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The Book of Genesis

The Powers of the World -- It's Their Job To Keep You From The Bible?

I find myself laughing from within, when I hear those, who the world would consider: intellects, elite groups and even those from within worldly societies -- try to deem us intellectually worthless, simply because we trust more in our Creator, than in the creature, He'd created.

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In the last article we'd finally finished out the book of Genesis by exploring the record that dealt with the death of Joseph. We'd also taken a look at the oath that he had made his brethren swear to, when it came to them taking his bones back home with them, when God releases them to go back to the Promise Land. But before we journey further, when it comes to exploring the book of Exodus -- I truly want to thank everyone for tagging along with me, up to this point.

For I want to remind you, that the God that we serve, is definitely real.

And when it comes to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ -- know that He is the Truth, the Way and the Life:

"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the
Father except through Me." -- John 14:6

And while we're here, I also want you to know, that the Holy Spirit -- in which we have the privilege of engaging with daily, is a divine gift that we should be truly grateful for -- being that our heavenly Father has so kindly given it unto us. And when it comes to the Holy Spirit -- I like to think, that we should really press ourselves, when it comes to using (and being used by) this valuable gift. Especially when it deals with learning how to better connect with it, as we continue to grow our personal relationship with God, through that same Spirit.

Bible Study Online

Developing An Unlimited Perspective?

But one of the things that I love, when it comes to serving God as we follow Christ, and as we teach ourselves to fellowship daily with the Holy Spirit. Deals with having the notion, that I constantly find myself traveling from within a certain type of spiritual vein; as I continue to develop a different kind of mindset; while being able to view things, through a perspective that's not as limited, as the one that the world tries to influence me with.

Knowing that I can be plugged into the purest source there is -- a source that's able to give me an unlimited increase, when it comes to: wisdom, intellect, knowledge, awareness, discernment, spiritual and natural insight to things, and spiritual growth.

This is why I find myself laughing from within, when I hear those, who the world would consider: intellects, elite groups and even those from within worldly societies -- try to deem us intellectually worthless, simply because we trust more in our Creator, than in the creature, He'd created. And by us doing so, it allows us the unique opportunity, to be able to develop a type of understanding -- when it comes to the fact, that our Redeemer, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is indeed: the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

Bible Study Online

I Don't Need It -- But It's Nice To Have?

And by learning to trust in God more, it's easier for us to be able to acknowledge, that His way is definitely much better, than the ways of some: famous worldly entertainer, powerful politician, or an educated professional that takes pride in dresses their walls, with plenty of degrees and certificates that's rooted in humankind's philosophy.

For I hold true to the notion, that the knowledge of men, goes no deeper, than a three-foot swimming pool -- especially when one compares man's knowledge, to God's infinite source of learning and wisdom. For I want you to know, that personally, I rather tap into, and dedicate my efforts, to a source that's found to be boundless. A source that allows me to be able to explore One's wisdom and knowledge to their deepest depths.

Now I also want you to know, that I'm not doing this for the praise of mankind. No sir, for I rather be isolated and set apart from such a lure, if it keeps me from entering into a limited source of knowledge and wisdom. For why should I abandon my rare privilege, of being able to access God's deep resourceful caverns (when it comes to His wisdom and knowledge), so that I could gain the approval and adoration of those, that I interact with: socially, personally, and professionally?

No my friend, I can state with confidence, that compromising my favorable position with God, in order to please man, is simply not worth it. And although I'd like to think, that my faith is strong without having to know, that there is some natural evidence that supports my spiritual beliefs. Honestly I must state... that it's definitely reassuring, to have such evidence. For it's nice to know, that I believe in something that has some real substance to it; a belief that stems from something that's uncorrupted, valid and reliable.

Bible Study Online

There's No Need To Debate -- You Don't Have To Prove Anything?

Now I find it quite interesting, that when people speak out against God and the Holy Scriptures -- for they do so, by not being able to back up their arguments, with hard facts. And actually, the best they can do, when it comes to speaking out against God -- is to speak with the theories and opinions of mankind. For I find it amazing, that they are willing to allow their personal feelings and disappointment in life, to cause them to stand defiantly against God -- without truly trying to understand, what they're actual going against.

Know that this article, is not intended to convince you of a certain viewpoint; nor is this an invitation to debate, when it comes to the different views that we might have between each other. For I want you to know, that I've chosen to write this particular article, to simply give my fellow believers, something to seriously think about, when they are face-to-face with someone who vehemently opposes God, or His Word in general.

