study Online Article Covers : Learning How To Better Identify With Moses)

Moving Forward?

In the last article we continued to follow the reaching out and preparation process in which God was using to call and equip Moses for the next phase of his life.

We noted that it would be at this time within Moses' life that he would finally get to see some actual evidence, in regards to the existence of the God of his forefathers.

We also explored the viewpoint that at this time during Moses' life, he wasn't privy to the type of information that we have today as believers. Being that we would have to accept the fact, that he didn't have the written Word of God, which would have been be able to provide for him a "track record" of some sorts, when it came to what the Lord had done for the human race and creation as a whole.

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Why Keep Bringing This Up?

Depending on how you look at Moses' situation at this time, one could say: "Antonio when it comes to the Written Record, this wouldn't have been possible to begin with, being that most of the things that are laid out within the Word of God hadn't yet happen. Heck, the first five books of the canonical order were eventually written by Moses. So why bring this so-called disadvantage up, to begin with. It isn't fair to Moses?"

And of course, I would have to agree with the former part of this statement. Since most of the things that the Word of God presents to us, had not happened yet. And with that being stated, we must keep in mind that the main foundation that the rest of the Word of God would be built upon, had already been laid.

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What Foundation?

The foundation in which I'm referring to, deals mainly with, but not limited to: the creation of all things, the fall of the human race, God sparing the human race through His mercy and grace, the human race rebelling against God -- once again, God judging mankind through the Great Flood, God sparing the human race, once again - through mercy and grace, God going against and judging mankind's ideology through the "Tower of Babel" and God establishing a covenant, or agreement with the human race through Abraham and his seed.

Yeah you read that right, "a covenant, or agreement with the human race through Abraham and his seed." Being that Abraham is a direct descendant from Adam's linage that was preserved through the "Great Flood of Judgment" which came through Noah and his three sons. Oh, and let's not forget the foretelling of prophecies and their fulfillments as well, and those prophecies that had not yet come to pass.

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Not Discrediting - But Connecting?

Now as for the latter part of the earlier statement in regards to me not being fair to Moses? Like I stated in the last article, I'm not trying to discredit Moses in any kind of way (I couldn't even if I were trying). I'm just pointing out the fact that at this point in his life; he didn't have a personal relationship with God.

Eventually he would develop a personal relationship with the Lord: but this wouldn't come into play, until after he had met with God at the burning bush. We have to be able to identify with Moses on a personal level; and in order to do this, we must be able to recognize the things we have in common with him to begin with. And of course I will continue to expand on our commonality with him as we move forward.

But you know what? We're moving ahead in our journey and not backwards. I just wanted to point out that a lot of things had already happened when it came to God and His creation and Moses simply wasn't in a position to be able to reflect back on this information, like we are able to do this very day. This is a point that has to be made clear?

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What If?

Understand that Moses had just spent the past forty years of his life in the wilderness, for standing up for the things that he believed in. Of course he went about it the wrong way and made a serious mistake. I often wonder if we could have blamed him, if he had been, at some degree, somewhat bitter. Or what if, he had become angry at the God he had heard so much about? Now I know that the Holier-than-thous are cringing at these suggestions.

And because of this, I want to make it clear that Moses never indicated that he had these types of feelings. These suggestions are just hypothetical on my end and I pose them, because we're trying to gain a connection on a personal level from Moses' experiences. If we were to focus on all the miracles, intense action and high drama that are soon to follow (like most would do), this personal connection and gaining some type of personal value from this Sacred Record, that I'm referring to, becomes harder to do.

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What Perspective Will You Have?

I believe that we have to latch on to this personal perspective before we enter into the next phase of Moses' life. This is crucial that we don't lose sight of what we have in common with Moses and try to limit God to just these miraculous events that we are soon going to read about. But I don't want to get to far ahead, so let's go back to where we are currently at in our journey. Just understand that the reason why I presented the idea that if Moses did have these types of feelings; could we blame him if he did? I mean after all, the mere fact that if it were us that were in a similar position, here today - it's a good chance that we would harbor some ill feelings behind the hardships we were enduring at the time.

What, you don't think that we could be placed in a similar situation in today's time? You can't grasp hold of the idea that we too, could be forced into some type of isolation because we stood up for what we believed in? Can you actually dismiss the possibility that at times you may feel that you have been passed over unfairly. You don't think that at times you may feel useless and without purpose? I mean after all, what difference could we possibly make within our personal lives, or the world - especially since we've been dealt such a crappy hand when it comes to life?

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Are You Sure You Can't Identify?

Are you sure you can't identify with a similar situation in today's times? Can you actually rule out the possibility of being lost in a wilderness of disappointments and setbacks? Make no mistake; the type of perspective that we have, while we travel throughout the Sacred Record, makes a huge difference.

Depending on the type of perspective that we adopt, will determine if we will try to limit God and ourselves to the natural boundaries of what cultures and societies seem to teach us everyday; or if we will be able to break away from such restrictions and recognize the immense value that God has poured into us. We should seek to press forth with the exploration of the hidden treasures that are found throughout God's Word, which will, upon discovery, free us from the limitations that are put in place by our own understanding, visions and imaginations.

In the next Bible Study Online Article:

In the next article before we take a look to see if Moses had such limitations when it came to himself? Let's see if we can strengthen our connection with Moses and God, by further touching on idea that we too, have such limitations.

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