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Mankind United?

Not A Good Idea Overall - For The Human Race

But the Lord also knew that their efforts would have placed His children (mankind) on a path that would have put them in direct opposition to Him, and so therefore, they would've been led on a path that would have eventually brought about their overall demise as a human race.

(Bible Study Online Article Covers : Genesis 11:1-9)

A Gateway to the Heavens?

In the last article we'd somewhat explored the notion about Nimrod being the possible mastermind behind the infamous tower event that was known as the "Tower of Babel." I had also pointed out the name "Babel" meant "the gate of God" - but after God had destroyed this so-called gateway to the heavens, the Lord changed the meaning of the name to mean "confusion."

We'd also tried to get some type of understanding when it came to exactly what mankind was thinking, as they'd attempted to build this tower.

We'd also tried to get an idea on why mankind would follow a person like Nimrod to begin with.

And why we had explored these reasons on why mankind would do such a thing, it would seem that we had gained some insight on humanity's own foolish pursuit, when it came to trying to achieve some type of historical prestige for that current generation.

However that may be, the Sacred Record revealed that the Lord would come down from His heavenly throne, and see for Himself personally what the human race was trying to do.

And needless-to-say, the Lord was not happy with what He'd saw, for He knew that mankind was trying to create their own way into heaven, without having to go through Him. But the Lord would soon let Nimrod and his followers know, that by trying to achieve some position of historical prestige, by trying to bring about their own eternal kingdom, was simply foolishness on humanity's part.

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Humanity United As One - Not Good?

But understand that God wasn't necessarily jealous of what mankind was trying to do, for He knew that they wouldn't be able to achieve what they had sought out to do in the first place. But the Lord also knew that their efforts would have placed His children (mankind) on a path that would have put them in direct opposition to Him, and so therefore, they would've been led on a path that would have eventually brought about their overall demise as a human race.

You see, the Lord knew that this would be a catastrophe for mankind as a whole, if it were to unite as being one. And another reason for this, deals with the possibility, that if the human race had operated as one, and if mankind was able to be deceived by one, or a group of powerful influential individuals, who did not fear God - then its very well possible, that this person, or group of individuals - could end up leading the entire human race in the wrong direction, and away from God.

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Mankind Had Already Made This Mistake

And Paid A Heavy Price For Making It?

This wicked task could be achieved by one unique, powerful and charismatic individual, or group of people. And actually, it was already happening with Nimrod - just like it had already happened with the sons of God, and the daughters of men. Remember when all of mankind had became wicked, and corrupted, and was lead away from God back when we had journeyed through the account of "the sons of God" and "the daughters of men?" Remember when God had to send the "Great Flood of Judgement" in order to right the wrong by the human race? :

"There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." - Genesis 6:4,5

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Mankind Making the Same Mistake - With Nimrod?

And as we can see, mankind is making the same mistake with Nimrod - a person that was so determined to defy and be in complete opposition to the Almighty God. For he was also a person who had developed some type of personal vendetta against the Lord. I wonder if this vendetta had anything to do with God placing curse on the household of his forefathers, therefore placing a curse on his as well?

And actually we had seen the same thing happen to Cain's household after the Lord had placed a curse on him as well. And as a matter of fact, it was Cain's daughters that ended up leading the sons of God away from the Lord in the first place. And of course this was an achievement that had eventually led them to their demise as a human race, after God had sent the Great Flood to correct the wrong that they had done.

And now we see these similar events happening all over again, through the efforts of Nimrod and his deceived loyal followers. Now personally, I hope you're able to see how this can be very problematic for humanity as an whole? I hope you also understand that God loves us too much to have allowed such a movement to be successful, a movement that would have eventually led His children on a path to destruction, on a path to eternal death.

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How Big Was The Tower of Babel

However that may have been, let's move forward...

Being that I would like to use this moment to point out one more thing if you don't mind? For I want you to know, that through research and discovery of the past, it has been found that this "Tower of Babel" was a building that was dedicated to the theory of astrology. This is basically a secular worship that has a primary focus that deals with trying to find the divination, and predict future events from within the framework of outer-space, the planets, stars and the starry heavens overall.

However, it has also been discovered that in the Babylon ruins, a building that had stood between 150 - 155 feet high, with a base that was between 400 - 425 feet wide. Also know that this particular building was made up of dried bricks, and was divided into seven different sections. Each section had signs of the Zodiac placed on them, which leads us to believe, that each section was dedicated to certain known planets at the time.

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Which Planets?

First Section First Section: Was colored black which was dedicated to the planet Saturn.

First Section Second Section: Was colored orange which was dedicated to the planet Jupiter.

First Section Third Section: Was colored red which was dedicated to the planet Mars.

First Section Fourth Section: Was colored yellow which was dedicated to the planet Venus.

First Section Fifth Section: Was colored gray which was dedicated to the planet mercury.

First Section Sixth Section: Was colored a dark blue which was dedicated to the planet Neptune.

First Section Seventh Section: Was colored light blue which was dedicated to the planet Uranus.

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Mankind Was Simply On The Wrong Path?

This is why it's also presumed, that this is another reason why God had destroyed this massive tower, and in the process, confused the overall language of mankind. Being that this tower building, was in direct opposition to the Almighty God. The human race had once again, been deceived by one person, or a small group of individuals, into coming away from their Creator, the one and only Most High God.

And make no mistake, when it came to mankind at the time, they'd pursued that path vigorously, instead of following the ways of the Lord - like they was suppose to have been doing in the first place. So again, this is why God had destroyed this tower, and He'd done it, in order to save mankind from itself.

In the next Bible Study Online Article:

However, we now move forward by making our journey into the introduction of Abraham. But before we do, we'll take another look at Noah's son - Shem. For we'll take a closer look at his household, and how it all ties into Abraham and his calling.

May God blessings be upon you, and thank you for your support

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