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The Unveiling?

So what this basically means, is that Joseph was in the land of Egypt -- while that land was under the rule of a foreign king. Now personally, I find it very interesting that Pharaoh was himself at this point in time, a foreigner in the land that he'd ruled.

(Article Covers : The Rule of the Hyksos Kings)

Something to Ponder?

Now after I had written the previous article -- an article that dealt with Joseph finally getting married. I'd also pointed out from within the last along with him receiving a new name to go along with his new royal position, from within the Egyptian kingdom. I began to think back, when I'd first started studying this section of the Sacred Record.

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I remembered thinking to my self:

"Could an Egyptian ruler really humble himself enough, to place a foreigner, in charge of the entire land of Egypt?"

Yeah I know, most would quickly point out:

"Why not? Through God all things are possible."

And personally, I have to admit, when it comes to developing this type of blind faith, it's definitely quite valuable to have -- especially as we make our way through this cruel dark world, chasing that wonderful thing called "life."

But what if we could also track the spiritual things we so strongly believe in, from within the natural as well? Understand that I'm not implying that this is something that we need to do. For I know that it's not required. And actually, God is quite pleased if you don't: "Then Jesus told him [Thomas], 'Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.'" -- John 20:29

But I'm simply posing the question, as a way, to challenge (or encourage) one to go further when it come to their biblical studies and spiritual walk with the Lord. For I personally like to think, that when we're able to use things from within the natural, to further confirm the works of the Lord... I believe it helps to strengthen one's faith even more. For I hold true to the notion, that the stronger your faith develops, the more unmovable you will become -- especially when things don't go your way in life.

So much so... that the next time someone approaches you, someone who has a limited mindset, and they put forth the question (or one similar to it): "So you actually believe in things you can't see?" I wish I could be there to see the look on their face, when you give the reply: "But I do see the things that I believe in."

However enough of my tangent, let's move forward...

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The Middle Kingdom?

Okay real quick, let's take a brief moment to look at the Egyptian kingdom as it were, during the days of Joseph. First off, let me point out, that Joseph was taken to the land of Egypt during the time period of 1700 BC. I like to think that this is little detail is somewhat important to know, since the Egyptian kingdom was a totally different place at this time. Understand that the Egyptians had just gone through a major downgrade, when it came to their prestige and dominance from within the world.

Know that this was also a period, in which the dominance of what they'd called the "Middle Kingdom" -- was quickly coming to an end. Understand that this Middle Kingdom period contained the Egyptian rulers of the Twelfth, Thirteenth and Fourteenth dynasties. And actually, the Twelfth dynasty was the most dominate one, in which the land of Egypt thrived under -- which took place between the periods of 2000 BC and 1800 BC. Now when it came to the Thirteenth and Fourteenth family dynasties that had followed after, know that they weren't as dominate as their predecessors, and they were found to be weaker in their reign, as time went on.

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The Bedouins?

Now the overall reign of the Middle Kingdom is dated to be between the time periods of 2000 BC and 1600 BC. Understand that Joseph was taken to the land after it had fallen into disarray, which was during the time period of 1700 BC. Now the reason why I believe that this little bit of information is very important to know, deals with the fact -- that around this particular time period, the Egyptian kingdom had been invaded by a nomadic group that was called the Bedouins.

Know that when it came to the Bedouins -- they were desert-dwelling Arabs (not Egyptians) that were often found throughout the desert belt, that included places like: the Sahara, Negev, Sinai, along with the Western and Arabian deserts as well. And since the Egyptian kingdom had become so weak at this point in time, the Bedouins were able to seize huge parts of the Egyptian land, while having to face little to no resistance.

And because of this, the Egyptian kingdom fell into total disarray, and it would be at this time, that the "Second Intermediate Period" would be ushered in. All of this had happened, while Upper Egypt remained under the control of the Fourteenth family dynasty. Know that from this point forward, the Bedouins would make up (what would be eventually known throughout history as) the infamous Fifteenth family dynasty. Keep in mind, that it would be this particular family dynasty, that had rule over the middle to lower parts of the Egyptian kingdom when Joseph was taken (against his will) to their part of the land.