Bible Study Online

The Creation Account -- Where's The Scientific Evidence?

However that may be, let's move forward...

Now let's begin with the "creation account" that the book of Genesis leads off with? Now I want you to know, that when it comes to one of the gripes, that critics have, is that they want to know: "Where's the scientific evidence?" Well, I'm not going to try to address that here, since whatever I write, won't put an end to that debate.

And I most definitely will not get into the differences between "Origin Science" which is also known as "Historical Science"; and the different approach, and method, that deals with "Operation Science." For I hold true to the notion, that science from within itself, is severely limited. And personally, I don't think it will ever be able to provide the hard facts, that unbelieving critics are thirsty for.

Bible Study Online

Renowned Scientist -- What Do They Have To Say?

But what I would like to do at this time, is to post what some renowned scientist had to say, when it comes to this particular subject:

Let's start with renowned astronomer, physicist and cosmologist, Dr. Robert Jastrow. For he was an agnostic, who had to eventually admit, that when it came to the Astronomical evidence that supported creation. Dr. Jastrow had this to say: "Astronomers now find, that they have painted themselves into a corner -- because they have proven, that by their own methods, the world began abruptly in an act of creation."

Renowned astronomer, Dr. Allan R. Sandage response to the origin of life: "The world is too complicated in all its parts and interconnections, to be due to chance alone. I am convinced, that the existence of life, with all its order, in each of its organisms, is simply too well put together. Each part of a living thing, depends on all its other parts to function. Often times I wonder: How does each part know? How is each part specified at conception? The more one learns of biochemistry, the more unbelievable it becomes, unless there is some type of organizing principal."

Renowned scientist, Dr. Arthur E. Wilder-Smith was a leading evolutionist, who also believed in atheism. However, he later converted to Christianity, and in the process, became a leader in the Creationist movement. He had this to say:

"I am filled with wonder as I look at nature, to see how God technically did it, and I finally realized the beauty of His own soul in doing it. The Scripture perfectly teaches us plainly, as it fits in with my science perfectly well -- that the One who did called Himself 'The Logos' was Jesus. For Jesus called Himself the Creator who made everything 'for Him and by Him.' Now, if that is the case, then I am very happy, and filled with joy, that He made the Creation so beautiful. And I'm also grateful, that He also valued me enough, to die for me, and to become my Redeemer as well."

Bible Study Online

Not Facts -- But It Is, Something To Think About?

Now are these the hard facts, that I mentioned earlier in this article? Not even close. But these statement by these renowned scientist, should give you something to consider. Now I do find it very interesting, that before the twentieth century, a majority scientists believed, and openly supported, the biblical account, when it came to creation.

But when Darwin (for in 1859, he'd produced the publication - On the Origin of Species) and when the twentieth century finally came along evolutionists. And it would be these evolutionist, who were able to eventually gain high ranking from within the field of science. And because of this, they were able to successfully suppress opposing views of the other scientists, who may have held different views, when it came to the subject of evolution.

And it would be these evolutionist, that would be able to silence these creationist scientists, through threats and with the denial of tenure, if they were to speak out against Darwin's works. And not only this, they were also denied the prestigious rewards that they had earned. And not only this, creation scientists are also threaten, with the removal of such awards if they were to speak out. And I could go on, because a lot more is definitely happening, when it comes to the suppression of the opposition from within the field of science.

Bible Study Online

If You Believe It -- Stand By It!

And this is why I find it very fascinating, that the so-called intellects, are afraid to debate their baseless evolution theories against creationist, you know, out in public. I also find it odd, that if evolution was so credible and valid, why are they trying so hard, to silence the opposition?

I'm pointing all of this out, so that this goes to show you, that the Word of God has a lot more to it, than they would actually claim. Now, don't let the world make you ashamed to explore, and follow the Word of God. For I want you to know, that from within its Sacred Covers, dwells untold spiritual treasures.

In the next Bible Study Online Article:

Now I'm almost finished with my rant, but unfortunately, it will take one more article, before I can get what I want off my chest, completely out of my system (at least for the time being). Nonetheless, in the next article, we'll also take a brief look at some viewpoints, when it comes to Moses. For some say (when it comes to the book of Genesis) that he was the author -- while others state, that he was just a historian. Hmm, things are starting to get very interesting.

May God blessings be upon you, and thank you for your support

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