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The Systematic God

Will You Be Left Wondering - What Could Have Been?

Understand that it's at this point within the Sacred Record that God is clearly operating within the natural, in such a way, that calling what He does "miraculous" is perhaps the only word in the human vocabulary that comes the closes, to somewhat explaining the events that the Lord had just caused. Simply put, there's a reason and purpose behind everything that God allows and does.

(Bible Study Online Article Covers : Learning How To Break From The Limits of Natural Understanding)


In the last article we explored the idea of trying to stay connected with Moses on a personal level, as we travel throughout this part of the Sacred Record.

Now on the surface this may be easier said than done, when we think about all the miraculous things God would eventually do through Moses.

Because of this, there are some things I would like to quickly mention and will continue to touch on these things throughout our journey.

As most of you may already know, things are about to pick up in miraculous types of ways when it comes to the recorded account of Moses.

It will be these kinds of events that people of today, have a hard time connecting with. And to make matters worse, there are even some, who are claiming to be believers, or Christians, along with the typical Bible critic and skeptic, will simply dismiss the events within the record of Moses, as some kind of: fable, myth, fairy tale, made up fabrication, or some kind of allegory, or symbolism of some sort.

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The Bondage of a Natural Understanding?

I find it rather interesting that those who are claiming to be believers in the Word of God, aren't able to embrace the account of the "Great Exodus" in a serious way. Be that as it may, most people allow themselves to be bound by these types of conclusions, because they simply can't accept anything that may operate outside their realm of natural understanding:

"I mean seriously, are you kidding me? Thinking that these events actually happen, isn't rational. You have to be smarter than that? Come on, really? There has to be some scientific explanation. And if not, it didn't happen -- period."

It's these kinds of statements that come from the type of mindsets that are severely limited, which keeps one from breaking out of that realm of natural understanding that they are so beholden to. Because of this dilemma, they are kept from seeing and connecting with the one true God in a personal sense, who is infinite and boundless.

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God Is Systematic & Methodical?

What I want you to keep in mind, is that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, is extremely systematic and methodical. Everything that the Lord does is so methodical and orderly that the human mind can't possibly fathom, or comprehend all that God does, or plans to do.

And because we are creatures that like to be in control, we quickly dismiss, or disengage, from those things that we can't control, dictate or direct. Understand that it's at this point within the Sacred Record that God is clearly operating within the natural, in such a way, that calling what He does "miraculous" is perhaps the only word in the human vocabulary that comes the closes, to somewhat explaining the events that the Lord had just caused. Simply put, there's a reason and purpose behind everything that God allows and does.

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God Want Us All - To See The Truth?

As we go through the Word of God we will begin to see how God is constantly proving Himself to us. One should get the sense that the Lord is in a somewhat endless pursuit of trying to convince and show us the true way, or right path back to Him. To prove to us the He is the Alpha and the Omega, the one true God.

Now the "Holier-than-thous" won't agree with what I just wrote, for they would scoff and try to quickly rebuke me by saying: "God doesn't have to prove anything to us!" And of course, I will completely agree with them. But keep in mind, I never wrote that God had to do anything. I simply stated... that He just does.

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Jesus the Great Example?

And if one were to be honest when it comes to the Word of God, it would be hard to not see how God constantly points out to us the marvelous things that He had created (which includes us). How the Lord is more than ready to go against and debunk the many ideologies and falsehoods of mankind (old and new). How the Most High God constantly points out that He always keeps His Word, no matter what. Which would perhaps, explain the 100% accuracy rate when it comes to the somewhat endless biblical prophecies and how the Lord is constantly protecting and bestowing His gifts of providence, mercy and grace for those that believe and remain within His covenant, through the blood of Jesus (Yeshua) Christ.

And we must keep in mind, that Jesus is that "Great Example" that came down for a brief moment, from His divine royal seat, within the history of mankind and showed us how God began moving systematically from the natural and into the spiritual. He also showed us how the things that we hold within our hearts and minds, were far more important than the things we were trying to display to the outside world.

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God is Moving the Battle Lines?

As we continue our journey throughout the Sacred Text, we will begin to see how God is steadily moving the battle lines between Truth and deception, systematically from the natural realm, into the spiritual. This is why we hardly ever, read about intense spiritual warfare, until Jesus came along. Sure you had miracles that were happening before Him, people were being raised from the dead and prophecies were being foretold and fulfilled.

But you never heard about the battling of demonic forces. And you never heard about anyone else, doing anything remotely similar, until the gift of the Holy Spirit was bestowed upon the apostles and the believers of the human race. But you know what? I'm way ahead of where we are now: I just wanted you to know before we went further, that these are some of the things that I will continue to touch on as we journey forth.

In the next Bible Study Online Article:

In the next article we will take a look and see if Moses had such limitations when it came to himself? If so, would these limitations prevent Moses from having enough confidence to act on his calling? Or will he require more proof from the Lord? And also, does the Lord become angry and frustrated with Moses? And if so why?

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