Also know, that the Bedouins would later be known as the Hyksos kings -- and again, their reign in Egypt would begin around 1700 BC. I would also like to point out, that their hold on Egypt would last for only 108 years. Again, here's another piece of information, that I believe is important to know. But more on this in the next couple of articles.

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The Foreign King?

So what this basically means, is that Joseph was in the land of Egypt -- while that land was under the rule of a foreign king. Now personally, I find it very interesting that Pharaoh was himself at this point in time, a foreigner in the land that he'd ruled. A position of power that he had obtained, through the method of usurpation. I also want you to know, that they're weren't very many people that had surrounded the foreign king that he could really trust.

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Who Could The King Trust More?

And it's for this reason, why I believe, that this is why the Egyptian king was so open-minded and sympathetic when it came to Joseph -- being that they were close in their nationality, and because of the ancestry that they had in common. For the Egyptian ruler knew, that he could probably trust Joseph more, than the Egyptian people that had already surrounded him. For we must also keep in mind, that the Arabs had descended from Abraham's oldest son Ishmael, and the Israelites had descended from Abraham's youngest son, Isaac.

And there's something else, that I think that you should keep in mind: Know that Joseph was thirty years of age when he was promoted to second-in-command. I like to think that this is important to know, being that Joseph would live to be 110 years old. And remember, the rule of the Hyksos Egyptian kings? -- it lasted for only 108 years. I'd like to think, that this would explain why the Sacred Record had informed us later on -- that a Pharaoh had came into power that did not know Joseph: "Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph." -- Exodus 1:8

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My Thoughts?

Just like I stated earlier, I personally believe, that through God... all things are possible. And regardless of what people might say, whenever God does something, there is always a sound reason (along with credible evidence) that supports the things that God does (if you look hard enough). And again, it's not necessary to do so, but it wouldn't hurt (or you shouldn't be ridicule) if you decided to do so.

I'd like to think, that this was one of the many mysteries that turned out to be a blessing to me, as I stumbled upon it. And I thank God everyday for allowing me that privilege, to be able to gain this type of understanding, when it comes to Him and His Sacred Word. And it's with this website, that I'm hoping that I can help others to see, just how God moves both from within their natural and spiritual lives, here from within the 21st century -- just like He's been doing all along, throughout the history of mankind.

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Limited Perceptions?

Actually, tracking God is something that we all are able to do. The problem comes, when after we see how God just moved, and because we have allowed ourselves to be limited by our natural perceptions and understanding of things -- we tend to give the credit to the things that we are familiar with, instead of giving that credit to God.

And because of this type of approach, we tend to play things safe, and claim that we're just being rational, smart and level headed. And by doing this, we're completely unaware, that we're limiting ourselves further, when it comes to the things that we do understand from within the natural. And because of this, we adopt this attitude: that if it can't be backed by those things that we're familiar with (like science) -- then guess what? We totally dismiss the act of God that we've just witness, merely as a coincidence, or some freak natural occurrence.

Often times I wonder, why do people believe that the knowledge that they have, or the resource that they're learning from, is the "Holy Grail" of all information? In essence, if we're suppose to know everything that there is to know, then why are we still: researching, exploring and making new discoveries everyday? Understand that it's in our makeup as human beings, to challenge the so-called impossible and unfamiliar. For we should know, that if we're truly honest with ourselves, we would have to admit, that we are limited to the things that we choose to be limited by.

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Being Rational & Smart - Limits Us?

Understand that being rational, basically deals with having knowledge and reasonable understanding -- when it comes to the things we wish to believe in. Read that again if you have to...

But in order for us to gain that understanding, and acquire that knowledge -- we must first discover, and explore the things that we wish to have an understanding of. I ask you this: Should this approach be any different, when it comes to one's spiritual quest in life? Why should we dismiss the task, just because we can't track it with the natural things, that we've grown familiar with in life?

Okay I'm done fussing, now I'm ready to move forward...

In the next Bible Study Online Article:

Joseph gets married and begins to start and build his own family. The Lord blesses him, by giving Joseph two sons -- who were they? And what comes next for Zaphenath Paneah the Revealer of Secrets? Also, does Joseph's dream interpretation for Pharaoh... come to pass?

May God blessings be upon you, and thank you for your support

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