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The Rise of a New Pharaoh

Bringing Forth A New Family Royal Dynasty

Know that the fall of the Hyksos kings, wouldn't officially take place, until Egypt's Eighteenth Royal Family Dynasty had risen to power. And it would be this family dynasty, that would be ruled by a Pharaoh who was known as Ahmose I. Know that he was the brother of the last Pharaoh (who was known as Kamose) who'd ruled the Seventeenth Royal Dynasty before him.

(Bible Study Online Article Covers : Exodus 1:1-11)

Short Recap?

In the last article I'd taken the time to point out, how during the days of Joseph, that the Egyptian kingdom was going through a major transition, when it came to those who were ruling their land. And it was during this time, that Egypt's history would reveal, that there would be a new family dynasty that would rise up, and for that moments time, change everything that the Egyptians were used to, when it came to their traditions, and family dynasties.

For there would be at that time, a foreign entity that would rise up, and by doing so, split the Egyptian kingdom.   

The name of this family dynasty, would be known as the 15th Family Dynasty, which is also known as: The Hyksos Kings.

Now personally, I like to think that the rise and fall of the Hyksos kingdom is very significant to the Israel nation.

For starters, it was this Hyksos royal family dynasty, that had received favor (thanks to Joseph) from the One True God. The Hyksos kings were also the family dynasty, in which Joseph was promoted up under. Nonetheless, I hold true to the notion, that it's these types of little details, that need to be pointed out. Especially since we are now dealing with the transitioning of power, that's about to take place from within the Egyptian nation as a whole.

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Again... Why Does This Matter?

Now I'm pointing these things out, because we must not make the mistake of thinking, that this recorded account was dealing with one particular Pharaoh (like so many seem to believe). But what was taking place instead, is that Joseph and the Israelites (over time) were dealing with one particular royal family dynasty. A family dynasty (who wasn't Egyptian -- but foreigners) that ended up ruling the middle to lower parts of Egypt.

Now keep in mind, that it wasn't necessarily important, when it comes to the Scriptures pointing out the genealogy of the Pharaohs, who ended up ruling Egypt during this time period -- especially since they all belong to the same royal dynasty. For one should be able to understand, that because of this family continuation amongst the Pharaohs, the relationship between Israel and that particular royal family dynasty which was known as the Fifteenth (and very possibly the Sixteenth as well) Royal Family Dynasties, simply would not have changed. For they knew and appreciated, all that Joseph had done for the Egyptian Kingdom up to this point.

Now I also believe that the mentioning of Egypt's Sixteenth Family Dynasty -- also needed to be pointed out. For it's most likely, that altogether, the reign of the Hyksos kings had lasted throughout both of these two family dynasties, before they had eventually came to an end.

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The Eighteenth Royal Dynasty?

However that may have been, things from within the Egyptian kingdom is much different. For we now find, that the Hyksos kingdom has finally come to an end. Know that it would be Egypt's Seventeenth Royal Family Dynasty, that ended up waging war against the Hyksos kingdom. For this was the family dynasty, that was ruling a part of Egypt, that what was known at the time, as "Upper Egypt."

Be that as it may, the fall of the Hyksos kings, wouldn't officially take place, until Egypt's Eighteenth Royal Family Dynasty had risen to power. And it would be this family dynasty, that would be ruled by a Pharaoh who was known as Ahmose I. Know that he was the brother of the last Pharaoh (who was known as Kamose) who'd ruled the Seventeenth Royal Dynasty before him.

Nonetheless, this is where I believe, that the Sacred Scriptures seem to pick up at, which would have been, shortly after the death of Joseph. Now it's at this time, that we are told how the Israelites were prospering from within the Egyptian kingdom:

"Joseph died, along with all his brothers, and all that generation that had lived during his day. But in spite of this, the children of Israel were fruitful, as they'd increased abundantly, while multiplying, as they'd grew exceedingly mighty. And it's for this reason, that the land was filled with them." -- Exodus 1:6,7

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A New Pharaoh Rises?

Now I like to think, that during this time, the Israelites had found themselves (thanks to Joseph, and his tremendous contributions to the Egyptians) living in a very privileged position. And I also like to think, that it was for this reason, that Joseph had earned abundant favor with the Hyksos kings. However, now that the Hyksos kingdom has now been toppled -- a new Pharaoh had risen to power. And unfortunately for the Israelites, this pharaoh did not know Joseph.

And to make matters worse, he wasn't pleased with what he'd saw, from within his new kingdom: "Now there arose a new king over Egypt, for he was a king, who did not know Joseph. And it would be this king, who had said to his people: 'Look, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we are. Come, let us deal shrewdly with them. For if we don't, they will continue to multiply. And if this were to happened, and if a war were to breakout -- they would join our enemies, and fight against us -- and by doing so, they will also leave this kingdom, by going up, out of the land.'" -- Exodus 1:8-10

Now it would be because of this eventual decree, that the Egyptians ended up assigning taskmasters over them. And it was for this reason, that these taskmasters, had become their oppressors. For I want you to know, that the taskmasters would not only be in charge of the labor, that was forced upon the Israelites. But it would also be the taskmasters, who also acted as "tribute collectors."

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The Mentioning of A New Pharaoh -- Very Important to Our Journey?

And it would be with their new authoritative powers, that the taskmasters would force the Israelites to build for them, two supply, or what one could also call: treasure cities. Know that it was during this time, that these two cities would be known as: Pithom and Rameses. Now when the Hyksos kingdom was finally destroyed from within the area that was known as "Lower Egypt" -- we already know, that a new royal dynasty had emerged.

And again, this was a family dynasty that did not know what Joseph had done for the Egyptian kingdom. And so therefore, from this point forward, things would change for the worse. And it was from within these unfortunate big changes, which were to come against the Israelites -- that made the mentioning of a new Pharaoh (Royal Dynasty) by the Sacred Scriptures, so vital for our journey.

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Pithom & Rameses - Where Did The Names Come From?

Now also at this time, I want to point out, that when it comes to the cities that the Israelites were forced to build: Pithom and Rameses: "Therefore they set taskmasters over them to afflict them with their burdens. And they built for Pharaoh supply cities, Pithom and Rameses. But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. And they were in dread of the children of Israel." -- Exodus 1:11,12

Understand that "Pithom" was the name that was taken from the sun-god Atum of Heliopolis. And when it comes to the name "Rameses" -- know that it means "Born of Ra." Now keep in mind, that "Ra" was one of Egypt's most popular gods, dating all the way back to their earlier Fourth and Fifth Royal Dynasties. So if you were building "Pithom" in honor of "Atum the sun-god" -- then it would only make sense, that the city "Rameses" at this point in time, would have been built in honor, for the Egyptians other popular sun-god: "Ra." 

Now remember, we are now journeying through a point in time, that's now dealing with Egypt's Eighteenth Royal Family Dynasty. Now I keep pointing this very crucial detail out, because some Bible scholars insist on making the claim, that the naming of the city "Rameses" -- is an indication, that this Scripture is pointing to the time period, that dealt with the Pharaoh that was known as Ramesses II. But I hold true to the notion, that this can't be the case -- since Ramesses didn't come along, until Egypt's Nineteenth Royal Family Dynasty, which took place some 150 years later.

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Contradictions Caused By Us - Not Necessarily The Bible?

However, I also want to take the time to point out, that it's crucial that we must pay close attention, when it comes to these types of facts. For if we try to place this event, into the time period that Ramesses II reigned -- then it's us, that creates a contradiction, when it comes to the Word of God. For example, take note of this particular Scripture:

"And it came to pass in the 480th year after the children of Israel had come out of the land of Egypt, which was in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, which was in the month of Ziv, which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the Lord." -- 1 Kings 6:1

Notice how this Scripture mentions, that it was 480 years from the time that Israel had left Egypt. Now I also want to point out, that this Scripture points to a place in time, that would be around (966 B.C.) Which places the time of the recorded "Exodus" event (you know, when Israel actually left Egypt) -- during the reign of the Pharaoh who was known as "Thutmose III." Understand, that he was the sixth Pharaoh to reign from within the Eighteenth Royal Dynasty.

Now again, I'd like to think, that this is extremely important to note. Especially since this little detail, lines up with not only the biblical account that records Israel's captivity from within Egypt -- but it also lines up, with Egypt's own secular historical accounts as well. Which are secular accounts, that records a time, when the revival of their nation, brings them back, to going back under the rule of one family royal dynasty, instead of two.

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Don't Take the Easy Way - Don't Be Lazy - There's Too Much At Stake?

So keep these things in mind, for if we try to move things around for our own convenience, or because it seems to fit, or to make matters worse -- we then give some lame excuse that the reason for doing so, is because the number 480 was symbolic, and not an actual time reference. Then we wonder, why people make the false claims that the Bible contradicts itself. When it's not the Bible that has contradictions per se, it's the laziness of the one studying this Great Book that causes them. Uh oh! Did I just write that? I guess I did. Oh well, some things just have to be said at times.

In the next Bible Study Online Article:

In the next article we will move forward and begin to focus more on the Sacred Record. I just wanted you to know, what we are now dealing with, when it comes to this point from within our journey. Nonetheless, we'll now learn, just how bad things would get for Israel. But keep in mind, God never abandons His people. And it's during this time, that our Heavenly Father raises up two women. For I want you to know, that these two women will play very important roles, from within this critical stage of Israel's history.

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